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Not sure if this will remain a feature, i am looking for your input:

What you can do is add a tutorial to that section and it will post a ‘support topic’ in the specified forum, i have only been using tutorials that the forum already has, but it should look different once we start adding our own.

I decided to add it, because i wanted a section for Tutorials but at the same time have a help/support thread for them.


So feel free top voice your own opinion and tell me if you like it or not, just be brutally honest with me like @euss and @Lucif3r are when i do something on the forum, like i have said many times, this is our forum, so we all decide if something is good or not :)

There is a poll for those of you who do not care about adding a message :)


Alright fellas. It’s time again for another great giveaway here on!! :P.

Anyhow….moving forward.

I have a PS3 slim I just downgraded, replaced the laser, and cleaned all up for one of you lucky members. It’s a cech2501A slim, which IMO is the best jailbreakable PS3 model. It has the stock 160gb hard drive, which I may upgrade before I ship it out. It comes with the console, power cord, and 1 PS3 controller. The console has been downgraded to 3.55 OFW, and is ready for whatever firmware you would like to install. Everything works great on it, except it is missing 2 rubber feet on bottom, which I believe I have spares of in the basement. 

Contest rules:

1. Must be a CONTRIBUTING member of the site. No one post wonders.

2. Must want the console, or have someone you’d like to give it to. Don’t want someone to win it to sell it. I won’t have a way to tell if that’s your intentions…so just be cool and don’t do it, huh?

3. Please don’t enter if you already have a jailbroke PS3. Let’s spread the love huh?

4. In the USA shipping is on me. Outside USA, it’s on you. Sorry. :(

How to enter:

Make me laugh. Post a funny picture, video….etc. 

The post the makes me laugh the most wins. :)

Contest will end in 2 weeks from now. So spread the word. Tweet it, post it, flick it, flag it…..all that shit! :P. Good luck to all that enter. And be on the lookout for more great giveaways here at





edit: feel free to post as many times as you’d like. No limit on this contest. :)

[Tutorial] Install PSM Unity on 3.20+ – PS Vita

Recently, a method of installing the removed PSM Dev Unity application has been released. The method allows for many other things, but Im going to focus on the PSM Unity. The principle should apply to similar things as well.
The reason Im making this is because the instructions were vague at best, and the video was so low quality it was almost impossible to make out certain things. No offence to mr.gas & co ;)

Anyway, lets get started.

1. A PS Vita on FW between 3.20 and 3.51. The actual method works on 3.52 as well, but PSM Dev Unity does NOT. FW older than 3.20 have ‘real’ access to the package installer, and doesnt need to do this in order to get PSM Unity, they can just install it through the package manager as the application is DRM free.
2. These files provided by the team(Do they want to be called a team? idk, Im going to call them that anyway)
3. An email account setup on your Vita. I will not explain how to do this, because you should know how to do this…
4. Thunderbird with an email account set up. This can be the same as you use on the Vita, or a different one, up to you.
5. QCMA, OpenCMA will NOT work //personal experience lol
6. Internet connection on your Vita.
7. A pot of coffee


Lets get going!:1. Turn off your Vita and boot into recovery(PS+RT+PWR), select “Rebuild Database”.
2. On your PC, open up the zip file downloaded in step 1 of prereq. and unzip them somewhere. I prefer desktop, but whatever floats your boat is fine.

3. Once extracted, open the folder and right click the “test2.eml” file, select “open with”, select Thunderbird. You might have to hit ‘browse’ and select the .exe manually, the default location on an x64 OS is “C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla Thunderbirdthunderbird.exe”. If its not there, check “Program Files” instead of “Program Files (x86)”.
Once selected, open the eml file with thunderbird. You will then be greeted with this screen:
(yes, I have nvidia control panel open in the background, just ignore that).
Press “Forward” and forward the mail to the email address you set up on your Vita.
We are done with the mail for now.

4. Copy the “UNITY” folder to the folder where QCMA searches for PS Vita stuff. The folder should go in “PSAVEDATAxxxxxxxxxx” where “xxxx…” is a unique number to identify your Vita. This should already exist, if it doesnt – connect your Vita to the PC and it should be created.
In the end you should end up with a path similar to “F:PS VitaPSAVEDATAxxxxxxxxxxUNITY”. “F:PS Vita” will vary depending on your preferences. The default location is “C:Users<your username>PSV Applications” if I remember correctly… You can check this in QMCA.

5. Now we need to connect the PS Vita to our PC. First of, since 3.51(and earlier) is not the latest FW, the Vita will prompt for a FW update which YOU SHOULD NOT ACCEPT. So, turn on “Flight Mode” by holding the PS button down for a couple of seconds, then restart the Vita.
Once rebooted, still in Flight Mode, connect the USB cable to your Vita and PC, enter “Content Manager”, select “Copy Content”, select “PC -> PS Vita System”, select “Applications”, scroll down to “Saved Data” and select “PSP/Other”.
You should see something like this:


Select “PSM UNITY INSTALL (>3.20)” and Copy it to your Vita.
Once copied, Enable Wifi on the Vita(Hold PS button, Wi-Fi) and make sure you have a working connection. I would ASSUME 3G also works, but I done have a 3G Vita so I cant test that.
With wifi enabled and working, Go to Settings, select “System”, select “Playstation Mobile”.
Now, this is where it can become a bit tricky, so pay attention! Hit the 3 dots (…), select “Update”, hit “OK” on the update confirmation screen, once the update starts(“Preparing to download… window flies away), hit the PS-button, hit the notification bubble(top right corner, in case you didnt know) and PAUSE the download(s). There are 2 downloads. Pause both.
You will then end up with this(ignore the 2 bottom ones):

Press the 3 dots (…) on either of the 2 entrys, I chose “PSM Runtime Package 2.01″, Press cancel, press Yes.

You will then end up with just 1 paused download(again, ignore the 2 bottom ones on my screen):


6. Open up Email on the Vita. Go to inbox etc etc, open the Email you sent way back in step 3. If you did it right, it should look like this:

Read this in full before doing anything!
Click one of the pictures, the vita will cry saying it can display the image. DO NOT HIT OK!
Instead hit the PS button and close the email application by dragging the top-right corner.

Open up Email again, select inbox again, select the same mail again, open the 2nd picture(do not hit ok), close the Email app.
Almost done now!

Turn off wifi/enable Flight Mode.
Turn off the Vita.
If you have a retail game inserted, REMOVE IT. That was the only way I could get it to work, and it took me fking forever to figure out.
Also remove the USB Cable, probably not needed, but I did that anyway.
Turn on the Vita.
Once booted and back in the Vita, hit the Notification bubble(top right corner). Our previously paused update should now say “Could not install <error code>” or similar;

Using the DPAD select our paused download and hit X (or O if you use a jap. Vita, or whatever button you have as “accept”.).
You should now be greeted with a message saying “hi from mr.gas” or something of the sort :) 

Follow the instructions to install PSM Dev Unity!
Congratulations, we’re done! … Almost.

Trying to launch Dev Unity will prompt for an update. This update is for the application, NOT the vita. However, as of this moment, I am not sure what the requires min FW is for the updated Unity app. I read somewhere it was 3.30, but I can not confirm this. I can, however, say that its 100% safe to update it if you are on 3.51.


And thats it! We’re done! Now we play the waiting game and wait for homebrewzzzz :D.

Bleh, this tutorial took a lot longer to make than I initially anticipated… I hope you appreciate it ;)

Also, to potential outsiders, please dont rip off my text or my screenshots. Instead, just link to this guide instead, its viewable by the public so theres no “member fishing” invovled, I’d just prefer to see if it generates any interest or not :P 

Major Tom @ YouTube
My own damn brain and a lot of trial and error.
Screenshots by me and myself.
The 2 last screenshots provided by gazra, thanks for that.


800 members strong!!!

proud to see that we topped 800 members! And we managed to accomplish this in under a year, starting from the ground up, in a scene that has dozens of other sites. Go us!! In all seriousness, we do have the best group of people here on this site. 

To celebrate this occasion, I have some pretty decent contests in the works! Everyone stay tuned for more details, and rock on!!! 

Game Release: Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 – North America

[b]Game Title:[/b] Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 – North America
[b]Release Date:[/b] 2015-06-29 23:00

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 gets released in North America for the 3DS and PV Vita, the game uses Samurai Warriors 4 as its base and will be digital only and of course, like every other Koei Tecmo game released in the past five or six years, they try and ram numerous DLC’s up your ass, gone or the glory days of Dynasty Warriors 2 and 3, where you earned extra shit through playing the game and meeting certain goals or playing at a certain difficulty, now they want you to buy all that shit, including the fucking BGM:





  • Protagonists have Hyper Attacks, Mighty Strikes, and Rage Attacks for their default weaponry. Further customization options are planned.
  • Playable characters have a combat maneuver gauge ala Empires titles that can be used during battle. Each character can use a special maneuver to help the ally side once certain conditions are met.
  • The producer stated that many missions encourage the player to rely on character switching to succeed them.
  • Character interactions with the playable cast have been heightened compared to previous titles. Protagonists can additionally earn a playable character’s costume and “what-if” story branches in Chronicle Mode by building friendship levels with them.
  • “What-if” story branches can unlock special mission objectives for the playable cast.
  • Players can use their funds to improve a castle town and its standard shop. A blacksmith for specific weapon alterations and the tea room seen in cutscenes are new facilities. Players can invite multiple characters to the tea room to boost friendship ratings and to experience unique conversations; upgrade it to increase the number of seats available per visit.
  • Dream Castle Mode is a revised Gold Rush or Time Attack Mode from Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends. Players can compete for online rankings and earn a class rank for their avatar. Guest characters are slated to appear as enemy NPCs.
  • Completing various objectives to bolster the player’s war career. War career is equivalent to game completion and is visibly judged by revealing miniatured character illustrations separated on a 6×4 square grid. One objective is placed on one square panel, and there are eight illustrations available.
  • Online friendships can be used to earn points for weapon customization. Routine online messages from the developers will continue to be sent to players of both ports.
  • Downloadable content will include scenarios, music, and edit character parts.


Source 2



Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 – North America

[Tutorial] Rejuvenate For PS Vita Firmware 3.51

A new hack is available for the PS Vita and as usual The Zett is at hand to give you help and advice, here is his guide on how to run Rejuvenate on PS Vita firmware 3.51:

Follow The Zett on Twitter:

[Released] rxTools v2.5 – 3DS

rxTools v2.5

View File

Roxas75 has updated his rxTools to version 2.5, here is a quote from the source:

Yes, i’m back. And the biggest news is that the project is now again open-source!
Soo many things have changed, you’ll see in the changelog and the GitHub report.

Forum Software Updated

A couple of days ago i decided to upgrade the forum software, from Invision Power Board 3(IPB3) to Invision Power Board 4(IPB4).

This brought some changes such as the ability to @ mention someone, which is done is a strange manner, you have to type @ and start spelling out the persons name, a name or……

Forum Software Updated

A couple of days ago i decided to upgrade the forum software, from Invision Power Board 3(IPB3) to Invision Power Board 4(IPB4).

This brought some changes such as the ability to @ mention someone, which is done is a strange manner, you have to type @ and start spelling out the persons name, a name or names should pop up and you should be able to click on the name to add it, it doesn’t always work, but perhaps that will change with each new update.

On updating, that seems to have a problem and i cannot update until the problem is solved, i did send a help request, but i am still waiting.

All the themes have changed, instead of it being a normal upgrade of software, the Invision guys rebuilt the software basically from scratch, so all plugins and themes rely of their respective developers updating them, so the theme that we had on IPB3 will be back when it is updated and will be made the default, of course you can change the theme to one of your choosing by clicking the ‘Theme’ link at the bottom of the forum:



There are many different changes, one of them being the ability to just post an image link and it gets auto embedded in the post and there are other sexy features in the back end, to help the staff make it better for you guys on the forum :)

There is a cool feature that lest you preview a post before clicking on it, by simply hovering over the link.


There are a few things i like about the upgrade and a few things i don’t like.


If any of you guys are having problems or seeing errors, please let me know.

Here are a selection of themes for you to choose from tell me if you want any of these on the forum.


I should be able to get back to posting normally on the forum :)





ps3 fat psu modification

url]Hello all,

I have been donated a CECHL01/VER-001 motherboard that I put on a CECHK01/DIA-001 chassis/shell. Everything is a perfect fit except for the psu(3pin vs 4pin). I found some info on another forum from @Mr.Dutch



So I modded my cable to fit the 4 pin on the mobo( just removed the plastic prong)





But then I had no power, no standby light.Then I saw that pin 1 and pin 4 are both i tried connecting them with a wire and I had red stand by led and it also booted with green light(It was not connected to any tv)





I just left it for a few seconds.

My question is: Is it safe to permanently solder a wire from pin 1 to 4 ?