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    By GregoryRasputin,
    Name - Z31KKU
    Creator - GregoryRasputin   Most of you probably won't know Z31KKU, he is an ex writer from Dash-Hacks, i dedicated this ColdBoot to him.     Download

    Milla Jovovich

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Name - Milla Jovovich
    Creator - GregoryRasputin   My favourite actress, had to be made       Download

    Mr Sperm

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Name - Mr Sperm
    Creator - GregoryRasputin     Download

    Flag Of Brazil

    By GregoryRasputin,
    A ColdBoot dedicated to the greatest footballing country in the world:     Download


    By GregoryRasputin,
    Some nice delicious juicy balls to greet you when you turn your PS3 on     Download    

    eXtreme PS4 System By eXtreme

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Console modder eXtreme from extreme-modding.de, has put together a sexy looking PS4 mod, here is what he has done to his console:
        Here is a video of the machine:   If you go to eXtreme's website, you will be able to see more video and some awesome looking images: eXtreme PS4 System by eXtreme – Update

    TEENSY++2.0 COK-001 NAND Alternative Points

    By 3absiso,
    Hello Hax.it i put this on the the other hax and decided to put it here;   The main goal of this, is to use alternative points with Teensy++2.0 or Progskeet to downgrade a Cok-001 PS3 motherboard

    What i used is:
    - PS3 PSU Model Number:ZSSR5391A to power the NAND externally,
    - DC Voltage regulator to adjust the voltage from 5V to 3.3V to feed the NAND.
    - 30 awg Kyner wires.
    - 48 TSOP clip (just for double check_

    since this was for learning and verifying purposes, what i did first is read the NAND using 48 TSOP CLIP with Progskeet to get identical Dumps for both NANDs.

    after that i started with Bottom NAND (Flash1), unfortunately this NAND has only 4 alternative points the rest of the Points has to be soldered to the NAND it self, so i read the NAND using Teensy + Direct Wiring:     i even soldered to the most difficult Alternative Point as in the Below image (but there are other Alt points to these as you will see in the Diagram at the End)     after reading the NAND, it was identical to the one Made by Progskeet,then i desoldered the wires and moved to Top NAND (Flash0), Flash0 has all the Alternative Points as seen in the image:       So i read the Top NAND and compared it to the Progskeet one, They Matched, before deslodering any thing i checked the Dump verified it t was good and flashed back the Top NAND, very fast. i move back to the Bottom NAND to write the patched Dump, but i wanted to use the 48 TSOP Clip, so i put it but it was hard to get good dump, since i read the dump again using the Clip + Teensy, it did not match, so i had to put some pressure on the Clip like Here     and wallah got it, Flashed back and now the PS3 is on Rogero 4.46. Here is the Diagram for Cok001:   High Res of the Diagram is Here   Thank you @judges for your work.
    Thank you ps3wikidev for everything
    Thank you @baileyscream for your guides
    Thank you PS3hax for the Previous support


    By joeh,
    HI Guys, I'm working on a ps3 cechL04 that has a problem with bd-drive. I downgraded it successfully, and I'm on cfw Rogero 3.55 v3.7. I tried to remarry replacing the logic board, but I always get NG. The current result is that the disc does not spin in anyway. 
    Any help?   I have made jet this: new bdm-021 + new laser unit.....NG new bdm-031 + new laser unit.....NG replace the cables...................NG   on the bd's power connector there are the right voltages...+5v +12v

    PSVITA 3.30 OFW a closer look.

    By gusha,
    So after the release of the psvita official firmware 3.30 it is unfortunate that the kernel exploit allowing ecfw's TNV and ARK has been patched. The good news is that many of the usermode exploits remain unpatched. What does that mean? Well, the near future could hold VHBL in varying degrees of compatibility. Also, the use of QCMA has been blocked but you are still able to use OPENCMA for the moment. Check out theZ's video detailing all the facts (including Sony not backing up their 'update' with the prerequisite "themes" to accompany the firmware update...fail) http://youtu.be/mNgGV9GSM2M Source: Twitter - The_Zett - https://twitter.com/The_Zett/status/517677779479822336 Sent from my Galaxy S5 via Tapatalk

    Gengar And Pumpkaboo Are Octobers Pokemon X/Y Gift

    By GregoryRasputin,
    On special occasions, Nintendo likes to offer you a Special Pokemon and this Autumn sees owners of Pokemon X and Y receiving special versions of Gengar And Pumpkaboo.         In order to get Gengar, you must go to a participating store, in the US, you should visit Gamestop between 13th of October  and 26th of October and in UK you will need to visit a Game store between 15th of October  and 5th of November.   To get the Pumpkaboo you need to access the gift feature on Pokemon X or Y, between 1st of October and 31st of October.     Source US Source UK

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