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    [Released] Streets Of Rage Homebrew

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Markus95 has released a modded version of Streets Of Rage for the PS4, this homebrew runs on all hackable firmware's:   Source

    6.20 Eta Wen?

    By GregoryRasputin,
    So Sony have decided to release yet another pointless firmware, Sony consoles must be the most unstable consoles out there as they are always releasing these stability firmware's:    

    [Update] Is Piracy Coming To Firmware 6.02?

    By GregoryRasputin,
    PlayStationHaX Admin @zecoxao  posted a cryptic tweet on Twitter talking about some method coming to firmware 6.02, further tweets suggested that it was only really for games and nothing else:       One has to wonder if it is the method @m0rph3us1987 will be talking about soon in Germany?   UPDATE It is not @m0rph3us1987's exploit...

    Preserving PlayStation Mobile / PlayStation Suite Games

    By matuma,
    I'm posting this here since there is no forum for PlayStation Mobile and PlayStation Suite Games and the Vita is the closest thing to PlayStation Certified Devices.
    I found my old Sony Tablet S and saw I still had many PS1 games, PS Mobile and some PSP games installed.
    Since these games are really hard to get by, I wondered if I could upload them so we have them preserved.
    These games have copyright protection so that would have to be cracked first. I dont even know if there is interest in these games since not many have an xperia play or sony tablets. But its more about preservation and saving a piece of sonys history on my side.

    PS1 Games (not all uploaded yet):

    PSP Games (not uploaded yet)

    PSM Games + necessary launcher (not uploaded yet)

    Open GL ES Released For PS4 By @flat_z

    By GregoryRasputin,
    About an hour ago i was having quite an active discussion with @STLcardsWS that the PS4 scene was dead then the best developer in the scene @flatz drops this beautiful write up on OpenGL ES running on the PS4:           @masterzorag and @Zer0xFF started the work but became stuck, so flatz decided to help them, here is a quote from the overview:     You can download the write up from here: https://mega.nz/#!WZtA1I6I!QvKV0bSTnyh2smfH-HqXKZELIJwYva8E5rwTMbjXUPY   Or you can view it here: https://playstationhax.xyz/opengles/   OpenGL ES Sample: https://github.com/flatz/ps4_gl_test        

    PS3Xploit han (MINIWEB/BROWSER)

    By HIASQ,
    PS3Xploit  (MINIWEB/BROWSER) PS3Xploit  HAN POWERED BY miniweb PS3 HAN TOOLS actidps_dumper dbgpkg_enabler actrif_copier han_enabler han_installer The program interface is displayed 1- IP address 2- host name  3- user name 4 -host and port for ps3   download https://ne-game-w.blogspot.com/

    The Game Boy Advance Consolizer

    By TheZander,
    A new modkit has been made by someone named Stephen who blogs about the projects he's involved with. One of his latest is the GBA Consolizer http://stephens-projects.com/projects/gbahdmi/ which makes it possible to play your GBA on your modern HD television with no latency or lag just as if playing on the handheld yourself.  At this point you're probably thinking to yourself "hey jerk I connect my GBA to my GameCube with my 'Game Boy Player' adapter and play it on my TV everyday what makes this so special". The Game Boy Player does not hold a candle to this though if you read through the features and see how it's a digital output opposed to analog so stuff does not get screwed up.    Also another useful addition to this mod is the addition of a SNES controller port. That way if you do not want the authenticate Game Boy experience with the screen being a fraction of an inch away from the player's eyes because the tin LCD is now replaced with a giant widescreen television you now have the luxury of using a controller with a decent length cord to get a better view.    Here are some related videos:     Source http://stephens-projects.com/projects/gbahdmi/ via http://retrorgb.com/gba-consolizer-an-hdmi-720p-gba-kit.html

    PS3 SERVER (custom server)

    By HIASQ,
    POWERED BY miniweb
    easy to use setup and install  custom server
    You can customize your web pages as much as you want. Change your page by page number within the program
    A small interface will show you the details and your IP address, as well as your HOST for  PS3 
     details : 1- IP address 
    2- host name
    3- user name
    4 -host and port for ps3 download https://github.com/HIASQ/PS3-SERVER    

    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator

    By BwE,
    Hello! Since my BwE PS4 NOR Statistics v1.00 release followed by v1.1, this program is the full version of my PS4 NOR Validator... it is designed solely to validate the NOR flash of your PS4 console from Better Way Electronics!

    Download: BwE_PS4_NOR_Validator.rar (5.8 MB - Latest Version)

    Why would you need to do this? Well if your console has suddenly died and has what is called the 'BLOD', the NOR can be the reason why.
    Using my program will allow you to validate literally every single byte of the NOR (or 1782 specific areas) - allowing you to see where or if it is corrupted.
    The most common area of corruption that causes the BLOD is the CID. This is mostly full of perconsole data and thus cannot be repaired.
    BUT! My program will show you areas that are fillers and areas that are static (which are unchanging across consoles). You may get lucky!
    Other areas can be inter-changed between different consoles and are more suited for repair, the WiFi/BT module is a good example of this.
    So fundamentally, this program is for console repairers like myself. If you are indeed a repairer and run a business I can make a custom 'bulk' version for you!

    This is the internal revision number 84 (and the first public version, obviously), so hopefully there shouldn't be any major bugs!
    If you encounter any errors or weird results - or better yet if your NOR is labeled danger in any areas, but still runs fine - let me know!
    This program is NOT perfect, but it is much better than just using a hex editor or never truly knowing if your BLOD is caused by the NOR!
    This also goes above and beyond that of the psdevwiki page regarding the main flash of the PS4. When I have time, I will update it!

    Have fun and good luck!

    Fun numbers: 84 revisions 11210 lines of code 585 possible OK results 389 possible WARNING results 227 possible DANGER results 1782 offsets read 1423 if statements 289 regular expressions 2023 print F's  
    Version History:
    1.1 (28/11/18) Improved VTRM & CID Validation, Typo Fixes, Better Colours! Whoops!
    1.0 (27/11/18) First Release!   More Information:
    File MD5: 4291FD6C3D14CFCB540FF3A7F3B591B1
    Chiptune: Class05 - Maktone
    Illustration: Ilya Kuvshinov (Other GFX by BwE)   PSDevWiki Article   If you like what I do, or just like me for me, buy me a coffeeeee!

    [Released] fMSX For PS4

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Scene veteran developer @bigboss aka PSXDev has released fMSX for the PS4:     fMSX is an MSX MSX2 and MSX2+ Emulator and can play PAL or NTSC games, more info and download here: fMSX for PlayStation 4

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