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Disney Infinity’s First Wave of Power Disc “Blind Packs” Is Revealed

The wails of parents reverberate around the world

The upcoming Disney Infinity — which will arrive on Wii U, Wii and 3DS — is undoubtedly Disney’s pitch at the lucrative toy / collectible market that Activision has so effectively exploited with its Skylanders franchise. If you can sell a game and then……

Nintendo Re-Registers Eternal Darkness Trademark, Includes Digital Distribution

Nintendo filed a new trademark for Eternal Darkness, according to Siliconera. The trademark, filed on July 23rd, includes a section that covers downloadable electronic games and programs. While this could signal the future distribution of Gamecube games on Nintendo’s Virtual Console service, the Japanese company has announced no plans to add……

[RELEASED] Clean Rip 2.0.0 by Emukidid

Today Emukidid updated his Clean Rip Wii/GC disc ripping application to v2.0.0!


Whatsnew in 2.0.0:
– GameCube version integrated into one codebase
– Fix disc dumping on Wii U (Wii discs only of course)
– Fix ETA calculation on non GC discs
– Fix fatUnmount
– Stop larger than 4GB chunks on FAT FS
– Fix potential issue when read……

New Gateway Update 07/29/2013

First units to ship this week !
And a quick note to update our FAQ regarding the use of the “blue” card and recent title releases:

Can the blue card run DS home brew ?
YES :- The bundled blue ds card, is in essence a standard DS cart capable of both DS……

Treyarch is porting Call of Duty: Ghosts to Wii U

One of the silliest stories of late comes to a satisfying conclusion today. After Call of Duty: Ghosts was confirmed for Wii U (though the details were “mysterious”), the game’s producer said that, actually, he couldn’t be certain about the port, and then Official Nintendo Magazine stepped in to report that Treyarch……

Nintendo releases Earthbound on Wii U Virtual Console!

In a completely random and generous move by Nintendo, Earthbound has been released to Wii U Virtual Console. Now you no longer have to plonk down upwards of $200 to own a legit copy of Earthbound. For time immemorial (or at least since the Wii was released) Earthbound/Mother fans have been clamoring……

Wiikey U update

Its been a while and we have been hard at work at the Wiikey U hardware. WiiU encrypts the data sent from the drive with AES-CBC-128. We have now fully integrated an AES core into the FPGA and it is operating at the same speed as the drive. We’ve had a setback with another……

Wii U Summer System Update Pushed Back To The Fall

Update v3.1.0 U available now, but it’s not the big one
Nintendo has pushed update v3.1.0 U to Wii U consoles worldwide, but it’s not the big Summer update we were all expecting — that now seems to have been delayed until later in the year.
v3.1.0 U comes with some stability and performance upgrades,……

#Nintendo Win #Lawsuit Against #R4 Card Sellers

Those of you who have played backups/Roms on your Nintendo DS will know what the R4 Flash Cart is, for those of you who don’t, here is a little information, taken from Wikipedia:

R4DS (Revolution for DS), YushenDS Card (YDC),……

[RELEASED] Devolution r200 WiiU support and more!

Yesterday Tueidj updated his miraculous GC on Wii experience to r200 and bundled it with a whole host of what can only be described as AMAZING features!:

DEVOLUTION: What is it and how do you use it?

Devolution is a loader designed to run Gamecube games on a Wii. Dolphin……