3D Blu Ray Coming To PS4 Next Week

It hasn’t been that long since Microsoft announced that they would be bringing 3D Blu Ray to the Xbox One in an upcoming system update, so perhaps this has made Sony pull their heads out of their butts and give the PS4 what the PS3 has had for a very long time, here is a tweet from Sony:

Sony, if you are reading this, here is a small list of what we want in future updates:

  • DNLA Support
  • CD Support
  • PS1 Disc Support
  • PS2 Disc Support
  • The ability to use our PS3 bought digital PS1/PS2 classics on the PS4
  • The ability to play the PS Mini’s we own on our PS4’s
  • Playing PSP games would be nice
  • The ability to play our PS3 PSN games on our PS4’s

It’s not much of a task and some of these features should have been implemented straight out of the box.

P.S NeoSabin wears female underwear.

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