2011 PSN Hack – Get Your Free Games Now

Back in 2011, when the PlayStation Network was hacked, Sony gave its customers a Welcome Back Package upon the return of the service.

Last year, Sony settled a new court case regarding the hack and agreed to pay out to compensate customers yet again, the court document you can read here.

Now you can take advantage of this offer, the games and themes you can choose from are the following:
2011 PSN Hack - Get Your Free Games Now

You have two choices in this compensation offer.
1.) If you took advantage of the 2011 Welcome Back Package, you can choose from one game and three themes.
2.) If you did not receive the Welcome Back package, you can choose from two games in the list and six themes.
3.) In order to actually receive one of those offer’s, you must fill in a form, either online or by post:
Post (PDF Download)


At the moment, this deal is only available to North American PlayStation owners.

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