Alienation Announce Trailer

Housemarque the team behind Zombie game Dead Nation have released a trailer for their upcoming game Alienation:

The game as you will see from the video, is a lot like Dead Nation, but the bad guys change from Zombies to Aliens and there is a more futuristic weapon set, this game i will hopefully get to play with @NeoSabin , that’s if he chooses to buy it, though as we both enjoyed Dead Nation, I’m sure he will.

Anyhow, on top of showing us the stunning looking game play, Housemarque were interviewed by the guys at the PS Blog, here is a small part of that interview:


How far back does the idea for Alienation go? Is it something you’ve wanted to make for some time?

Mikael Haveri:

We’ve always been a tech-centric company. We start projects by just playing around with tech. We have our own engine which we’re always upgrading and trying out cool new things — new lighting systems, particle effects, and so on. These experiments are the setting point, and then we start implementing those things in different game scenarios. Would this work best in a top-down shooter? Or would it be better suited to, say, a platformer?

So it’s not like we were making Dead Nation and said to ourselves, “Oh, we should do this again… but with aliens!” It was more like, “We’ve got this cool technology — how do we implement it in the best way?”

And then we start iterating. We happily admit that we do borrow from what we think are some of the greatest games ever, but then we reinvent them in the Housemarque way. For example, we play a lot of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, and a lot of different stuff to get inspiration. Then we take a concept we like and try and improve it or put a twist on it.
PlayStation.Blog: Dark Souls, you say? You’re talking my sort of language, Mikael. Can you go into more details on how that influence might manifest itself in the finished game?

Mikael Haveri:

We’re not going into too much detail right now but in the trailer there’s a segment where you see co-op play and then a message that says, “Go rogue”. And that’s an indicator of the kind of elements we might have in the game. That’s us asking how we can do interesting things with player relations and I’d say there might be some influences from the Souls series in that aspect of the game.

Ask yourself what the scenario might be. Why would you attack another group? Are there factions involved? Let your mind go crazy and think of different reasons players might start murdering each other. I’ve got to keep a little air of mystery here!

To read the full interview, visit the source here.

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