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    System manager v1.4 by Orion

    By franzes80,
    Here is the new System Update Manager (self), which comes to v 1.4 with full compatibility with all CFW DEX. In the next gamesonic manager update will be placed inside and resolved the problem of bug audio System Manager is a homebrew utility that allows you to control the fan utility on the system start Changelog: Tested on CFW 4.55 DEX PS3ITA, fully functioning. Tested on CFW 4.53 DEX Rebug fully functioning (with patch cobra disabled). On CFW 4.53 rebug cobra appears to create carsh at startup, use the system manager plugin made by me on various CFW cobra including 4.53 rebug Download: System Manager v1.4 Thank you Joonie,MiralaTijera,Estwald,Aldo Vargas

    Halo Collection Has A 20GB Day-One Patch

    Source: http://kotaku.com/halo-collection-has-a-20-gb-day-one-update-1647626636

    Project Cars Delayed Until 2015

    Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-10-17-project-cars-delayed-until-march-2015-reports-suggest

    [Release] eid_root_key dumper (4.46)

    By zecoxao,
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35197530/pkg/446.pkgpackage https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35197530/pkg/rootkey_446.zipsource

    i'll now take care of 4.53

    i couldn't do this without the help of haxxen, playerkp420,harryoke and flatz. props to them for the help and testing

    New 3DS Homebrew Proof

    By GregoryRasputin,
    smealum has posted a video on YouTube showing homebrew working on the new 3DS:  

    Sorry Guys But Im Selling The Site

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Trolololololol I would never do something that disgusting and retarded   I am however taking a break for a week or so, to write up 2013 on PS3History, so there won't be much news posted, sorry  

    [Release] flatz's sources

    By zecoxao,
    and i quote
      no further explanation needed... mirror before deletion.

    [Working PoC] ds4wiibt - Connection between Dualshock4 and Wii through Bluetooth

    By xerpi,
    I've spent a few days trying to get a connection between the Wii and a Dualshock 4. In order to get it working, I had to do some "reverse engineering" to the libogc's Bluetooth stack and I finally found what was happening: the Bluetooth protocol authentication part of the libogc's bluetooth stack was missing. I've already submitted a patch to the official libogc repository.

    Well, after getting the "authentication" working, I started implementing the specific DS4 bluetooth protocol (thanks to here and here).

    The Dualshock4 need to be paired through USB before establishing a Bluetooth connection, so I've crafted a program called ds4pair_wii that makes this, it pairs the DS4 to the Wii's Bluetooth address. ds4pair_wii also writes to the SD a file called ds4wiibt_config, which has a list of each MAC of all the paired DS4 controllers.

    After pairing, the connection can be established, once you press the PS button, the Dualshock 4 will try to connect to its paired MAC. Before this, the Wii has to be listening (aka waiting) for the DS4 controller to be turned on. After this, connections is established.

    Steps: Run ds4pair_wii with the DS4 connected over USB, it'll create a config file to the SD Run ds4wiibt (it'll load the config file), turn on the DS4 (press PS button) Compiled apps: https://www.mediafire.com/?1ld710qi1whk55i
    ds4wiibt source code: https://github.com/xerpi/ds4wiibt
    ds4pair_wii source code : https://github.com/xerpi/ds4pair_wii


    Does Driveclub Break The PS4's Blu Ray Drive ?

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Driveclub was released last week, a year late ans since then it has been plagued with problems, including the PS Plus version not being released.      So the game doesn't need any more problems, unfortunately it seems that problems will continue if a blog post by SKFU is legit and not some sort of coincidence.   SKFU posted that a friend of his experienced problems when using a digital version of the game, while having the disc version of the game in the PS4, here is a quote:     Source   Hopefully this is just some one off problem and not an actual Driveclub problem.

    Activate PlayStation TV And Install TN-V

    By GregoryRasputin,
    PlayStation TV was released today in North America and it is on firmware 3.20, which means you can install one of the eCFW's and that is good, because the list of playable games and software that Sony gives you access to is terrible.     hackinformer has posted a tutorial on his website, showing you how to activate your PlayStation TV and install TN-V, here is a small quote:
        To view the full tutorial, click the link below: How to active the Playstation TV & run TN-V

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