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    PS4 Trainer By TylerMods

    By GregoryRasputin,
    TylerMods has released a Trainer for PS4 games, here is a quote from the source:       Source/Download

    bigboss Releases fMSX For PS4

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Veteran scene developer @bigboss has released fMSX, which is a FSX Emulator for the PS4:   Source Via

    PS4DLL RTM, a simple way to code your own C# tool

    By ImMrNiato,
    PS4DLL RTM, a simple way to code your own C# tool    Today I bring you a C# library wich allow you to code easely your RTM tool for Playstation 4. This library include the PS4Lib by BISOON but also include something new like an adresses library.   In this Library you will be allow to put your own offset and bytes like you can see on the pictures so it will be very easy to code your tool and share your offsets with the rest of the community. I share this project in open source and I have included a sample to help to understand how it work. You can create the most complete library for your RTM Tool, I left some exemple on the library like the offset I use on BO3 1.23 & 1.26.   You can also grab offsets from .cht files and include them in the library to code your own tool.     Dll + Sample + more informations :  here

    [Tutorial] Dump Ps4 games on 5.05 and create Fake Packages (Works With ESP8266 Chip)

    By zapptheman,
    Hello everyone   Back again with another tutorial   Getting straight into it, this is a long and lengthy process. I have made a video which i will post below, i highly suggest following the video as it goes more in depth than the written tutorial i will have below, but if you are more experienced and know things, then you should be able to figure it out from my written tut. Feel free to refer to the video at any point. This might not be easy the first time round   Video:           Written Tutorial   What you will need:   - PS4 on 5.05, 4.55, or 5.05 firmware. - xVortex's Dumper payload/tool - Al azif's exploit host (if you are hosting locally) - Fake Package generator (You need to find this yourself)  - A hard drive or USB big enough to fit the game you are ripping - A PC   Optional: - Node MCU ESP8266 chip - (ENTER INTO THE COMPETITION TO WIN ONE BY CLICKING HERE TO GO TO THE COMPETITION THREAD) - The Tool to flash your ESP chip - c0d3m4st4 firmware for your ESP Chip - Notepad ++ - Compare plugin for Notepad ++     Process: Step 1: Setup your exploit method of choice. Step 2: Make sure you can use xVortex's payload. Step 3: Boot your PS4 and make sure the game you want to dump is uninstalled. Step 4: Make sure you adjust your power settings so your PS4 does not automatically shut off. Step 5: Insert the disc for the game you want to rip. Step 6: Plug in your hard drive into the USB port. Step 7: Run your exploit and inject the PS4-dumper-vtx.bin payload. Step 8: Wait for the message to come up on the screen "waiting for game to launch" Step 9: Wait a very long time (this will depend on the size of your game) - you will see updates every 30 sec, first they will say "waiting for game to copy" and followed by a percentage. This is copying from the disc to your PS4. Once it is done copying to the PS4, it will then begin to copy to your Hard Drive. (i suggest you just leave your ps4 until it shuts itself off and go do something else for a few hours) Step 10: Once your PS4 has shut down, wait for the lights to go out completely, then you can remove your Hard drive and plug it into your PC Step 11: Open your hard drive's root directory on your PC, you should see 3 files (a folder and a file which begin the same, this is the serial number for your game, and a dumper.cfg file) check the file which is names similar to the folder, but it's just a file. You need to see if the extension is ".complete" or ".dumping" [For example "CUSA02624.complete"] Step 12: If your filename ends in .complete, you can move forward, if it ends in .dumping, then go back to step 1 and try again. Step 13: Copy these files to a folder on your PC somewhere of your choice. Step 14: Open Vortex's GenGP4 program, click on the browse button, and seek to the folder where you copied the files to, and then click on the game folder. (for example, the folder name for my game was CUSA02624-app) Then click open. Step 15: Now click on "Genetate .GP4" and wait for it to say "Done" then click on "Save .GP4" and then save this to the same directory your game files were in.  Step 16: You will need to open your fake package generator, and then flick on "File" and then "Open" and seek for the .GP4 file you just created and try to open it. - If this worked without any problems, you can skip to step 23. If you just got an error, particularly the scenario Error, follow along. Step 17: you will need to have notepad ++ and the compare plugin installed. Step 18: Open the GP4 file you created in notepad++ then go to the game folder you copied to your computer earlier. open "sce_sys" folder. Locate the "Playgo Manifest.xml" and open that in Notepad ++ Step 19: Make sure you have the last file you opened in notepad ++, currently in the viewer. Click on plugins on notepad ++. and click on compare. If a message comes up click yes. Step 20: You should be able to see how the start is quire similar. Make sure you mirror anything that is missing, i would suggest checking my video for this part as it is hard to understand without seeing. open spoiler for more info. Step 21: Once finishes mirroring files, you can save them and close them.  Step 22: Open fake package tools again and try open that .GP4 File. It should work now. Step 23: Click on the command drop down menu --> Project Settings --> Package and change the storage type to Digital and BD Max. Step 24: Click build on the rights of the program up the top. Then click "select" next to "Output path" and select where you want to output the pkg. You can name it whatever you want. Select Build again and it will now build the PKG Step 25. If you get any errors, feel free to comment down below and I can try help you out, but only if you have tried to fix your gp4 file. If you get the error prior to building, please upload your GP4 file's contents to pastebin and comment down below with a link to it in pastebin. If you are getting an error during the build process, please save your log and upload to pastebin and then link to it here.  Step 26: If you have made it this far, then you are almost there. Copy the pkg you have created back to your Hard drive, then safely remove it, and plug it into your PS4. Step 27: Run your exploit, launch mira + hen or just hen, then install the package through package installer in the debug menu. Step 28: Try run the game once it's finished installing. Step 29: Profit? Step 30: Didn't really need a step 30 but i wanted to make it look nicer Feel free to support me by watching my videos, or even buying me a coffee. Let me know if you guys need any help and i will do my best to help where i can.   BIG SHOUT OUT TO @cfwprophet FOR HELPING ME WITH THE ALTERNATE METHOD TO PKG THESE GAMES SHOWN IN THE VIDEO!   Thanks to all over devs involved in making the scene what it is this far, including Al-Azif and xVortex and c0d3m4st4.   If you want to create a FPKG without the genGP4 program, open this spoiler for some info. This way is more complicated, but works for 75% of games, worth a shot if nothing else is working for you.  


    By cronos002,
    data|44|312D6E8|4 bytes|999999|1|ORO|25312D6E8
    data|44|312D6F4|4 bytes|999999|1|MADERA|25312D6F4 data|44|312D6EC|4 bytes|99999999|1|SANGRE|25312D6EC data|44|3E23C68|4 bytes|999|1|PUNTOS DE DON|253E23C68 data|39|351E920|4 bytes|999999|1|HIERRO|22B51E920   Queda confirmado que al guardar el juego se quedan de manera permanente las cifras que se editan!   Lo que esta de color rojo le pueden poner la cantidad que ustedes quieran... LO ACTUALIZARE CUANDO ENCUENTRE MAS

    PSCheater en ubuntu?

    By cronos002,
    Buenas a todos, mi pregunta es si hay alguna foma de usar el pscheater desde ubuntu 18.01 o es exclusivo de windows? si hay alguna forma podrian explicarme o mandarme a algun tutorial que explique como hacerlo? Gracias de antemano.     Good to all, my question is if there is any way to use the pscheater from ubuntu 18.01 or is it exclusive to windows? If there is any way, could you explain me or send me a tutorial explaining how to do it? Thanks in advance.

    [PSVITA] Autoplugin 3.12 Released

    By TheheroGAC,
    We have worked a lot on this new version especially our friend of Team OneLua  gdljjrod   who helped me a lot to facilitate the use of this tool.With this version I would like to celebrate the 100,000 downloads of this little homebrew that has reached the whole world, thanks to you and the Team OneLua. But let's see together the new features:   Compatible with HENkaku Enso and H-Encore Now you can install 1,2,3 etc plugin of your liking The updated plugins for 3.68 have all been inserted New graphic version easier Added new functions to the buttons Now you can inject the txt file of pkgj Now you can delete the plugins from the txt file Additional plugins from TheFloW VitaTweaks Multi-language The description of each plugin is shown in the list of plugins Added the plugins contained in TheFloW's RemasteredControls Support for installing SD2VITA And so much more Installable plugins: RemasteredControls (Adrenaline) DownloadEnabler NoNpDrm NoPsmDrm PSVita-StorageMgr Shellbat Shellsecbat Oclockvita NoTrophyMsg NoLockScreen Vitabright (only 3.60 and PSVITA) pngshot Kuio by Rinnegatamante PSV-VSH MENU by joel16 Vflux by Applelo Repatch by dots-tb NoAVLS by SilicaAndPina ds3vita by xerpi ds4vita by xerpi Changelog v3.12 Now you can install the TheFloW RemasteredControls repository  patches Fixed some bugs Updated languages: Italian, Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese Various improvements to the system   Download Autoplugin.vpk Source code Github Source gamesandconsoles Acknowledgments: Thanks to Team OneLua, TheFloW, nowrep, devnoname120, xyzz, frangarcj, Rinnegatamante, joel16, dots-db, Applelo, SilicaAndPina, Xerpi, Celesteblue, OperationNT414C, qwikrazor87 for the various plugins, NanospeedGamer for video and bug report, MRGhidini, NanospeedGamer, RY0M43CH1Z3N, SridentPSV, chronoss09, Kouchan / kood_infothief for the translation of the various languages

    CUSA-06769 Dragon Quest hereos II PS4 cheater 5.05

    By barelynotlegal,
    base game no updates 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:|VER:|FM:505
    data|27|284851C|4 bytes|9999|1|money|25BD5C51C
    data|27|2833048|4 bytes|999|0|teresa skill points|25BD47048
    data|27|28327F0|4 bytes|999|0|lazarel skill points|25BD467F0   can confirm locations are the same after reboot or quit game.  

    BloodBorne CUSA-00900 PS4cheater 5.05

    By barelynotlegal,
    just started again, here is blood vials, silver bullets(?) and some cash. i have restarted game twice to make sure they would stay/stick and they have not moved so safe to say this works.. this is a base game w/o a update. enjoy 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:|VER:|FM:505
    data|18|C3BFC8|4 bytes|20|1|blood vials|20823BFC8
    data|18|C3BFB8|4 bytes|19|1|ammo|20823BFB8
    data|18|C3B904|4 bytes|999999|1|cash|20823B904 (either lock money or set low, i  went above 999999 and game crashed/corrupted data) UPDATE: after restart of new game the money location is the same, just search same location as money (anon:0000023eb71e[0]-3-207600000-131072KB) for blood vials and silver bullets(?) happy gaming    

    [PS4/RELEASE] Open source Black ops III Zombie RTM Tool [5.05/4.55/4.05]

    By ImMrNiato,
    Today I release my first real time editing software for the PS4 for the games BO3 in Zombie mode.   This tool is open source and you will find a lots of comment to help you understand how to code your own tool for this console using the PS4Lib.   The tool is only for 1.23 now but may be updated later if I get other updates.         Download link : Here    

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