Activate PlayStation TV And Install TN-V

 PlayStation TV was released today in North America and it is on firmware 3.20, which means you can install one of the eCFW’s and that is good, because the list of playable games and software that Sony gives you access to is terrible.




hackinformer has posted a tutorial on his website, showing you how to activate your PlayStation TV and install TN-V, here is a small quote:

The PS TV just got released today and it’s on firmware 3.20, (yeah 3.20) but there’s nothing special about firmware 3.20 other than it mimics 318. When you first get the PlayStation TV you’re going to be surprised on how small it really is.


Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes, which you actually don’t have much time to do this with as the method that I’m using will probably be patched in the next few hours. This is what I did to get my PS TV activated and online.


To view the full tutorial, click the link below:

How to active the Playstation TV & run TN-V

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