[Released] PS2-FPKG v0.2 – Convert PS2 Games To PS4

The PS4 has been given a boost with some great news and releases in the past couple of months, Mira, Open Source SDK‘s, a new KExploit and much more and the releases just keep coming.

Such as this application by Jabu which lets you convert …

A New PS4 Exploit Has Been Released

For about two and a half years the latest firmware that could be exploited on the PS4 was 5.05, that all changed yesterday when reverse engineer TheFlow released his PS4 KExploit which has the potential of running homebrew and backups on firmware 7.02

I say potential because the KExploit needs……

identify components HDMI IC ps4

Hello good afternoon, it is my first post, I wanted to thank everyone for the work you provide in these forums.
My problem is that I have a slim ps4, when changing the ic of the hdmi these components of the board blew me up, can you help me identify them? Thank……

[Release][WIP] PS4 Tools Homebrew

PS4 Tools Homebrew WIP Showcase
After the poll on twitter where everyone wanted to see what I was making here it is

It features:

Save data mounting and copying to usb. (A huge shout out to ChendoChap for this)
Reading system info(IDPS,PSID,Username,UserID)
Reading of PKG files directory from the console.(This is all……

PS4HEN 2.1.4_Live link \ CACHE

HEN 2.1.4  


* Homebrew Enabler
* Jailbreak
* Sandbox Escape
* Debug Settings
* External HDD Support
* VR Support
* Remote Package Install
* Rest Mode Support
* External HDD Format 7.xx Support
* FW Version Spoof to 7.02
* Debug Trophies……

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Can a jailbroken fat BC PS3 run pirated PS2 games better?


I am a late into PS3 jailbreaking. I would like to know if I manage to buy a backward compatible fat PS3 and jailbreak it, would it run pirated PS2 games better or would be no change than running them on a slim PS3 ?……

Help importing ps2 save data to ps3

Hi everyone!!. I’m having some trouble. I want to import a new save file into the ps3 to use it with a ps2 game, i already have some gameplay saved. But the problem is,the game doesn’t recognize the data and i can’t find where is it that the original……

Damaged tracks

By unsoldering the wifi module of the motherboard of my PS4 Slim model SAD-003, I lost the 2 connection points as shown in the attached image.

Could someone help me by telling me where these two tracks are going?
Thank you

Edited 13 hours ago by……

Setting up PS3 Proxy Server GUI On PS4 Latest FW

With these steps you’ll be able to set up a proxy on your main psn ps4 machine and grab some pkgs you purchased or visit other links:

Tools required:
.Net 1.1 (in case you don’t have it) and PS3 Proxy Server Gui

cmd line to know your……