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EXCLUSIVE: Gamecube games in vWii on Wii U

(Proof of Concept) Gamecube games in vWii on Wii U

First of all no this isn’t DIOS MIOS because that would never work.
This is written pretty much from scratch and there are still many issues especially with the sound that’s why I overlayed a nice music track.
There is obviously……

Gateway 3DS is the world’s first 3DS flash card!

Gateway 3DS is the world’s first 3DS flash card!
The GATEWAY 3DS TEAM proudly presents the first ever video proof that many thought impossible. Below we show an unedited video of the device booting 3 different backed up 3DS ROMS consecutively which are loaded on the GATEWAY 3DS device via microSD cards. We hope you……

Nintendo Reveals Best Buy Stores Featuring E3 Promotion

If you want to see what’s offered from Nintendo plan a drive to your nearest Best Buy

The list of locations has been revealed for Nintendo’s E3 demos offered throughout Best Buy locations across North America.


Fort Smith
North Little Rock


Culver City
Elk Grove
San Jose


Sonic is back and discovering a lost world in this Wii U and 3DS exclusive. Check out first gameplay footage in this new trailer!


[BETA] WiiNUPRO Pro controller on PC with dual analog support

While checking up on any updates for WiiU to PC game pad apps, I stumbled upon WiinUPro:

The goal of this program was to get full use out of the Wii U Pro controller’s analog sticks.

Current Features:

Connects to 1 Wii U Pro Controller
Maps controller input to a virtual joystick (if available)
Dead zone for analog sticks
Custom keyboard……

Disney grabs 4 trademarks for Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion may not have had the best port to the NES back in the day, but most of us that played it didn’t know that. It was quite a fantastic title no matter where you experienced it, but according to some trademarks from Lucasfilm/Disney, we could expect the brand would return…….

[Released] WiiU 3.0.1 update

Today the big N have pushed another update, increasing their system software version to 3.0.1.

Update info:

Version 3.0.1 U/E/J available via an Internet connection includes the following improvements:
Further improvements to overall system stability and software compatibility

I can confirm that HBC is still fine on vWii after the update, and that smash stack still works 🙂

[Rumor] WiiU Gamepads working in Dolphin in the very near future

I spotted an interesting conversation over at GBAtemp today involving Marcan and the possibility of playing Wii/GC games on a Wiiu game pad:

[05:34] <marcan> actually, playing wii games on the wiiu gamepad will be easy pretty soon
[05:34] <marcan> just not on a wiiu …

Portal DS (in 3D !)

smealum from GBATemp has been working on a version of Portal for the DS, here is a quote from his thread, along with some video:

ok so basically I’ve been working on this portal adaptation for a few months now. it’s coming along quite well I think……

Pre E3 Direct Information from Mr Iwata!!!!

#IwataSays We will discuss new Smash Bros., 3D Mario game, Mario Kart and other Wii U titles in our #NintendoDirectNA before the start of E3


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