Monthly archives: March, 2014

New 3DS Exploit: Running Unsigned Code On 6.3 (SSSpwn)

The epic smealum has released a video showing him running unsigned code on his Nintendo 3DS, here it is:

Source smealum’s Twitter

[Released] Wii Channel Creator PC Beta

zoltx23Inc Software Team have released a beta version of a Wii channel creator they are working on, it is based of the customizemii app for PC and is not yet fully functional:


Gameboy Advance Games Being Released On Wii U

A while back i posted information, that Nintendo were bringing Gameboy Advance games to the Wii U, via virtual console, recently they posted a video highlighting some of those games:

Playing Zelda On Oculus Rift

Here are a couple of videos by a YouTuber called Chadtronic, showing some retro Nintendo games running on his Oculus Rift:

Zelda: Wind Waker on Oculus Rift in True First Person

ZeldaVR: The Legend of Zelda BETA on the Oculus Rift Review

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Sells 7.3 Million+ Copies Worldwide

There is no doubt that Animal Crossing New Leaf is an epic game, it is a lot of fun and you can spend numerous hours getting lost in the game, from playing alone, to playing online, there is an abundance of activities to do.
The game has sold over 7.3 Million copies worlwide,……

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Now Available To Play At Dave & Busters

Last year we announced the good news that Mario Kart Arcade GP DX would be hitting Western arcades some time in 2014. While everyone has been busy revving their engines in anticipation, the popular chain of arcade/bar/restaurant/super-fun-place Dave & Busters recently announced that it’ll be……

Free DLC Map For Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U

And it’s free, free Free Fall
When Activision released Call of Duty: Ghosts, it was well known long before it even arrived that there’d be plenty of DLC and updates to rope you into playing the game well beyond that initial release buzz. Wii U……

AES obfuscation on the Wii U bootrom

I’ve read the whole bootrom code and i have to admit, that big N has done a good job on hiding where and how it calls the AES code.
Finding the AES implementation is easy, it’s just before the ancast header check function and after the most useless function.
Finding how the AES implementation is……

Pokemon Crystal Running On A 3DS

The_Zett has released a video showing him running Gameboy Color game Pokemon Crystal on his 3DS, the game is not available on the eShop nor is The_Zett using a flashcart, here is the video:

You can follow The_Zett on Twitter here.

N64 HDMI Converter

Do you still have your Nintendo 64 ?, now you can use it on your HD TV, via HDMI, thanks to a hardware engineer, who has created a N64 HDMI Converter, here is a quote from the source:

I’ve been getting lots of emails and general interest in this…….