Monthly archives: December, 2014

Crunchyroll Released On Wii U

Crunchyroll has been released in North America for the Wii U, with worldwide release occurring in 2015, here is a quote from the source:

Hey everyone! It’s been crazy year here at Crunchyroll, but we’re not quite done yet!

We know that a lot of people have been asking, and……

[Released] lv1.elf Embedded Files Extractor

Red-EyeX32 has released an application that lets you extract embedded files from inside the lv1.elf, here is a quote from his thread:

Hello Playstationhax community!

I just wanted to release this small tool I had laying around in……

[Released] ARCTool And ARCUnpack By flatz

So much awesome this Christmas in the PS3 Scene, so many presents from great devs, like this new release from flatz, his second release in around 24 hours.

zecoxao posted this below in the forum:

Take in note that this is an alpha release, so expect issues with it.
HOWEVER, it worked fine when extracting the contents……

[Released] IDPstealer By flatz

Now before everyone gets all upset and thinks IDPstealer By flatz is a malicious program, let me clarify that there is nothing malicious about it, it does not ‘steal’ anyone’s IDPS, the PS3 has to be in the same location as your computer, you also need to physically edit settings on the PS3 console, this……

[Update] [Release] POC Plugin v0.2 For PS3 By mysis

One of the PS3 scenes most awesome developers, mysis, dropped by the forum and left this awesome Christmas present with contributions from another epic PS3 dev 3141card for us to enjoy:

Merry Christmas Everyone! Do you love your Playstation 3 as much as I/we do?Y u no enaburu features Sony-desu?This plugin poc will add few……

Flash Sale On US PS Store Right Now

Sony has decided to give us a nice little treat and hold a flash sale on some decent PlayStation games, here is the complete list:

Visit PlayStationHaX Forum To Discuss This Story Here :: …

US PS Store Holiday Sale Final Week

This weeks is the final week of the Holiday Sale on the US PS Store and it has some decent games on offer, here is the complete list:

Visit PlayStationHaX Forum To Discuss This Story Here :: …

[Competition] Win An EU Copy Of Cubic Ninja

It is just over a month since Smealum revealed that Cubic Ninja was the title that was needed for running Homebrew on the 3DS.

We seen the game rise quite highly in price after it was released and we have also seen some great homebrew released, so if you are interested, then enter this competition, here……

[Released] PS3xport By KaKaRoTo

The awesome PS3 developer KaKaRoTo has released what might possibly be his last release for the PS3.

What he has release is a tool called PS3xport, which manipulates PS3 Backup Data, this is the data that you get from using the PS3‘s Backup Utility, here is a quote……

[Released] Gamesonic Manager v3.45


has released a new version of Gamesonic Manager, here is a quote from his thread on the forum:

Here is the new version of Gamesonic Manager that comes to version 3:45 with only three new features, but this time does not count……