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    A Beautiful ESP8266 Case Mod By The Wonderful @kouchan66

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Kouchan has been around the scene for a very long time and does some awesome mods, last year he designed and released an M2 Dummy Adapter FPC for PSPgo, he also works with the excellent Nzaki0716 on those stunning custom painted PS Vita's, there is so much amazing stuff the guy does, his latest project is a custom ESP8266 case mod a whilst it is true you can create a case with a 3D printer, it is nowhere near as stunning or awesome as creating your own from a PSP battery, here are a bunch of Kouchan's tweets showing his work on the mod:       Before the tweets, note that Kouchan is using the: ESP8266 D1 Mini   Now on to the awesome Tweets                         If you aren't following Kouchan on Twitter yet, you should be: https://twitter.com/kouchan66

    A Guide By @Zer0xFF On How To Reactivate PS Plus Games

    By GregoryRasputin,
    One thing you will notice about your PS Store bought games or those from PS Plus is that they will get locked and you will be unable to use them, which is a shame as you would have to delete them, but thanks to scene developer @Zer0xFF you can now unlock those games:   You can read more at the source: Reactivate PSPLUS Games - PS4 5.05   Thanks @zecoxao 

    Three Ways To Run The 5.05 Kernel Exploit

    By ConsoleHax,
    Hi! I'll shortly describe three (easy) ways to run the new Kernel Exploit for firmware 5.05. These methods should work up until 5.07. Thanks to all developers and hackers who had part in this release!   There are other great ways like Al Azif's Exploit Host, but my time is limited. Make sure to visit: https://t.co/xx4ZF9OgKm)     If you have a console with a lower firmware you can download the 5.05 firmware update from ex. consolehax.com/vault/ . Rename the file to PS4UPDATE.PUP and place it on a USB Drive (PS4/UPDATE/PS4UPDATE.PUP). Install it via Settings and make sure the console has no connection to the internet.   A. LOCAL HOSTING
    You can host the exploit on your computer by running a local webserver. In order to do so, you need to setup the server with the files found on SpecterDev's GitHub page. I will not explain the configuring of the webserver itself.   Download the files: https://github.com/Cryptogenic/PS4-5.05-Kernel-Exploit Configure your webserver with the files from step 1 Connect your PS4 to the server Open the browser Navigate to the IP address of the server Click OK when the message 'We have updated our privacy policy in accordance with GDPR...' appearce Minimize the browser by pressing the PS Button Profit   B. ESP8266 (ESP8266 Xploit Host) Developer @c0d3m4st4 has released an update which includes the exploit for firmware 5.05. You can flash the firmware with NodeMCU PyFlasher (Windows).   Download ESP8266XploitHost 2.3: https://mega.nz/#!OI8GxAyA!54QnxvbXkPiSrs0j_d5dWwopqsHg42S5hS-MLSd2leQ Download NodeMCU PyFlasher 3.0: https://github.com/marcelstoer/nodemcu-pyflasher/releases Press and hold the Flash button on the ESP then connect it via USB to your PC Run the software NodeMCU PyFlasher Choose the ESP from the Serial Port drop downlist Firmware = The .bin file downloaded in step 1 Baud rate = 115200 Flashmode = DIO Erase Flash = Yes, Wipe all   When the proces is finished make sure to power your ESP, and boot your PS4.   Navigate to 'Settings' - 'Network' en click on Custom Choose WiFi and connect to ESP8266XploitHost The password is 'ps4xploit' without the ' Click OK and next until you test the connection   If the connection test succeeds navigate to 'Settings' - 'User Manual' and you'll be greeted with the custom ESP interface. Select Mira + HEN from the list.   C. Hosted Online   Hacker Qwertuiop is hosting the exploit on crack.bargains. This is the easiest step, but it does require the console to connect to the internet. Therefore I recommend to not use this if possible.   Open the browser Open the URL: http://crack.bargains/505k/ Click OK when the message 'We have updated our privacy policy in accordance with GDPR...' appearce Minimize the browser by pressing the PS Button Profit   I'm aware of other methods to successfully run the exploit, but someone else will explain these.   VIA

    5.05 Kexploit for PS4 is released ! [With Mira + XVortexHEN]

    By Thibobo,
    The long awaited 5.05 kernel exploit for ps4 dropped, this will open a new world for the ps4 in form of homebrew!   Thanks to any developer involved!      

    For Sale: New Slim PSU & Bluray Drive for sale UK

    By Gords,
    Was given a ps4 slim some weeks ago that was dead out the box (motherboard was dead) and kept these 2 bits before binning the rest. I hope this is an ok post as i couldn't find a dedicated Sale sub-forum. Any interest?   Thanks.

    Mira Companion (Toolbox)

    By Thibobo,
    Mira Companion Is An Android application to control MiraCFW for PS4.   This is still a W.I.P. and Contributors are highly needed at the moment, so if you can help, you can fork the project here on github.   I hope to see this for ios, so iphone users can use this too.    

    Mira Project available for 4.55 by CrazyVoidProgrammer

    By ImMrNiato,
    First of all you can follow me on Twitter to get more news : Click here !

    Developer CrazyVoidProgrammer has updated the MiraProject to 4.55.

    Test it now on DarkSoftware thanks to @LightningMods_ : here

    Reminder :
      Link from CrazyVoidProgrammer with the full project : click here !

    5.55 Update already exploited by MathieuLH ?

    By ImMrNiato,
    First of all you can follow me on Twitter to get more news : here

    A few days after the 5.55 system update for the ps4, the developer MathieuLH has tweeted some nice thing. In fact this is a provocative tweet against Playstation. In this tweet he show the timestamp of the update wich only Playstation can know.

    So, we can suppose that he has already fully exploited this update like on 5.53. 

    Don't ask for a release of an exploit but keep the update of your console as low as possible.  

    More informations about the 5.05 Kexploit shared by qwertyoruiopz !

    By ImMrNiato,
    First of all you can follow me on Twitter to get more news : Link here !

    The world is waiting, waiting for the 5.05 Kexploit that will be released in a few days or weeks but before that, the developer qwertyoruiopz has shared on his Twitter a .pdf "describing ps4 5.0x kernel exploit".
    This .pdf has been used at the 0x41con and the title is :

    PS4 hacking: from zero to ring zero in two easy steps     Take a look at the pdf with this link: Link here !

    imbNES - NES emulator for PSX

    By AbyssDreamz,
    I can't find much information on this emulator, but it seems to be a pretty decent NES emulator written in assembly language for the PSX. It's quite old now (many years ago) but it works pretty well for an emulator on the PSX from what I've read and heard about it.   Seems to support quite a few mappers and such which is pretty cool, though I can't find a download link for it anywhere it seems   Maybe discuss here ^^

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