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    US PS Store New Releases For 2nd September 2014

    By GregoryRasputin,
    The US Store was updated last night, here are the list of new games added and the free PS Plus titles: I own Warriors Orochi 3 on PS3, im really tempted to get the PS4 version, but i think ill wait for Samurai Warriors 4 instead

    Rockstar Sale On US PS Store

    By GregoryRasputin,
    I'm sure the majority of us have played most of these games, some may have played them all, or you might have played them and wish to play them again, which is why its great that the US PS Store is having an up to 75% of Rockstar games, here is a list of the games and their prices:

    Destiny - planet view via google street view

    By Simonbuck,
    A few days before the highly anticipated debut Destiny, Bungie team gives us the opportunity to tour this warlike science fiction universe through a special application as inspired by Google Street View.

    The application in question goes by the name of Planet View, and basically it allows us to get into the three planets that will battle soon, exploring in detail each and every one of its corners while a voice-in provides information.

    Types of enemies, alien structures, data related to the planet on which Planet View includes a wide variety of photos and videos with the corresponding description so that it does not slip any detail of Destiny universe.

    Click here ----> Destiny Planet Viewer

    [Released] PS3's PUP Syscon Changer [v2.0]

    By Simonbuck,
    The developer Nathan Martin (Nathan_r32_69) has officially released version 2.0 of the PUP Syscon Changer, the tool used to change the Syscon to a value less than or greater than a PUP file. Download Source

    [PS2][TUT] Internal Memory card

    By Xhase,
    Hello folks! Today, I come to you all today with a Tutorial on how to install a internal memory card inside your PS2! Today, I've done this modification to a: SCPH-30001 The reason I've done this is to prepare for FMCB. First you need to disassemble the memory card of your choice and prep for soldering. If your looking to use your memory card again externally, I suggest soldering near the top of the contacts like I've done in the picture above. Next is soldering the wires. Your going to want to have Even length wires for this to work right, and what I've used here is just wires from a standard USB 2.0 cable. After you've soldered all the wires to the memory card, your going to need to prep solder to the contacts on the memory card slot. (If done correctly, you'll still be able to use the port if you unsolder the existing wires that come in the next step) Here's the trickiest part, soldering to the memory card port contacts. These are ruffly intermediate as far as difficulty. When solder is on your iron, when touched to the contact it should flow on there. (Add solder if not) This is your finished product! vvv Some pictures are hard to get since my iPhone wasn't focusing anyways, I hope this helps! -Xhase

    PS4 Software Update 1.76 is out

    New mandatory PS4 software update 1.76 is out and guess what? improved stability yaaaay Changelog:

    Forum Back Yet AGAIN

    By GregoryRasputin,
    grrr sorry for the fuck ups, its all @weed37 's fault. @'Anneliesthecomposer' and @rednekcowboy your last posts were nuked, sorry it was my huge failing, everything should be sorted now.

    My Modded R-Jtag Falcon V2 Xbox 360 (All work done by myself)

    By CptKlink,
    I know this is more of a playstation forum. But since there is a Xbox section with no posts. I thought I would be the First and also this is where most of my experience is is with the xbox 360. Since I have done about 30 JTAG/RGH1,2/R-Jtag installs and also about 50 DVD drive flashes for slim and phat xbox 360's. My Modded xbox specs/add ons are as Follows Motherboard- Falcon V2 Case- Original Off white Painted Semi Gloss Black with Solid White accents (Memory Card Door's, USB slot's Door, And Power Button.) DVD Drive- DG-16D2S Lite-on Flashed with LT+ 3.0 CFW + Case Painted Solid White Case Mods- Side window + 120mm Fan With speed control knob, And Air Tube painted Solid White, And Back Fan vents cut out both the plastic outer caseing and inner metal cage. Lighting- BitFenix Alchemy TriBright Blue LED Strip Mod/Glitch chip Kit- R-Jtag v1.1 with Phat V3 QSB kit Sorry No pics But i do have a short You Tube video. The lighting shows up as a kinda purple color but it is actully a Nice darker Blue. And if any of your are interested a quick video of my soldering.

    Resident Evil - Trailer 1

    By GregoryRasputin,
    There is no doubt that Resident Evil is an iconic game in the horror genre, which is why i am glad that they are doing a remake of the game, in my opinion Resident Evil 4 and where rubbsih, Resident Evil 1, 2 3 and Code Veronica where the best of the series. Here is a trailer of the Resident Evil 1 remake: IjxFtFwY6jk

    A Look At PS4 Dynamic Themes

    By GregoryRasputin,
    A little while ago, i posted that Sony are bringing custom themes to the PS4 and PS Vita, here is one of the dynamic PS4 themes in action: zvuMzw66-wI

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