Hello all, and welcome to another new tutorial!

I Noticed the site has been up and down lately, and it seems we missed the big release of ps3xploit and HEN….

So here i am making a release post and tutorial on how to hack any PS3. I know we are late to the party, but……

New PS3 Game – Fursan al-Aqsa – Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque

Assalamu Alaykum (Peace be with you)

First of all, I would like to thank @GregoryRasputin (the owner of this website) for allowing me to promote my first commercial project here on his website, also for showing his support for me on Twitter, and support for the Palestine Cause in General. 


Fursan al-Aqsa Third Person Action Homebrew Game

The original post states that the game was released, however that is not the case and a mistake made by me, the developer is working on a playable demo and will be releasing the game soon.

udkultimate aka Nidal Nijm has released a game he has been working on for four years, the game is an……

First Homebew app

Dear PS haxxers,

I joined this community because surpassing oneself in tech field is also one of my biggest passion(as a dev).
I’d like to ask some help (I did not find any tuto online), to build my first .pkg…

Which tools do I need to be able to compile a .pkg ass for homebrew? What……

[Released] Adrenaline Bubbles Manager v5.03 By @gdljjrod

Changelog 5.30
– Fixed error when creating multi-bubbles, now each bubble gets its own name.

Changelog 5.27
– Added an option to use the filename (“example”.iso) to rename bubbles made with ABM.
– Added compatibility with Adrenaline Bubble Booter v1.1

Changelog 5.26
– Fix typo in spanish.txt.

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[Released] PSP Emulator Installer v1.00 By @TheheroGAC

@TheheroGAC has released a PS Vita application that will automatically install twenty popular emulators for Adrenaline(PSP).

All the emulators are hombrew for the PSP, which can be used with Adrenaline or installed on the PS Vita’s homescreen using OneLua Team’s Adrenaline……

[Released] CSPSP 1.92+ (c1) By @d227642870

Features Changelog:
-ability to connect any master server by editing cspsp/data/masterserver.txt
(because the old master server changes its ip frequently, now, you can just edit txt file instead of waiting the update)

Fixes’ Changelog:
vita’s problem (fix by TheFlow)

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SPINE – A PS4 Emulator For Linux

I am sure most of you have heard about the PS4 Emulator Orbital by , you probably won’t have heard of SPINE though, which is a new PS4 Emulator.

Spine is not as advanced as Orbital, it does things a little differently though as it doesn’t have a GUI, i……

[Released] PS4 Xplorer v1.16

Lapy has updated his popular file managing PS4 homebrew PS4 Xplorer, to version 1.16, this version does not add anything, but fixes some bugs.

Fixed an error in the calculation of the % in the new progress bar find by @abdenourslimani and added a Cancel button to it (square).
Fixed an……

[Released] Air Strike VR

@Snake_Plissken has released a stunning looking PS4 homebrew game called Air Strike, this is a VR game but also woks as a normal game, it was made using Unity.

You are the pilot of a fighter jet, shooting enemies whilst trying not to get shot……