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Have Mario Kart 8 ? – Get A Free Game

If you have just recently bought Mario Kart 8, you can grab a free Wii U game, from a ore selected list, the EU has ten games to pick from, the US only have four, here they are:


More Info


Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Price Revealed ?

Newegg have posted Nintendo’s upcoming Pokemon remakes on its website for sale, the price is posted as $39.99, of course this could be just a price placeholder and not the actual price:


Nintendo Accidentally Promote PS Vita ?

It seems that Nintendo accidentally promoted the brand new PS Vita slim when posting about their weekly eShop releases, Nintendo deleted the tweet, but a Twitter user managed to grab it, here it is:


[Update] Hyrule warriors More Details And Images

Well I’m just finished posting about Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi on PS3HaX, so now time to talk about Koei’s brand new “Warriors” project, which they are creating in collaboration with Nintendo and has Link, Zelda and all the usual Zelda characters as playable characters, here is a video of the Japanese version of……

Super Mario 3D World For Wii U Dumped/Pirated

Whilst this is not the first Wii U game to be dumped, the group that dumped it, claim it is the first true dump, here is a quote from the NFO:

Release Notes

This is first true dump, stay tuned for more. All these dumps are

Wii U SDK Leaked

A scene release group have released version 1.7 of the Wii U SDK, though this is an old SDK, the group states that they have all versions ans are starting of the releases beginning with this one.

I cant or wont give links to this SDK, but i found out about this leak because cfwprophet posted……

Household Appliance Manufacturer Sues Nintendo

Manufacturer of household appliances, Philips, is suing Nintendo over copyright infringement, the case includes the Wii and Wii U and the different motion peripherals that goes with them, here is a quote from the court document:

Philips is a world-renowned company that has expended enormous efforts in recent decades……

3DS Hello World By 173210

Multi device developer 173210 has shown a “Hello World” running on his 3DS, on IRC we discussed whether it was on firmware 2.34.0 or 2.54.0, it seems cfwprophet was right and this exploit is running on 2.34.0 :p
Here is the image that was posted on Twitter:

Nintendo To Release Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

Nintendo are set to release an updated version of Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, not much is clear about this release at the moment, apart from the release date, we do not know if the graphics will be updated to match those of Pokémon X and Y.

Pokémon Ruby……

[Update] Nintendo, Tomodachi Life, GLAAD And #Miiquality

A month ago, Nintendo held a special Nintendo Direct, dedicated to a fun looking 3DS game called Tomodachi Life, in it you use your personal Mii character and travel a Sims like universe, doing various things like hanging out with your friends, meeting celebrities, having relationships and getting married, here is the Nintendo Direct regarding……