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    Anybody want to help me with my PS4 NOR Validator?

    By BwE,
    If so, please send me all of your dumps!   I have an extractor/patcher ready now but its not really useful to non-technicians at the moment - but hey! the same goes with the validator...   Feel free to edit out any sensitive information, if you don't trust me...   Cheers ❤️

    [Released] X-PROJECT v1.3 By @DefaultDNB And @leeful74

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Long time scene developer @DEFAULTDNB has updated his XMB Self Host Project with the help of leeful74 for exploitable PS4's, this update add's video playback support, here is some information about the application, followed by a list of changes in this version:         + ADDED MEDIA PLAYER!:
    -+ Drop Down File Selector.
    -+ Plays MP4 only currently (need to work on more formats)
    -+ Play, Pause, Stop, Skip, Restart
    -+ 2 preset resolutions + full screen to suit your TV.
    -+ Dark mode toggle, Mute toggle.
    -+ Playback info (file location, name, time remaining/total time etc)
    -+ Companion BAT for easy alphabetized playlist generation (must run after new files are added to /MEDIA/ folder)
    -+ Just host your MP4 files from /MEDIA/ folder within xproject (easy to customize to share files from elsewhere depending on your host method) + Lodash finally fixed thanks to @Leeful
    + D-Pad navigation added as requested (L/R works perfectly U/D needs work)
    + GTA menus rewritten by @Leeful (now detect hen and load before payload (same goes for BO3/AFR payloads)
    + Slight restyle for uniformity thanks to @Leeful
    + ADDED NotAnotherMenu127
    + ADDED Community Trainer
    + ADDED Arcade category (Coming soon in v1.4)
    Download And Source
    Follow DefaultDNB on Twitter Follow leeful74 on Twitter   You can also speak live to DefaultDNB on PlayStationHaX Discord: https://discord.gg/2B2uhw6  

    [Update 2] Remote Play For Non Activated Consoles

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Remote Play amongst other app's is not possible on the PS4 if the console has not been activated via PSN, luckily there is a method that will let you use Remote Play on your non activated PS4, the original guide is in Russian and was created by xHR_, with an English guide by DayVeeBoi, you can find the guides below:     Russian Guide English Guide   ATTENTION THIS METHOD REQUIRES THE DANGEROUS IDU MODE     UPDATE It appears that whilst the original source is indeed Russian, the original Russian guide is not the one posted above, here is the original source by NeahNEET:
    Original Russian Source Thanks for tip @Izotov   UPDATE 2 Here are some tips by NanospeedGamer:  

    The Winner Of The ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4 Is

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Partly because i was late in deciding who won and partly because i think the images deserved better than some random number generation, i have decided to make all of those of you who entered winners ❤️     Edit Forgot to say, those of you who i haven't doxxed got addresses for, please send me a PM in Discord, do NOT use the forum's PM system for personal information.    

    [Released] reactPSPLUS 2018-08-03

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Reactivate your Playstation Plus games Download

    [Released] Skyrim Special Edition/Fallout 4 Modding Tools (And Video Guide)

    By clayson,
    Hello all Skyrim Special Edition or Fallout 4 modders on PS4! In this thread I bring you some of my tools for Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 PS4, as well as my mod methods, these conversion tools open up the doorway for more mod support and more stable mods running! The tools I have included here is a  "mods.txt" EBOOT.BIN patcher tool (only works on certain game updates, for more info look at the video tutorial or the thread on psx-place), Sound/Music converter (.wav/.xwm to .at9), a Voice Dialog converter (PC .fuz to PS4 .fuz), a Texture converter (.dds/.tga/.png to .gnf), and also a BETA animation converter (which can convert old Skyrim mod animations, .hkx, to Skyrim Special Edition PS4). If you don't understand the importance of these tools make sure to check the tabs below so you can read up about them and why they are needed/important. I hope you all enjoy!    PS4 Jailbreak Skyrim Special Edition Modding Guide (No Mod Limit of 10):   Download: SSE/Fallout 4 PC to PS4 Texture Converter v1.3.2 - (Virus Scan) Download: SSE/Fallout 4 PC to PS4 Sound/Music Converter v1.2.2 - (Virus Scan) Download: SSE/Fallout 4 PC to PS4 Voice Dialog Converter v1.1.1 - (Virus Scan) Download: SSE PC to PS4 Animation Converter BETA v1.1 - (Virus Scan) Download: PS4 SSE/Fallout 4 EBOOT.BIN Patcher v1.0 - (Virus Scan)   Disclaimer: Do not re-upload any of these tools anywhere without my permission first, also please do not use any of the resources in any of these tools without my permission, thank you.   For more info regarding these tools, please check out the original thread on psx-place here. Thank you! Join the PlayStation Modding Discord!

    CextoRex PSVITA/PSTV retail to testkit convertor released by Silica

    By Shiro,
    Following the release of h-encore for FWs 3.65-3.68,A well known PS4 & PSVITA/PSTV named Silica released a console convertor which convert a retail(Cex) console to a test-kit.
    https://twitter.com/SiIicaAndPina/status/1018784199061323776             it only works with Enso FW 3.65 for now . it will support 3.68 in the future.
    https://github.com/SilicaAndPina/CEX-2-REX. Requirements
    1- PSVITA/PSTV on 3.65 With ENSO . 2- Ability to press X button. 3-A brain. It might take 5 - 10 minutes installing depending on the console -fat or slim- and weather you have 3.60 updated with update365 or 3.65 itself with h-encore.   
        Special Thanks to
    zecoxao Voxel9

    Specterdev publishes WriteUp about the 5.05 PS4 Kernel Exploit

    By Thibobo,
    Today Specterdev published a writeup about how the 5.05 Kernel Exploit/Jailbreak for PS4 was realised that was found by Qwertyoruiop. The WriteUp is full of technical information how everything was done & patched by sony on 5.05-5.07<5.XX       https://github.com/Cryptogenic/Exploit-Writeups/blob/master/FreeBSD/PS4 5.05 BPF Double Free Kernel Exploit Writeup.md

    [Released] Skyrim CFW/HAN Modding Toolkit v1.0

    By clayson,
    Hey PS3 CFW/HAN Skyrim modders! Today I (@clayson of Elite Electronics) am releasing this All-In-One Skyrim Modding Toolkit for CFW/HAN which will be capable of converting a .bsa's file formats to work on PS3, converting plugins to master plugins and vice versa, and also building mods into a .pkg to use on HAN/CFW (which works without Elite Edition, although Elite Edition v3.0 is recommended). This tool can convert Sounds/Music, Voice Dialog, and Animations automatically in a .bsa to work on PS3 Skyrim. Unfortunately no DDX to DDS/DDX to DDS yet, but in the future we hope to include this. So enjoy and if you find any bugs or want any features please write a response on the thread and I will get to you, thanks! 😀

      Download: PS3 Skyrim CFW/HAN Modding Toolkit v1.0 - (Virus Scan)
    Disclaimer: Do not re-upload my work anywhere without my permission first, also please do not use any of the resources in this program without my permission, thank you.   Features of Skyrim CFW/HAN Modding Toolkit: Can convert file formats inside .bsa automatically to work on PS3 with a click of a button. Can convert plugins to master plugins and vice versa. Can convert file formats such as Sounds/Music, Animations, and Voice Dialog from PC to work on PS3. Can build mods into working installable .pkg files for HAN/CFW, mod .pkg files don't require Elite Edition, but Elite Edition v3.0 is recommended.   Credits: @clayson (Programmed the converter tools, researched and reverse engineered certain file formats, and programmed main tool.) @Death_Dealer (Helped research .hkx format and taught me a lot about reverse engineering files. Also researched a lot about DDX files.) valentinbreiz (Helped improve some of the code in the converter tools.) figment (Programmed the unpack bsa function of this tool, code available on his GitHub.) zilav (Programmed the bsa packing function of this program aka "bsarch", code available on his GitHub.)   Changelog: v1.0:   Join the PlayStation Game Modding Discord!   If there is a problem with something here or bug with my tool please PM me on Discord or reply to this thread and tell me. Keep in mind if you mess with any of the folders/files that come with the tool EXPECT errors, I won't help you if you modified any of the files (unless you are trying to add a new game id to the pkg builders, I can make a new version supporting different versions of Skyrim if needed). Thank you! 

    h-encore, 3.65-3.68 FW Hack has been released by TheFlow

    By Shiro,
    As TheFlow has promised the community to release hacks for versions higher than 3.60, he finally released h-encore which installs Henkaku/TaiHen on the device.   What could i do with h-encore ?
    1- install pirated games(PSP/PSVita) .
    2- run unofficial apps/games (Homebrews). 3-Custom plugins/modifications . 4-If you are still on 3.65 or below, you can update to 3.68 to run games required higher FW.   What is the difference between FW 3.65,3.67, and 3.68 ? 1-3.65 Users will be able to install Enso, a Custom Firmware for the PSVita, which boots Henkaku at the booting process automatically. 2-There is no a big difference between both 3.67 and 3.68. The most advantage that those two FWs has is the ability to run required newer Fw games    How do i Hack my Vita ? 1- If you are below FW 3.65, Update your PSVita to FW 3.65 or above by two methods :
    A- Updating manually to FW 3.65 Using qcma. Use this site to find the Specific FirmWare : DarkSoftware Follow the instructions in the video below:          or  Instructions B-Updating Directly to FW 3.68 by going Settings>System Updates. 2-If you are on the right Firmware ....Click Here and follow the steps given:   Here are some links to put in consideration:   1- Enso 2-Adrenaline(a PSP Emulator) 3-NoNpDrm v1.2(fake license 4-How to install plugins   Sources :
    1-TheFlow 2- Wololo 3-Darksoftware 4-github

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