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[Released] libsicksaxis – Sixaxis/DS3 For The Wii [C/C++ library]

xerpi has released libsicksaxis, here is a quote:

It’s very simple, it allows you to connect your sixaxis and dualshock 3 via USB to the Wii and read its data.

libsicksaxis allows:

Read the buttons
Read the analog sticks
Read the motion sensors (accelerometer and gyro)
Read the button pressure
Turn on/off the LEDs
Set the controller’s MAC
Get the controller’s MAC

Version 1.0 improvements:

Reorganizated the……

Battlefield 4 Not Coming To Wii U – #BF4 #Battlefield4

As each day goes by, Wii U gamers get news of another game not being released on the console, this time the game not making an appearance on the is Battlefield 4, though it is no surprise as EA is involved and they have no love for Nintendo or the Wii U.


In an interview with Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director of Dice, explained why the……

Wii U Faster Loading Times Video

Nintendo have promised menu speed improvements and faster loading times in their April firmware update, here is a video of exactly what they promise:

[Tutorial] Fix Wii Error 003

PS3HaX member 3absiso has released a detailed video tutorial/guide on how to fix Error 003, for those unclear of what Wii Error 003 is, here is a small quote from WiiBrew:

The so called Error 003 occurs when a System Menu 4.2 or higher from a different region gets installed onto a Korean Wii.

It looks……

Ultimate Gaming System – PS3/WiiU/Xbox360 – Complete

A couple of weeks ago i posted the first video in a three part Ben Heck Show, in which he was beginning a new project, where he would combine the PS3, Wii U And Xbox 360 into the one console, the first video showed Ben Heck disassembling all three consoles, the second video showed him……

[Released] FBZX Wii v10

The ZX Spectrum Emulator for the Wii has been updated to version 10, here is a quote of the changes and features.


Version 10

Tape browser
TZX “select block” block
TZX “jump to block” block
TZX messages shown on the screen
Instant load for TZX files too
Improved instant load routine: most of TAP files can be instant loaded now
Keys can be……

WiiFlow 4.1.1 BETA r888 with music support


WiiFlow is hands-down my favorite Wii backup manager for Wii and vWii, and now Fix94 has added a new feature!

As promised, I’ve added plugin support for music files in r888:
The usage is quite simple, copy over this ini file into your plugin folder:

[Released] WiiBrowser R69

WiiBrowser has been updated to revision 69, WiiBrowser is a homebrew program that lets you browse the internet freely from your Wii. Support for HTML, CSS, Https connections and file download.


It supports:

HTML 4.01
CSS -> really really basic
http/https connections
file download
these image formats: PNG/JPEG/GIF/BMP
web forms


It does NOT support (but maybe it will):

videos -> of any kind (youtube..)

[Released] WiiXplorer R256

WiiXplorer has been updated to revision 256, here is some information about the homebrew application:

WiiXplorer is a multi-device file explorer for the Wii by Dimok using graphics made by NeoRame and a customized libwiigui as base for the GUI. It has several additional features to……

Nintendo Lift European Timed Restrictions

Because of a German law, it was only possible to buy 18+ rated games from the EU eShop between 11PM and 3AM GMT, Germany’s USK were satisfied with the level of Parental Control, here is a quote from the source:

Explaining the decision, Nintendo Europe released the following statement: “This decision has been made following analysis……