3.50 Working Webkit Exploit – New Entry Point 1.76 all over again


I felt i needed to share with you guys as this is going to public…. Which i wasn’t really hoping for but ah well. As you can see below Qwerty is about to post heap use-after-free at WebCore::TimerBase::heapPopMin() public. I do currently have the POC but i am not sharing. I guess 3.50 is now going to be the golden firmware hey? 



Cturt is also working on a current or new exploit? For the console as well i guess we’ll have a lot more games to play now? 


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  1. I get the message

    +This tests that WebKit does not crash when frame loads are interrupted. This test passes if it does not crash.I have a new and a older modell from Ps4. Same Problem

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