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    BwE PS4 NOR Comparator & PS3 NAND Validator Source Code

    By BwE,
    I also thought I'd release the severely outdated PS3 NAND validator source. It's messy and unprofessional, but hey it worked and it was made in 2012/2013. Feel free to update it.

    Don't trust my PS4 NOR Validator? Have a whole bunch of dumps from the various consoles you have been repairing/collecting? Well now is your chance to shine!

    I present to you the BwE PS4 NOR Comparator! Now you can gather vital information from all of your dumps at once and compare them all by yourself!

    Be sure to use Notepad++ as the outputs can be large enough to crash your normal text editor. Oh and a multi-cored PC would help.

    I think at this point I am finding excuses to release stuff...   Version History: 1.1 (20/01/19) - Whoops! Fixed a bug. Added Additional Comparison. 1.0 (19/01/19) - First Release!   Source: https://github.com/BetterWayElectronics/comparator   Download Compiled Version (Archive Password = BwE): https://betterwayelectronics.com.au/downloads/BwE_PS4_NOR_Comparator.rar   PS3 NAND Validator Source: https://github.com/BetterWayElectronics/ps3-nand-validator     Hey so yeah! Enjoy! I hope my buddy @3absiso will enjoy it!   If YOU enjoyed it, or enjoy me... https://www.buymeacoffee.com/BwE

    [Released] PS3 StoreHaxx 4.83 IDPS/PSID Dumping Method

    Team PS3Xploit have released PS3 StoreHaxx 4.83 for the PS3 which will let you dump the consoles Unique Console ID.   Note that this will not let you hack your PS3 in any way, it is simply for dumping the Console ID.     Source Official Website

    Blu-Play games are (theoretically) also playable on certain Blu-ray players

    By mr_lou,
    This is rather interesting.   Apparently there is a small list of normal standard Sony Blu-ray players that allows you connect a DualShock4 controller:   BDP-BX350 BDP-BX370 BDP-BX650 BDP-S1500 BDP-S1700 BDP-S2500 BDP-S3500 BDP-S3700 BDP-S5500 BDP-S6500 BDP-S6700 UHP-H1   While this isn't interesting to anyone who owns a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 (or Xbox One), it is interesting in relation to Blu-Play. Because it means that Blu-Play games should be playable on these normal Blu-ray players too!   Blu-ray players nowadays are fairly fast, and very capable of running homebrew BD-J games. The only thing preventing a good experience, is the remote control. Because it is fiddly to use, and only allows one button to be pressed at a time. But with a DualShock4 controller that problem is gone.   Naturally I gotta try to dig up one of these players and put it to the test. 😀 Then, when/if I manage to do that, I will come back and update this thread. (You're welcome to do so too of course, if you happen to have one of these players handy).   Note: Only the CUH-ZCT1Uxx version of the DualShock4 controller works with these players. The CUH-ZCT2Uxx version does not work.   Originally, the purpose of connecting a DualShock4 controller to these Blu-ray players (along with a long list of Sony Bravia TV's too) was to play PlayStation 3 games via PlayStation Now streaming service. But Sony decided to close this service on all devices except PS4 and PC back in August 15th 2017. Silly decision if you ask me - but it means that we (theoretically) now have these Blu-ray players suitable for Blu-Play games.   (Of course, certain genres of games will also be fully playable using a plain remote control. But I'm of course talking about games that require more controls).   To be continued!

    [Released] PS4 Dump Checker By @pearlxcore

    By GregoryRasputin,
    @pearlxcore has released a PC application that will check and validate your PS4 NOR Dumps:   Note that i am running the application on Wine, it looks better than this on Windows.   Source/Download Follow the developer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/pearlxcore

    [Released] Autoplugin v3.69 By @TheheroGAC

    By GregoryRasputin,
    @TheheroGAC has updated his popular PS Vita homebrew Autoplugin to version 3.69, this is his third update within less than a week, the developer had help from @gdljjrod and @DevDavisNunez from OneLua Team on this version:     Changes: 3.69 Plugin in alphabetical order           -Various bugfixes 41 installable plugins Updated the following translations:            Spanish thank you gvaldebenit
               Chinese thank you yexun1995
               German thank you Schn1ek3   3.68 Fixed Q-Encore by only installing when SD2VITA not inserted thank you @bamhm182 Updated the following translations:            Chinese thank you yexun1995   3.67 Added reF00D by FAPS Team Autoplugin totally renovated by bamhm182 Deleted file config.txt of pkgj Updated the following translations:            Spanish thank you gvaldebenit
              Chinese thank you yexun1995       Source/Download  

    Team Molecule Hack Firmware 3.70 Same Day Sony Release It

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Well Sony just released firmware 3.70 for the PS Vita and Team Molecule hack it shortly afterwards:   Here is a video showing the process: Watch Hacking 3.70 master key + FAQ on Vita keys + Sony suggestions - Vita Hacking from YifanLu on www.twitch.tv   Not sure why one would help Sony do their job, but @Yifan Lu advised Sony how to fix future firmwares.      

    PS Vita Firmware 3.70 Released

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Sony have released an update for the PS Vita, all in a failed attempt at trying to block those naughty hackers:    

    [Released] PS Vita Dock v3

    By GregoryRasputin,
    lazydevyo has updated his application PS Vita Dock to version 3: PS Vita Dock is a PC application, that lets you stream your PS Vita to your PC, you need to have @xerpi's UDCD USB Video Class plugin installed on your PS Vita in order to use this.   Download/Source Via

    [PSVITA] ReF00D V1.0 Released By FAPS Team And Autoplugin V3.67 By TheheroGAC

    By TheheroGAC,
    The 35C3 conference of Yifan Lu and Davee has awakened the PSVITA scene. The released keys have brought good results and the FAPS Team composed by CelesteBlue123, dots_tb, Princess of sleeping, juliosueiras and TheRadziu took the ball and here is a new plugin called reF00D along with the release of a new version 3.67 of Autoplugin.reF00D is a kernel plugin that eliminates the firmware requirements of games / apps. It allows you to run games that require a higher firmware than the one currently running, such as titles that require firmware 3.69 or 3.68 on 3.60 / 3.65, through the decoding of games in real time using the keys. It also allows you to create packages compatibility, which you can use with rePatch, holding the trigger L when you open the games. These will be stored in ux0: /rePatch.Autoplugin instead, installs the plugins automatically and in version 3.67 it adds the support / installation of reF00D and many other features.   How to install it: Add the ref00d.skprx path to your taihen config.txt or use Autoplugin to install it. Make sure that reF00D is installed AFTER NoNpDRM in this config.txt. Put the keys.bin file in ur0: /tai/keys.bin. (  https://www.mediafire.com/download/t5obgaa3naatr9m  ) Restart and have fun NOTE: loading the rePatch module will have priority over reF00D. If a module is in the rePatch folder, it will be loaded first and reF00D will not attempt to decrypt it.   Special thanks: Team Molecule for feeding p00r. A motoharu, aerosoul, TheFloW, xerpi, St4rk, Mathieulh, zecoxao for having reversed a part of the PSVita and made useful tools. A Silica for his mental illness (which actually cares about the PSM) that made us understand that the headers were not always in order. Sys to be sys.   Download Autoplugin.vpk reF00D.skprx     Source wololo.net and Github  

    [Released] xPloitServer v1.2 By stooged

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Developer stooged has released an Android version of @DEFAULTDNB's  xProject for the PS4.     This means you don't have to set a webserver up yourself, use some shady website or use a ESP8266, everything is in the .apk.     Source/Download Via

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