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A New Wii U Homebrew Team ?

The f0f conference was held a few days ago and it has gotten some people excited enough to work on releasing homebrew on the Wii U, the team is called “WiidevU” and is lead by well known developer Condorstrike.

Whilst i personally had no faith in The……

[Released] P3DS – Python Tools for 3DS

Multi talented dev naehrwert has released some nice tools for the 3DS, this comes a week after 3DS Toolkit was released, im sure we will see more awesome tools and releases from this awesome dev.


Console Hacking 2013 – fail0verflow – 30C3 Live Now

That time of year is here again and this year fail0verflow will be discussing the state of console hacking for 2013, to watch them, visit the following link now:

[Released] 3DS Toolkit

A group of developers have released a 3DS ram dumping tool called 3DS Toolkit, here is some information about the application:

This project was originally titled “ROP Loader” but was changed due to functionality intended to be added at a……

[Released] Newo Escape

A Homebrew game for the Wii has been released, called Newo Escape, here is some information about the game:

Newo Escape your planet explodes and you are chased by a bounty hunter, try to escape without crashing you broken spaceship…….

Wii U GamePad High-Capacity Battery On Sale

Nintendo have released a longer life battery, which the company claims lasts for 8 hours instead of the 3 to 5 hours of the normal battery.

You can buy the battery directly from Nintendo here(US Only):
Nintendo Online Store

You can also buy it here:

Four Horsemen Deliver The Video

Four Horseman Set Sights On Wii-U

More To Come!!!!!

coming soon to a wii-u near u

What is it?
Wait and see

Right Here at Wiiuhax 🙂

Images Of Wii U Dev Kits

A member of GBATemp created a thread asking for help with a Wii U dev Console, here are the images he posted: