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    More Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Mega Evolved Pokémon Revealed

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Nintendo have released a video on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, showing more Mega Evolved Pokémon:

    Nintendo EULA Block's You From Using Wii U If You Dont Agree

    By GregoryRasputin,
    A Wii U owner got a message on his Wii U system asking him to agree to a new EULA, he found that he could not refuse to agree and in doing so, could not use his console, here is his video:   Source   Thanks NeoSabin

    Integrating unnofficial plugins output in XMB

    By sandungas,
    Confusing thread name ?, ok in few words... this is about how to make appear the temperature in a corner of xmb in all xmb modes   Is just an idea because i have not tested it myself (so are needed betatesters, this will not cause something worst than a semibrick, but be sure to have a flasher just in case) but i can tell after lot of wiki reading about display modes, other alternatives like widges, some xml etcs... that the way im going to explain is how xmb works officially   im not going to explain all in detail (feel freee to ask any question if you consider important) because is long, why im going to explain is a series of tests needed to know if there is some chance for this to work in a simple way (if it doesnt works the way im proposing is still the first step of "the good way", is just it will be needed to patch other files and this will complicate the method)   ---------------- When XMB boots one of the first files that are loaded (responsibles of displaying stuff in screen) is xmb_plugin_normal.rco By using rcomage you can extract his contents... rcomage creates an .xml file at root of the extraction folder (that doesnt exists inside the rco btw, is just a representation of his contents) This xml file contains several "trees"... the one we are interested is "objecTree" that represents the whole XMB layout (note there are pixels displacements, colors, etc... and lot of unknown values) So... XMB is composed of 4 "plane" objects: - page_xmb_bg <---------------- (useless, maybe related with the wave+sparks animation, better dont mess with it) - page_xmb <--------------------- (defines the verticall columns of xmb, aka "channels") - page_xmb_indicator <-------- (commonlly known as clock, but actually should be named "indicator" because includes the rectangled frame) - page_xmb_fg <----------------- (maybe usefull to add our stuff later, anyway, not interesting by now)     The interesting object for the tests and because we are usingit as template is page_xmb_indicator... contains a plane "indicator" grouping all the childrens and then this children planes: -clock <------------------------ (is a text - is the placeholder for the clock time, in format 23:59... or the full datetime including month, never minds) -message <------------------- (is an icon, one of the "unknown" values in his line should be a flag on/off that makes it popup) -chat <------------------------- (is an icon, one of the "unknown" values in his line should be a flag on/off that makes it popup) -online <---------------------- (is an icon, one of the "unknown" values in his line should be a flag on/off that makes it popup) ---online_num <------------- (is a text - because is under "online" plane it turned on/off by his father plane... the text is a counter of the number of friends online)
    -avatar <---------------------- (is an icon, one of the "unknown" values in his line should be a flag on/off that makes it popup)
    -plus <------------------------- (is an icon, one of the "unknown" values in his line should be a flag on/off that makes it popup)   Ok, at this point maybe you are wondering where i want to go... and is when there is needed a pause to think in how the ps3 system loads the files and how the files "asks" for data This xml we are talking about is connected with lot of other files (it seems is the responsible of loading all the category_explore_*****.xml) and also is connected with lot of .sprx Some of the planes (probably all) are taking inputs from some sprx, this inputs have associated a value and appears in the xml as "unknown" (because rcomage doesnt knows them). Some of them could be flags (so 0 or 1) but the interesting ones we can identify are the text inputs From the list of objects inside "indicator" there are 2 texts: -clock <------------------------- (cool for tests, because we know is permanently visible so our modifications will be evident) ---online_num <-------------- (useless, because only appears online, his father will hide it when offline)   Now check in the xml this lines... are longer than the other planes because are text lines.... half of the line at the right are settings specific for the text, like fontcolors, etc... compare both text lines (clock and online_num)... try to see wich "unknown" is the value associated with the variable text input: -unknownInt56="0x16" <------ (input for online_num) -unknownInt56="0x13" <------ (input for clock)     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Damn, this was just the introduction explain, i hope it has sense Now lets return to find ways to use this in our advatage... what i want to do is to be able to create a "placeholder" in any position of xmb to display any frame, image, text, etc... that obviouslly needs to be feeded with data from a custom plugin or payload running in the background As a proof of concept (because is relativelly simple and fully based on syscalls) i think is a good idea to try to make appear the temperature of the PS3 in the top-right corner inside of the "indicator" (at the right of the clock sphere there is an area available of around 50 pixels width not used officially)   There are a couple of tests needed to be made to be sure our "custom" object is loaded correctly (because uses a custom name, and this is how it need to be to avoid problems with official names). Maybe the list of objects is hardcoded somewhere else and our object is refused (there is an alternative to this problem though, by replacing one of the official objects) Is also needed to know if the "unknownInt56" is the variable text input as im supposing (well, i can bet on it because there are not other options, but is needed to be tested to verify) Also... is needed to test other values of "unknownInt56" (by now we only know 0x13 and 0x16 are valid)... this means that probably there are another 14 other values that probably are not interested at all... what we need is to know if we can use our custom values (not recognized by official firmware, so not associated with predefined settings, and this is exactly what we need to dont break official functions)   So the test consists in making a copy of the clock line (because is a text line we will use it as template for our custom text) and paste it at bottom of the list, as marked in this screencapture: The changes i made to the values: name="custom" <---- because i want to know if custom names are allowed posX="-700" <-------- is displaced a lot to the left to dont overlap his original position, is just for making more obvious the changes   At the right of the custom added line you have the input: -unknownInt56="0x99" <------ (i changed it to 0x99  as an example of a value that should be available)   Actually, dont try with 0x99 because is not supposed to display anything, this is only a suggested value for plugin developers (the custom plugin should send his text associated with this identifyer) Better try with values we know exists, (the ones smaller than 0x16)... if different texts appears we have identifyed the unknownInt56... is the input and the xml accepts any input Btw... the other lines that appears in the screencapture at top using 0x13 and 0x16 are the original clock, and online_num       ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now how to implement this in a unnofficial plugin.prx (loaded by cobra, a payload or other core) The temperature plugin should do something like this:   1- read temperature cell 2- read temperature rsx 3- combine cell + rsx, and calculate the media (there is not much room at the right of the clock for 2 temperatures, 1 is good enought) 4- send combined tempertarure to xmb_normal_plugin.sprx with the identifyer 0x99 5- wait 2 seconds 6- loop to step 1     The good thing is this method should work for both main xmb, and ingame xmb (because his xml are 99,9% the same)

    I have a spare fat ps3 blu ray drive that is ide and want to connect from it to my pc motherboard

    By mill1rbt2,
    I posted in this section becuase it sound's like a bit of a modification if it need's to be moved to another section I will search for it....I have powered on my spare old ide ps3 blu ray drive by wiring the end's of 12 volt,ground,ground and 5 volt wire's getting power from my pc mobo to the 12 volt,ground,ground and 5 volt wire's that are used to connect a blu ray drive that comes with fat ps3's into a ps3 motherboard...as in the blu ray power cable...and the laser eye inside the ide drive click's when it get's power....with being able to power it on and getting that out of the way...I need to get a connection between the correct blu ray data ribbon cable connection pin's on the bottom of the drive and my computer's motherboard.

    Aurora - Alternative Xbox 360 Dashboard

    Since TeamFSD is no more, which means that FreestyleDash wont every see any updates/improvements, Team Phoenix made an alternative Dashboard for JTAG/RGH Xbox 360s, called Aurora.       Source: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4020-aurora-02b-by-phoenix/

    Gamesonic Manager v 3.30

    By franzes80,
    The developer Orion continues to improve his fork of Iris Manager that is compatible with all Cfw 3.55 to 4.65 from both CEX that DEX(only 4.65 dex no work).The new version fixes bugs on ISO psx that prevented starting the games from PSXISO directory (this bug is also present on IrisMan), fixed a bug which is not saved the settings for psx games which were to be found in the PSXISO directory.   LITE VERSION(only control fan and change id.Work all cfw(no work 4.65 dex)  FULL VERSION Download: Gamesonic Manager v3.30 Gamesonic Manager v3.30[LITE EDITION] Source Code   Special thanks: Estwald,Joonie,Aldo Vargas,Habib,Rancid-o and all people from playstationhax.xyz and gamesonic.it

    4.55 cobra habib +toggle cobra

    By vittorio18,
    i add toggle cobra on 4.55 habib 1.03, test on CHECH2504A and CECH2004a (thanks a reiza) FEATURES: MADE OUT OF 4.55 OFW HAVE INSTALL PACKAGE FILES AND APP_HOME HAVE REACTPSN COMPATIBILITY PATCHED LV0 TO DISABLE COREOS ECDSA CHECK PATCHED LV2 TO ADD PEEK/POKE SUPOORT PATCHED LV1 TO DISABLE LV2 PROTECTION PATCHED LV1 TO ADD PEEK/ POKE SUPPORT IT CAN RUN GAMES SIGNED WITH KEYS UPTO 4.55 CAN BE UPDATED OVER ANY CFW. CAN BE UPDATED OVER 3.55 OFW ADDED NO BT/BD PATCHES RSOD BYPASS REACTPSN OFFLINE PATCH ADDED BETTER SYSTEM STABILITY PSP REMASTER SUPPORT ADDED QA FLAG ENABLED BY DEFAULT IF PS3 WAS QA ON 3.55 COBRA 7.00 PORTED MOUNTS dev_flash AS dev_habib WITH WRITE PERMISSIONS ON BOOT!! COPY PROTECTION INCREASE, dev_habib(WRITABLE) will get mounted when ps3 turns on SWAPPING OF PS2EMU(SLIM) FOR THE CONTROLLER SYNCH PROBLEM ADD TOGGLE COBRA Download [url=http://www.mediafire.com/download/5xi2iq588h2vncf/4.55%2BCobra+7.00+[1.03+COBRA+TOGGLE+MOD+by+VITTORIO120].PUP]http://www.mediafire.com/download/5xi2iq588h2vncf/4.55%2BCobra+7.00+[1.03+COBRA+TOGGLE+MOD+by+VITTORIO120].PUP Mirror https://mega.co.nz/#!xYZkWaZS!WgHutVeLe0ZsWugd_RmZReKPpMQR_H-rSCus208agvk Source http://gamesonic.it/forum/cfw-ofw-ps3/4657-cfw-4-55-habib-cobra-toggle-cobra.html http://openmodding.net/showthread.php?tid=18469

    An external HD

    By will23,
    Well, it's time now for me to get a new external HD, my olds HD's are all full, so i want to pick a new one to use with my PS4, for now i will only backup my contents.   Well, in Brazil, i can choose :   Seagate STBX1000600 Samsung HXM101TCB/G   i've searched for WD, someone told me it's the best brand, but i've found none here on-line.   Well, Seagate or Samsung? Or is it indifferent? Any other brand? Both are in the same price range, below US$ 80,00.   Do you know if PS4 supports both FAT32 and NTFS?

    PlayStation Experience 2014

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Sony are holding a two day event for PlayStation fans, the event will happen on the 6th and 7th of December 2014 in Las Vegas, tickets will cost $50 for one day and $90 for both days, here is a quote from the source:         Source Via   Thanks to NeoSabin

    New Sexy Theme Added

    By GregoryRasputin,
    So i added a new sexy theme, you can change to it by going to the bottom of the forum and clicking 'Change Theme', the theme is called Haxon.   Try it out and let me know if you think i should make it default or keep the original one as default.    

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