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    More informations about the 5.05 Kexploit shared by qwertyoruiopz !

    By ImMrNiato,
    First of all you can follow me on Twitter to get more news : Link here !

    The world is waiting, waiting for the 5.05 Kexploit that will be released in a few days or weeks but before that, the developer qwertyoruiopz has shared on his Twitter a .pdf "describing ps4 5.0x kernel exploit".
    This .pdf has been used at the 0x41con and the title is :

    PS4 hacking: from zero to ring zero in two easy steps     Take a look at the pdf with this link: Link here !

    imbNES - NES emulator for PSX

    By AbyssDreamz,
    I can't find much information on this emulator, but it seems to be a pretty decent NES emulator written in assembly language for the PSX. It's quite old now (many years ago) but it works pretty well for an emulator on the PSX from what I've read and heard about it.   Seems to support quite a few mappers and such which is pretty cool, though I can't find a download link for it anywhere it seems   Maybe discuss here ^^

    The Mira Project Beta

    By ConsoleHax,
    It was written in the stars that today something would be released in the PlayStation 4 Scene and Team OpenOrbis has done that with Project Mira. A unique Custom Firmware project that should revolutionize the PS4 scene. Note: this release is not yet usable for end users at this moment. A full exploit chain for firmware 5.01 -5.05 is necessary.     The Mira Project is a set of tools that grants you more power and control over your jailbroken Playstation 4. It is the result of all the hard work by the OpenOrbis team. It works differently to the custom firmware experience on Playstation 3, where CFW would be installed on the system via modified PUP files (e.g. Rebug), however once the framework is installed and ran it gives users the same functionality they were previously used to.   Just for clarity, this is not a Custom Firmware in the form of an update file (.PUP) as known for PlayStation 3 consoles. You can probably compare it the most with taiHEN for PlayStation Vita.   The Read Me also states the introduction of a HomeBrew Store based on VitaDB of developer Rinnegatamante.   SOURCE: Github/OpenOrbis

    PS4 Firmware 5.55 released (mandatory)

    By ConsoleHax,
    Another stability update has been released earlier this week. Firmware 5.55 is the successor of firmware (update/patch) 5.53-01 and the official changelog as always states 'this software update improves blablabla'.   Remember that a full blown hack for firmware 5.05 is undoubtedly coming in the next few days/weeks. A complete hack for firmware 5.5X however will not be released in the near and foreseeable future, so if you still have the possibility to not update, do not update.   If you have updated and want to buy let's say a new PlayStation Pro, then head over to the nearest store and look for specific bundles and serial numbers. More information about the real deal can be found here at Wololo.net.   Goodluck!

    Trusted Active PlayStation Scene Developers And Contributors

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Because a group of fake scumbags putting out disinformation and creating fake videos to scam people into updating their game consoles, i had to create this thread to warn people, i also said i would list trusted people/developers/websites, but i have decided to create a thread all by itself, those linked will be done so via their Twitter or Github if they don't have a Twitter account, i will also mention which scene the developers are part of, this is a list of people i find trust-able to not scam you, so i do not get along with, but i will list them regardless of my personal opinion as my main aim of this article is to keep you, the end users of the scene safe:       Note:
    This list contains a bunch of awesome people, who you can trust with anything in regards to the PlayStation Scene, this is not a list about their contribution's, just a list to let you know that they can be trusted. The scene  you see beside them, is the scene they are currently active in and not all the scenes they have ever been active in.     Developers m0rph3us1987 ‏- @m0rph3us1987 - PS4 Scene An extremely trusted developer, was in the PS3 scene for a long time before leaving it and heading to the PS4 scene and bringing such awesome releases as, PS4FileNinja, PS4 Holy Grail and PS4 ports   Pink1mods ‏- @pink1 - PS3 Scene Been around a long time   ImMrNiato ‏- @ImMrNiato  - PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene A French developer, indecisive about his websites, but trustworthy   VVildCard777 ‏- @wildcard  - PS4 Scene Has released a lot of cool stuff   3226_2143  ‏-  PS4 Scene 2much4ux ‏-  PS4 Scene SpecterDev ‏  ‏-  PS4 Scene esc0rtd3w ‏- PS3 Scene skgleba ‏ - PS Vita Scene Rinnegatamante ‏ ‏- @Rinnegatamante - PS Vita Scene c0d3m4st4 ‏- @c0d3m4st4  ‏  ‏-  PS4 Scene VitaHex ‏- PS Vita Scene qwertyoruiopz ‏-  PS4 Scene pomfpomfpomf3(xyz) ‏- PS Vita Scene BenMitnick - @BenMitnicK -  PS4 Scene TheheroGAC ‏ -  @TheheroGAC - PS Vita Scene DevDavisNunez ‏- @DevDavisNunez - PS Vita Scene CelesteBlue123 ‏-  @CelesteBlue - PS4 Scene St4rkDev ‏-  PS4 Scene Acemad_ ‏- PS Vita Scene HaiHakkuIku ‏-  PS4 Scene hexkyz ‏ - Multi Scene notzecoxao - @zecoxao - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene Zer0xFF ‏- @Zer0xFF - PS4 Scene mrjudges ‏- @judges - PS3 Scene   Aboshi2011(evilsperm) - @evilsperm  -  ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene evilsperm along with the now retired CyberSkunk created Team Rebug that has been a huge presence in the PS3 Scene, evilsperm now is focusing on the PS4    SiIicaAndPina ‏ - @silicaAndPina  - PS Vita Scene Yes he had a shady start in the scene, but he has improved himself and i think he is quite trust-able     LightningMods_ ‏ - @LightningMods_ - PS4 Scene Another developer with a very shady start, some people still question if he has changed and become a better person, there are numerous allegations of him copy/pasting code, that being said, the information he provides is trustworthy, also owner of DarkSoftware   CTurtE ‏-  PS4 Scene qwikrazor87 ‏- PS Vita Scene AbkarinoMHM ‏ - @Abkarino - PS4 Scene DaveeFTW ‏- PS Vita Scene psxdev ‏(bigboss) - @bigboss - PS4 Scene Joonie86 - @Joonie - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene yifanlu ‏ @Yifan Lu - ‏ - PS Vita Scene xerpi ‏- @xerpi -  Multi Scene flat_z ‏- @flatz -  PS4 Scene oct0xor ‏-  PS4 Scene Mistawez ‏ - @Mistawes - PS4 Scene Mathieulh ‏- @Mathieulh - Multi Scene   _Rogero_ ‏ - PS4 Scene A veteran from the PS3 scene, Rogero has left that behind and will be focusing on the PS4     naehrwert ‏ - Multi Scene fail0verflow ‏- Multi Scene marcan42 ‏- Multi Scene   cfwprophet  ‏ -  @cfwprophet - A Racist chef who can't cook, but does release GUI's that people want - PS4 Scene   AlexAltea - @AlexAltea - ‏PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene joel16_x - @joel16 ‏- PS Vita Scene theflow0(TheFlow) Previously known as total_N00b - PS Vita Scene C0rpVultra/Vultra - PS4 Scene diwidog/kiwidog  - PS4 Scene masterzorag ‏- ‏  A Linux guru -  PS3 Scene/PS4 Scene valentinbreiz ‏- PS4 Scene _AlAzif  ‏- PS4 Scene thedarkprogr /xDPx - @TheDarkprogramer ‏- PS4 Scene gdljjrod ‏- @gdljjrod  ‏- PS Vita Scene deank‏ - PS4 Scene DefaultDNB aka KiiWii   Scene Contributors GregoryRasputin ‏- @GregoryRasputin  He doesn't know I'm adding him here, but if one belongs on this list it is him. Long time member, heavy contributor and lifetime truth guru. [CH]   modrobert ‏- @modrobert I am not sure how long Robert has been in the scene, but he was in it long before me, his website Eurasia is mentioned below.   zordon605 (DarkElement) - @DarkElementPL  One of the younger members of the scene, very trustworthy.   0x199 A mysterious guy interested in the PS4 scene, owns Sce Party.   ZiL0G80    StarMelter ‏- @StarMelter StarMelter has contributed much in the scene, such as creating icons for various scene applications, he has helped me a lot with advice and other things in regards to the forum.   KawaiiAuroraA ‏ Writer on Wololo   kozarovv ‏ -    OfficialThibobo ‏- @Thibobo     Tuxbot123 ‏- @Tuxbot123   roXyPS3 The keeper of the console developer wiki's, if one would call @euss the King of the Dev Wiki's, then Roxanne would be Queen of the Dev Wiki's.   Senaxx ‏ - @Senaxx Host's a huge repository for PS3 Scene and PS4 Scene files    Lightra1n ‏ - @Lightra1n   zapptheman ‏ - @zapptheman   Centrinouk - @centrino   kood_infothief ‏ Runs A Japanese Scene site   eXtremeModder86 ‏- @eXtreme   Cloud0835 /yyoossk ‏ Runs A Japanese Scene site   HackerGen ‏/Wirus - @Wirus  Owner of Custom Protocol, inventor of the PS Vita GekiHEN competition   Darthsternie ‏- @Darthsternie   DerfJagged /Derf - @Derf   @STLcardsWS  Owner of  PSX-Place         Websites PSX-Place Wololo PlayStationHaX Eurasia DarkSoftware Sce Party ConsoleHaX Custom Protocol Games And Consoles     There are more people and websites to be added, will do this through time.                    

    ATTENTION - There Is No Online PS4 Jailbreak - There Is No 5.50 Jailbreak - Beware Of These Scammers

    By GregoryRasputin,
    DO NOT UPDATE TO ANY FIRMWARE PAST 5.05   I really hate wasting my time on stupid things, when i could be doing so much more enjoyable things, but i have to create this article because there are a group of sleaze bags convincing people to update their consoles to 5.50/5.53/5.55 in order to have a non existent "Jailbreak" which gives online access. this Jailbreak is fake and does not exist, the group are the following:
          @Whispersintheb1 This is the infamous scene clown Umar, if you have not heard that name before, ask someone on PlayStation Homebrew Discord  or you can ask on DarkSoftware Discord, i think @centrino is a big fan of his, so perhaps mention him when asking, or simply just join the server and as "Who is Umar", you will be told all the stupid things he has done, he has trolled a lot and been incredibly annoying, he usually is the butt of everyone's jokes.     This guy seems to be the ring leader of the idiot group and the one spamming the fake tweets the most.    @84Ciss If you were part of the PS3 scene, you would have unfortunately heard of the lame Team SGK, they took other peoples work such as CFW and put their own name on it.   @RSPxAndrew2007x Andrew is a YouTuber who has hosted a video on his channel that claims to be a Jailbreak for 5.53 which also has online access, this is 100% fake, i wrote an article about him here:
    Scene Warning - Do Not Trust YouTube Videos By @RSPxAndrew2007x Aka Andrew2007 | xAndrew2007x     If you are following any of those guys on Twitter, unfollow and block them, also unsubscribe from Andrew as he is making money from scamming you when you watch his fake videos.     Here is Umar trying to convince r00tbeer to update to 5.50:       Now that firmware 5.55 is released, they are saying the will be releasing a 5.55 Jailbreak with online access.     You need to understand that everything they say is a lie, if you are on any firmware below 5.05 and update to 5.5x, you will lose the ability to have a Jailbreak, perhaps permanently, so do not update past 5.05 regardless of what anyone tries to convince you to do, here is a list of of other people who create fake videos:   xHARDHeMPuS This idiot has been posting fake KExploit videos for a LONG time, half his Twitter followers are fake and i am sure he has bought a ton of those YouTube subscribers.     Follow honest sources and trustworthy news sites, below i will post links to trustworthy sources that will only give you legit and real news and information: Trusted PlayStation Scene Developers               DO NOT UPDATE TO ANY FIRMWARE PAST 5.05

    PARAM.SFO Editor V1.1

    By TheDarkprogramer,
    Hi Guys    Here is a small updated to Param.Sfo editor    Latest Version Should be v1.1     you can find it here  https://github.com/xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx/PS3Tools/releases/tag/V1.1-SFO   P.S. a special thanks to @StarMelter for the nice logo and icon ill be adding more icons as time goes on

    Mira Project - The Homebrew Platform - CFW For PS4 5.05

    By GregoryRasputin,
    I am sure you seen both of these awesome articles: Attention Scene - A KExploit Is Coming Soon For PS4's On Firmware 5.05 PS4 5.05 JAILBREAK IMMINENT AND 5.53 JAILBREAK TEASED?   That news was not the only great announcement for the PS4 scene, it was also revealed that the PS4 would have a CFW or HEN for PS4's on firmware 5.05 as well as having a working open source SDK for creating homebrew games and applications, Mira Project is what it is called and is brought to you by a team called OpenOrbis, the members in the team are not fully known yet, but i am sure as time goes by such details will be revealed, more details and information about Mira Project below:     From the ReadMe:
          Here is a little explanation as to what it is and isn't capable of, thanks to @LightningMods_ IT WILL be LOST on reboot It's NOT a traditional CFW But a Framework you NEED a Webkit and Kernel exploit to port and use it it's VERY similar to Xposed Framework for Android (in terms of functionality) Just like HEN it survives rest mode NOT 100% uploaded Source     Now some tweets from scene developers:             You can grab the Mira Project here


    By zapptheman,
    Hi guys.   As you might already know, there is a 5.05 jailbreak in the works thanks to Specterdev.   What you might not know is that there is an individual who goes by the name of Mathieulh. This developer seems to be sitting on a Kexploit for firmware up to and including 5.53.   He has not said too much, but he seems to be a trusted Dev from long ago, so i do not see any reason to doubt his claims. I will quote a few of his tweets below.   Don't like reading? Check out the video summary down below!             You can take this however you want, but i would not be updating expecting a release for this as there has been nothing officially announced, this is just a bit of hope for anyone who is past 5.05 at this current point in time.   As always, it is recommended to stay on the lowest possible firmware while waiting for a jailbreak, or if you have a jailbroken system, it is recommended to stay on your jailbreak until the new one is released, and tested for a few weeks.    Stay Classy guys, catch you all next time!     Image:   

    Scene Warning - Do Not Trust YouTube Videos By @RSPxAndrew2007x Aka Andrew2007 | xAndrew2007x

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Seriously i have better things to do with my time that call out these attention seeking fake whores, but if i do not openly call these idiots out, no one else will.  It is my duty as a news reporter to bring you news and it is also my duty to bring you information and warnings about fakes and shifty people and Andrew2007 is one of these dishonest shifty people, he is one out of a huge list of idiots on YouTube who do Clickbait and whilst i would love to call these clowns out, i will focus on Andrew2007 for now.     It all started when he started tweeting about a 5.50 Webkit Exploit/Kexploit:       Then he makes a weird tweet poll asking if people think the video is legit: Which is an extremely strange thing to ask when one also claims that the KExploit will be released once it hits 100% O_O   Then he spams/whores the video again:     Notice that the clown even retweeted himself >.<   Now lets get on with the actual video title and description:   Title. "Working Webkit For 5.53 & 5.53-01 (96% Kernel Exploit) (PS4 Jailbreak Mods)"   Now you are probably wondering why i have a problem with the title as it might look fine to you. 1.) This video is ONLY a Webkit Exploit and nothing else, the 96% Kernel Exploit is totally fake and completely Clickbait. 2.) There is no known 5.50 KExploit.   Description. "Once it reaches 100% it'll be a full kernel exploit, right now its at 96%! Leave a like (Y)!"   This makes zero sense, you either have a Kernel Exploit or you don't, there is no such thing as a 96% KExploit, this is to get likes and keep people going back to see when it is 100%.   Now we shall get onto who actually owns the video and it is not Andrew2007, it belongs to a YouTuber called OhhMattyy, who has titled the video "PS4 5.53-01 WEB EXPLOIT (96% KERNEL EXPLOIT)", so Andrew2007 stole the video from a Clickbaiter and added his own Clickbait title.     Being me i had to tweet about this clown and his Clickbait:   Which made the coward block me, then post a tweet about what i said:     1.) I do have a YouTube channel, that has a few subscribers, i do not monetise it and do not wish to do so. 2.) It is clear you do not know a single thing, i however have been in this scene long before your mother and her brother got together and made you, i have made numerous tutorial and guides, i have helped thousands of people, i have worked with and beta tested for developers, you make fake YouTube videos for clicks and money.          

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