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    [Released] X-PROJECT v1.3 By @DefaultDNB And @leeful74

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Long time scene developer @DEFAULTDNB has updated his XMB Self Host Project with the help of leeful74 for exploitable PS4's, this update add's video playback support, here is some information about the application, followed by a list of changes in this version:         + ADDED MEDIA PLAYER!:
    -+ Drop Down File Selector.
    -+ Plays MP4 only currently (need to work on more formats)
    -+ Play, Pause, Stop, Skip, Restart
    -+ 2 preset resolutions + full screen to suit your TV.
    -+ Dark mode toggle, Mute toggle.
    -+ Playback info (file location, name, time remaining/total time etc)
    -+ Companion BAT for easy alphabetized playlist generation (must run after new files are added to /MEDIA/ folder)
    -+ Just host your MP4 files from /MEDIA/ folder within xproject (easy to customize to share files from elsewhere depending on your host method) + Lodash finally fixed thanks to @Leeful
    + D-Pad navigation added as requested (L/R works perfectly U/D needs work)
    + GTA menus rewritten by @Leeful (now detect hen and load before payload (same goes for BO3/AFR payloads)
    + Slight restyle for uniformity thanks to @Leeful
    + ADDED NotAnotherMenu127
    + ADDED Community Trainer
    + ADDED Arcade category (Coming soon in v1.4)
    Download And Source
    Follow DefaultDNB on Twitter Follow leeful74 on Twitter   You can also speak live to DefaultDNB on PlayStationHaX Discord: https://discord.gg/2B2uhw6  

    [Update 2] Remote Play For Non Activated Consoles

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Remote Play amongst other app's is not possible on the PS4 if the console has not been activated via PSN, luckily there is a method that will let you use Remote Play on your non activated PS4, the original guide is in Russian and was created by xHR_, with an English guide by DayVeeBoi, you can find the guides below:     Russian Guide English Guide   ATTENTION THIS METHOD REQUIRES THE DANGEROUS IDU MODE     UPDATE It appears that whilst the original source is indeed Russian, the original Russian guide is not the one posted above, here is the original source by NeahNEET:
    Original Russian Source Thanks for tip @Izotov   UPDATE 2 Here are some tips by NanospeedGamer:  

    The Winner Of The ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4 Is

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Partly because i was late in deciding who won and partly because i think the images deserved better than some random number generation, i have decided to make all of those of you who entered winners ❤️     Edit Forgot to say, those of you who i haven't doxxed got addresses for, please send me a PM in Discord, do NOT use the forum's PM system for personal information.    

    [Released] reactPSPLUS 2018-08-03

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Reactivate your Playstation Plus games Download

    CextoRex PSVITA/PSTV retail to testkit convertor released by Silica

    By Shiro,
    Following the release of h-encore for FWs 3.65-3.68,A well known PS4 & PSVITA/PSTV named Silica released a console convertor which convert a retail(Cex) console to a test-kit.
    https://twitter.com/SiIicaAndPina/status/1018784199061323776             it only works with Enso FW 3.65 for now . it will support 3.68 in the future.
    https://github.com/SilicaAndPina/CEX-2-REX. Requirements
    1- PSVITA/PSTV on 3.65 With ENSO . 2- Ability to press X button. 3-A brain. It might take 5 - 10 minutes installing depending on the console -fat or slim- and weather you have 3.60 updated with update365 or 3.65 itself with h-encore.   
        Special Thanks to
    zecoxao Voxel9

    Specterdev publishes WriteUp about the 5.05 PS4 Kernel Exploit

    By Thibobo,
    Today Specterdev published a writeup about how the 5.05 Kernel Exploit/Jailbreak for PS4 was realised that was found by Qwertyoruiop. The WriteUp is full of technical information how everything was done & patched by sony on 5.05-5.07<5.XX       https://github.com/Cryptogenic/Exploit-Writeups/blob/master/FreeBSD/PS4 5.05 BPF Double Free Kernel Exploit Writeup.md

    h-encore, 3.65-3.68 FW Hack has been released by TheFlow

    By Shiro,
    As TheFlow has promised the community to release hacks for versions higher than 3.60, he finally released h-encore which installs Henkaku/TaiHen on the device.   What could i do with h-encore ?
    1- install pirated games(PSP/PSVita) .
    2- run unofficial apps/games (Homebrews). 3-Custom plugins/modifications . 4-If you are still on 3.65 or below, you can update to 3.68 to run games required higher FW.   What is the difference between FW 3.65,3.67, and 3.68 ? 1-3.65 Users will be able to install Enso, a Custom Firmware for the PSVita, which boots Henkaku at the booting process automatically. 2-There is no a big difference between both 3.67 and 3.68. The most advantage that those two FWs has is the ability to run required newer Fw games    How do i Hack my Vita ? 1- If you are below FW 3.65, Update your PSVita to FW 3.65 or above by two methods :
    A- Updating manually to FW 3.65 Using qcma. Use this site to find the Specific FirmWare : DarkSoftware Follow the instructions in the video below:          or  Instructions B-Updating Directly to FW 3.68 by going Settings>System Updates. 2-If you are on the right Firmware ....Click Here and follow the steps given:   Here are some links to put in consideration:   1- Enso 2-Adrenaline(a PSP Emulator) 3-NoNpDrm v1.2(fake license 4-How to install plugins   Sources :
    1-TheFlow 2- Wololo 3-Darksoftware 4-github

    [Tutorial] How to | Change the SSID/AP name of your esp chip

    By zapptheman,
    Hi guys.   One of my subscribers recently asked me to show them how to change the SSID name for their ESP8266 chip while running someone else's firmware.   At the time of writing this, it seems that c0d3m4st4's firmware is one of the best around, which also has the greatest user base. So i will be making this tutorial using his firmware. You can download it by clicking here. He has also advised me that in a future release, it will be much easier to change the AP name as it will be a built in function which i will show below. But for the time being, there are many other firmware's out there which also do not allow you to change the AP name, so i will be showing you how in today's tutorial. Please find a video below for visual instructions, and a written tutorial beneath for written instructions (for your preference)   Video     Written Tutorial   What you will need:   c0d3m4st4 firmware - https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4550-released-esp8266-xploit-host-v271-by-c0d3m4st4-ps4/ The Tool to flash your ESP chip - https://github.com/marcelstoer/nodemcu-pyflasher/releases HXD - https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/ FileZilla - https://filezilla-project.org/download.php (optional if you want to use FTP functions)   Step 1: Download all of the above files, you can substitute the firmware for one you wish to use. (I AM USING VERSION 2.70) Step 2: Make sure you install HXD and extract the firmware file and flash tool to a location you will remember. Step 3: Flash the Firmware file to your ESP chip for the first time if you haven't already. Step 4: Unplug it from usb for about 10 sec once done flashing, then plug it back in and wait for the wifi network to come up. Take note of the AP name, in my case it's "ESP8266XploitHost"  Step 5: Locate the firmware file you flashed and open it up with HXD. Step 6 (you can skip to step 17 if you are using the same firmware as me): Now you need to find the correct offsets to modify. This will be trial and error so can take some time depending on how fast you are Step 7: Press (ctrl + r) on your keyboard to bring up the replace tool.  Step 8: In the "Search For" field, populate this with the AP name I told you to take note of earlier. In my case, it was "ESP8266XploitHost" Step 9: In the "Replace With" field, enter what you want your WiFi name to be, In my case, i did "ESP8266XploitTest" (note that when changing the name, do not make it anything longer than what was originally there or else you will break the firmware)  Step 10: Select "prompt on replace" and select "All" for the search function and then press "replace all". When the first notification comes up it should read "Confirm" Before clicking ok, take note of the Offset, write this down somewhere. (The part highlighted yellow in the image below is the offset) Step 11: Once you have written down the offset, press "Yes" and let it replace that value with the name you want to use.  Step 12: Another box will come up asking you to confirm, you can click the cross in the top right corner of the box to close it. Step 13: Flash save this file and flash it to your ESP chip. Step 14: Repeat step 4 and see if the WiFi name has changed (i would recommend using a phone to check as windows wifi cache's the old ssid/AP name so it might not show thenew one) Step 15: If this worked for you, then you can continue to the next step, otherwise, continue performing steps 6 - 14 with the same firmware file until the AP name changes. Step 16: If you are here now, the last change you made must have updated the ssid/AP Name, Make sure you remember the offset for the one that changed it, and now extract a fresh version of the firmware which you have not yet modified. Step 17: Open the fresh firmware file and press (ctrl + g) and enter the Offset value in there. (In my case, it was 00056970) then press "ok" and it will take you to that offset.  Step 18: Click on the text in the right side (click just before the first letter of the wifi name) And begin typing the name you want it to be (DO NOT PRESS THE DELETE BUTTON) Step 19: If your name is shorter than the one which was there, you will need to click on the hex values on the left, and click on the one which resembles the next character on the right. See the image below Step 20: type 0's until you reach the zero's which are already there (this is so that no further text is entered into the SSID/AP name Step 21: Flash it and repeat step 14 to test that it all worked. (If this didn't, try again the process again from the beginning until it works for you) Step 22: Profit? This should now work as normal just with a different name.   Optional extras to FTP   Step 23: In order to FTP to this device you will need to download an FTP client such as filezilla, and install and open it for use. Step 24: Connect to your ESP chips WiFi with your PC. Step 25: In the top left corner, you will see a button which when hovered over states "Open the site manager" Click this button Step 26: Click on the "New Site" Button on bottom left of the box that popped up. Name it whatever you want.  Step 27: To the right, put the host address and port (Consult your firmware's documentation to see if FTP is supported and the credentials) For me, the IP was and the port was 21. Step 28, just a bit further beneath the "Host" textbox, you will see a dropdown menu for "encryption" click this and select "only use plain FTP" Step 29: For logon type, select "Normal" and enter the credentials for your chips firmware. for me it is User:ps4xploit Pass:ps4xploit (note, password may change when you change the password for the WiFi) Step 30: click on transfer settings and select "limit number of simultaneous connections" and make sure it is set to "1" Step 31: Click Connect and it should work. (if not, try unplugging for a minute and plugging back in and wait a min for your PC to connect and try again. Step 32: Profit?   Thanks to @c0d3m4st4 for the great firmware and for letting me make this video/tutorial. If you guys want to say thanks to him for his time, please feel free to support him   Should you have any Questions or queries, feel free to drop a comment below and I'll see if i can help you out.

    [Released] reactPSPLUS v0.1

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Developer @Zer0xFF has updated reactPSPlus to version 0.1   Download  Official Blog Post Source

    PS4 SDK Updated For Firmware 5.05

    By GregoryRasputin,
    So the PS4 5.05 hack has been out for a while, yet no one has created any homebrew for the console, developers claiming they don't want to use the official Sony SDK have hidden away, now they can stop being lazy as @bigboss has updated his SDK for use on firmware 5.05, here is a quote from the source:       Download/Source

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