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    #Salix #Linux For #PS4 By DANiO

    By DANiO,
    Today user @DANiO released Salix Linux based on Slackware64 which is built from scratch      

    PS4 GTA V Lamance Mod Menu v0 8

    By SeanPabloTorres,
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/3567wyjdl532eda/Lamance_08_AllInAll.zip   Big thanks to @david1337hax     https://twitter.com/david1337hax    

    Devwiki Page for Minimum Firmware Versions

    By Derf,
    http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/Game_Titles       The page has been updated with all the lists and spreadsheets I could find. Please add to it!

    [PSVITA]Release VitaShell V1.9 Released Mod0.5 By TheheroGAC[UPDATE3]

    By TheheroGAC,
    This is a modified version of vitashell from source code 1.9.Compared to the original version it was compiled with the latest source code and includes automatic language support (multi-language), 4 themes (1 by default Electron and Akatsuki by Acemad ) and support for firmware 3.68 (already added by the developer TheFloW). I remind you that to install this mod it is advisable to delete the contents (files and folders) within the ux0: Vitashell     Changelog 1.9MOD0.5 added NeonRift theme by Acemad 1.9MOD0.4 added the HatsuneMiku theme by Acemad 1.9MOD0.3 should solve the problem with molecularshell 1.9 MOD0.2 Added multi-language support Reset electron theme Compiled with the latest source code that includes firmware support 3.68 Insert new xmc0: and sd0: by Princess-of-Sleeping partitions   Download Vitashell 1.9 mod0.5 via brewology   Source gamesandconsoles Source code GitHub

    [PSVITA]Release Autoplugin v1.10[UPDATE9]

    By TheheroGAC,
    I would like to share with you my little invention. This morning a user of the site asked me if there was something to automatically install the most requested plugins on the latest HENkaku Ensō 3.65 / 3.60, the answer was clearly yes, Autoplugin.Autoplugin is a tool that automatically installs the plugins in ux0 and  ur0: as: DownloadEnabler NoNpDrm NoPsmDrm PSVita-StorageMgr Shellbat Vitabright (only 3.60 and PSVITA) pngshot Kuio by Rinnegatamante PSV-VSH MENU by joel16 Vflux by Applelo Repatch by dots-tb NoAVLS by SilicaAndPina ds3vita by xerpi ds4vita by xerpi and automatically overwrites the config.txt file without further manual changes.   VIDEO BY NanospeedGamer   Guide Download the vpk file at the end of the article Install the file with Vitashell Open the program   CHANGELOG v1.10 - Re-added gamesd plugin  It is possible to choose between gamesd and PSVita-StorageMgr Added in the extra tools an explorer with various functions Fix typo v1.09   Changed the xyzz gamesd plugin with Celesteblue PSVita-StorageMgr
    Default configuration: MCD=ux0 INT=imc0 UMA=uma0 GCD=grw0
    More information here https://github.com/CelesteBlue-dev/PSVita-StorageMgr Fixed a bug that modified the ur0:tai folder v1.07 The file configt.txt is not the only file saved but the whole folder tai in tai_backup on ux0: From this version has been fixed the problem of updating in case of new version of the application directly on PSVITA v1.06 Added xyzz gamesd plugin. Now Autoplugin should be compatible with SD2VITA cards (press SELECT) v1.05 Added option with extra tools:now you can update adrenaline to the new version with one click Revised code Perhaps it solves a bug in the ds3vita plugin v1.04 Refont of the UI (thank you chronoss09 ) Add a list of plugin available and dev name on the menu (thank you chronoss09 ) Add an option to restore the old config.txt file and delete config_backup.txt (thank you chronoss09 ) added two new plugins ds3vita and ds4vita v1.03 Initial STATIC graphic addition (WIP) Now you can choose the path where to install the plugins (ux0: tai or ur0: tai) Now the option to install plugins is also available on VITATV neat and clean code v1.02 just a small update to add more plugins: Kuio by Rinnegatamante PSV-VSH MENU by joel16 Vflux by Applelo Repatch by dots-tb NoAVLS by SilicaAndPina V1.01   Now you can back up the config.txt before installing the plugins Added command prompt
    X: install
    PS: exit Added new plugins: Vitabright (thank you devnoname120) and pngshot (thank you xyzz) Download Autoplugin.vpk Source gamesandconsoles.org Source code Github Credits We thank Team OneLua, TheFloW, nowrep ,frangarcj,Rinnegatamante,joel16,Applelo,dots-tb,SilicaAndPina,Celesteblue for the various plugins. NanospeedGamer for the video

    [Released] Black ops 3 Alpha Project For PS3 By @ImMrNiato - PS3

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Black ops 3 Alpha Project For PS3 By @ImMrNiato View File GuillaumeMrNiato has open sourced his Black ops 3 Alpha Project For PS3, here is a quote from the source:         Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/21/2018 Category PC Software(PS3) Developer GuillaumeMrNiato Source https://twitter.com/ImMrNiato/status/987643543396274176 Twitter https://twitter.com/ImMrNiato Donate  

    [TUTORIAL] HOW TO | Create PS2 PKG Files for PS4 (PS2 Classics)

    By zapptheman,
    Hi guys.   Here is a new tutorial showing you how to use @TheDarkprogramer's fancy new tool to make your life much easier.    He has done well with his documentation thus far so i will be quoting some of if below, please feel free to watch my tutorial, alternatively, if you would rather have a written step by step process, please scroll past the video for the written tut!   Video:   Written Tut:   Step 1: Download the latest version of the tool from here. Step 2: Extract it an click on 'PS4 PS2 Classics GUI'. Step 3: Once Application is open (you might need to allow it to run if MS smart screen comes up) you should then close it, and open it from your desktop, there should be an icon called 'PS4 PS2 Classics GUI'. It will then prompt you for an update if you are connected to the internet. Allow the update. Step 4: Obtain an ISO or Rip one from one of your old PS2 games. (You can use Power ISO for this). Step 5: Find some background images for the PS4 homescreen and for the game icon. Step 6: Once updated, the tool will open the PS2 Classic GUI and you can select your ISO file/s by clicking the box with the 'ISO' next to the "PS2 ISO" Textbox.  Step 7: You can either select just 1 iso, or select multiple (i recommend numbering the iso files before selecting them in the tool if you want to order them!) Step 8: If you have multiple iso's. you can change your content ID to whatever you want (Must be in format TTTTNNNNN -- T = Text -- N = Number), Otherwise the app will automatically make it the ps2 game ID if you only select 1 game! Step 9: Make the Title whatever you want  Step 10: Right click on the game icon section to change the icon and background images. Step 10b: If you have a custom config file for the game you are packaging up, you can add this by clicking 'File' and then the 'custom config' button. (optional) Step 11: Click the "Create PS2 Classic" button. Step 12: Profit? (you will nee to wait a bit because this can take some time if you have a slow computer. It munches CPU power) The app will play a trophy sound when its done and will open the directory where the pkg was saved to! Step 13: You can now install your PKG file on your PS4 and it should run like a charm, just make sure to check the compatibility list to make sure your game does not have issues.    Step 14 (if you made a multi ISO pkg): To swap games on the ps4, once the iso is installed, hold home button, and select the 'Disc' option from the menu that pops up, and you can select your disc to play (O = Enter and X = Back)   Got any questions? Drop a comment down below!   NOTE: If you ever need to unpack your PKG file, the password is currently set to: (versions < ng8II8vax3iXZU7sfI3ugo8XlebJ731o Password for versions >   00000000000000000000000000000000   Credits to:   @TheDarkprogramer Flatz cfwprophet zecoxao
    And everyone else involved in bits of this process along the way! Thank you to everyone out there sharing things for this community and making it what it is.   image:

    Elder Scrolls Morrowind Coming To Xbox One

    By GregoryRasputin,
    The very first time i played Morrowind was on the original Xbox, i played that game for months, it is by far my favourite Elder Scrolls game, i have bought it about four times since the Xbox days on PC and it is coming back to the Xbox via the Xbox One's backward compatibility feature, there are 18 other games also coming to the Xbox One, but Morrowind is my favourite:   Source

    Video Guide To Hacking PS4's On Firmware 4.55

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Here is a video guide by @SeanPabloTorres on how to easily hack your PS4:    

    [Update] PS2 Classics GUI v1.0.0.6

    By TheDarkprogramer,
    Hey guys as promised on twitter here is V1.0  I have added  Mutliple iso support and the icom replace works as well as converts the size and 24bit color Please make sure to read the readme      https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS3Tools/releases/tag/PS2.1.0   Enjoy   EDIT:   Hi Guys 

    i have updated my application added some small bug fixes and added better support for multi iso's 

    enjoy the new settings and boot logo 

    Application will auto update when you start the application  

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