£19.94 For 20th Anniversary Edition PS4

At the time of writing this 12:20 PM, all the 94 PS4‘s on offer for £19.94 are probably all gone, two factors to be considered to thinking that they are all gone is that the sale started over at hour ago at 11AM and people started queueing for the deal last night at around 6:30 PM.

The story:

Sony decided to celebrate the PlayStation’s 20th birthday by opening up a store in London and holding a sale of 94 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for the price of £19.94, all you had to do, was be one of the first 94 people, bring some PS memorabilia and say the secret password which is ‘I Crashed My Bandicoot’.

As i said those 94 consoles are probably gone right now as you will see by this line of people waiting:

But if you still want a 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 and don’t mind paying the regular price of £399, then go to the shop tomorrow and Friday, you will be able to grab one of the 50 allocated to the store.


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