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    Help importing ps2 save data to ps3

    By Kei_22,
    Hi everyone!!. I'm having some trouble. I want to import a new save file into the ps3 to use it with a ps2 game, i already have some gameplay saved. But the problem is,the game doesn't recognize the data and i can't find where is it that the original is stored so i have no idea where to place it.   I'm using  Ps2 Placeholder to launch it,have seen lots of tutorials on transferring save data but nothing seems to work, I've searched everywhere on Multiman for the location where Ps2 place

    PS3 blc plugins to allow faster reverse engineering of ppc modules from IDA 7.0 or 7.2

    By zecoxao,
    blc is a plugin that was created to implement Ghidra's decompiler natively into Ida Pro. it works really well for most languages but not ps3 ppu elfs, which is why i decided to add support for them (hardcoded still at the moment). https://www.sendspace.com/file/izd2pe first you must download this (Ghidra folder) and extract it under your IDA 7.0 or 7.2 plugins directory Then, according to the module you'll be studying, you download this https://www.sendspace.com/file/caywmf   an

    Damaged tracks

    By sumotori,
    Hello. By unsoldering the wifi module of the motherboard of my PS4 Slim model SAD-003, I lost the 2 connection points as shown in the attached image. Could someone help me by telling me where these two tracks are going? Thank you

    Setting up PS3 Proxy Server GUI On PS4 Latest FW

    By zecoxao,
    With these steps you'll be able to set up a proxy on your main psn ps4 machine and grab some pkgs you purchased or visit other links: Tools required: .Net 1.1 (in case you don't have it) and PS3 Proxy Server Gui https://www.sendspace.com/file/f98qv5 cmd line to know your ip Step 1: Install .net 1.1 Step 2: Install PS3 Proxy Server Gui Step 3: Start the cmd line and copy your PC ip (in my case it's   https://imgur.com/a/nUku3xD   Step 4:

    [Release] dtbImage for ps3 linux with ps3sbmmio and proper ps3 ram support

    By zecoxao,
    https://www.sendspace.com/file/39utp5 tiny image https://www.sendspace.com/file/84u9cn huge image here are the images me, wildcard, M4j0r and SSL are currently using for testing CPA/DPA on SW2. i'll put the toolchain required to compile these at a later time, as well as the syscon programs and the PUP used to test this

    HEN 2.1.2 BY SiSTR0 - Live Demo link

    By HIASQ,
    HEN 2.1.2   Features * Homebrew Enabler * Jailbreak * Sandbox Escape * Debug Settings * External HDD Support * VR Support * Remote Package Install * Rest Mode Support * External HDD Format 7.xx Support * FW Version Spoof to 7.02 * Debug Trophies Support  Fixes * sys_dynlib_dlsym Patch   Cache / Live Demo 

    Thinking about buying a PS4

    By LoboGuara,
    Hello people. I'm glad to see that this site still exists. Some time ago the page went offline, and I thought it was the end of playstationhax.xyz. Well, after a long hiatus from the console world, I'm thinking about finally buying a ps4. The goal, of course, is to hack it to take advantage of the console's full potential - making it clear: my focus is not piracy, but homebrews and the ability to run backups - Is there anything I need to know about different models and firmwares? I know, by

    Could anybody dump the PS4 Blu-Ray player?

    By sleirsgoevy,
    As reported earlier, the PS4's Blu-Ray is itself a Java application. I'm almost sure there are some platform-specific APIs that can't be reproduced within the official BD-J API (e.g. there might be an API for capturing gamepad input). So, could somebody with a jailbroken PS4 dump that JAR from the console?

    How to | Disable Supernag and install browseNX

    By zapptheman,
    Hi all!   Welcome to another tutorial, this is quite similar to a previous one i have made which is installing SYS-Modules on your switch. This one here will go a bit more in depth on installing the switchback module to disable SuperNag, the nag which asked you to always update your switch to play games or open the internet browser.   So without further ado, lets hop straight in!       Written TUT:   What you will need:   - An

    BD-J -- sound.bdmv does not play

    By sleirsgoevy,
    I currently seem to be unable to play anything from the sound.bdmv file. Both HSound and MediaPlayer don't throw any exceptions, but there's no sound out of the speakers. The sound.bdmv file I'm using has been generated using soundgen from HD Cookbook, however the file from Ukku's Journey doesn't play either. I use bd://SOUND:00 as a URL.  

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