How to validate your elfs decrypted using mmap trick

Special Thanks to Anonymous for helping me with this, and to @softstarfor providing the elfs
You’ll need:
An FTP Payload with CUSTOM DECRYPT command (you can compile it from scene-collective github repo)
A target file (i’ve chosen 5.05’s SceShellCore for this) in both encrypted and decrypted state.

How To Hack Your PS3 Video Tutorial By @MrMario2011

I had some video tutorials regarding PS3 hacking already posted, I posted them a while ago when PS3Xploit first came out, but sadly the YouTuber deleted his videos.

So I am posting another video tutorial and I am 99.99999999% sure that this video will be up for several years if……

Converting to True DEX: Python Way

Required Tools:
ecdsa python module
pycryptodome module file (provided in the zip)
donor file (provided in the zip) (WARNING, contains DECH-A idps minver! do NOT push your luck by by going below the previous idps minver!)
advanced tools (provided in the zip)
eid_root_key (get this……

[Archive] [F.A.Q] A n00bs Guide To All Things Related To PS3 Hacking – 26/8/2011

So as most of you know, the PS3 Scene just recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the PS3 being hacked/jailbroken, many, many things have happened in……

PS Vita Competition KyûHEN – The Submissions So Far

The PS Vita competition KyûHEN has been running for almost a month and has recieved some great submissions, below I will list each one:




* hbRedirect by @Rinnegatamante – Redirect ux0 usage to other partitions.

* Vita Homebrew Sorter by …

Serial Grifter Gary Bowser Aka garyOPA Gets Sued By Nintendo

I am sure most of you in the console hacking scene know the name garyOPA, he was an admin and ran well known PlayStation scene site PSX-Scene, he moved on to the dishonestly aqquired PS3Crunch as well as keeping close ties with the well known scene site Maxconsole.


New PS4 – PS5 Method to Unlimited GameShare

Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 get a method that let you Unlimited gameshare any account thanks to Sony 

The Playstation Account mangment system not let you remote deactivate any console more than once every 6 months but there is a bug that lead to remote deactivate any……

[Released] PS4 Tools Homebrew v1 By @thedarkprogr

@TheDarkprogramerhas released a new homebrew application today, this one is called PS4 Tools Homebrew.



==What’s in it ?==
Its a tool to showcase the power of ps4 tools itself.(and how it……

[Released] Trophy Viewer v1 By @thedarkprogr – View Trophies On Your Computer


its simple download the folders from


off the PS4

Then use the browser button to find the .trp file.
(this needs the trophy.ini file in the folder as well)

This should load all trophy info for it


View The Thread Here

[Update][Released] Trophy Unlocker v1.3 By @thedarkprogr – Unlock PS4 Trophies Easily

Getting news on time is a bit of a rarity for me these days and I am not going to disappoint with this one  


A few days ago @TheDarkprogramerreleased a new application that allows you to unlock your PS4 trophies.