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    By cronos002,
    data|44|312D6E8|4 bytes|999999|1|ORO|25312D6E8
    data|44|312D6F4|4 bytes|999999|1|MADERA|25312D6F4 data|44|312D6EC|4 bytes|99999999|1|SANGRE VIKINGS|25312D6EC   Lo que esta de color rojo le pueden poner la cantidad que ustedes quieran... LO ACTUALIZARE CUANDO ENCUENTRE MAS

    PSCheater en ubuntu?

    By cronos002,
    Buenas a todos, mi pregunta es si hay alguna foma de usar el pscheater desde ubuntu 18.01 o es exclusivo de windows? si hay alguna forma podrian explicarme o mandarme a algun tutorial que explique como hacerlo? Gracias de antemano.     Good to all, my question is if there is any way to use the pscheater from ubuntu 18.01 or is it exclusive to windows? If there is any way, could you explain me or send me a tutorial explaining how to do it? Thanks in advance.

    [PSVITA] Autoplugin 2.00 Released: New GUI And New Features

    By TheheroGAC,
    We have worked a lot on this new version especially our friend of Team OneLua  gdljjrod   who helped me a lot to facilitate the use of this tool.This version 2.00 is much simpler than the old version 1.11. But let's see together the new features: Compatible with HENkaku Enso and the next H-Encore Now you can install 1,2,3 etc plugin of your liking The updated plugins for 3.68 have all been inserted New graphic version easier Added new functions to the buttons The hb now checks ux0: tai / config.txt if it is not found and checks ur0: tai / config.txt while a default config.txt is copied, but if all plugins are installed, the hb will modify the config. txt in ur0, because of the gamesd.skprx plugin and if there is a config.txt in ux0 it will be moved to ur0: tai / plus Installable plugins: DownloadEnabler NoNpDrm NoPsmDrm Adrenaline fix double touch Gamesd Shellbat Vitabright pngshot Kuio by Rinnegatamante PSV-VSH MENU by joel16 Vflux by Applelo Repatch by dots-tb NoAVLS by SilicaAndPina ds3vita by xerpi ds4vita by xerpi Download Autoplugin.vpk Source code Github Source gamesandconsoles Acknowledgments: Thanks to Team OneLua, TheFloW, nowrep, devnoname120, xyzz, frangarcj, Rinnegatamante, joel16, dots-db, Applelo, SilicaAndPina, Xerpi, Celesteblue for the various plugins

    CUSA-06769 Dragon Quest hereos II PS4 cheater 5.05

    By barelynotlegal,
    base game no updates 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:|VER:|FM:505
    data|27|284851C|4 bytes|9999|1|money|25BD5C51C
    data|27|2833048|4 bytes|999|0|teresa skill points|25BD47048
    data|27|28327F0|4 bytes|999|0|lazarel skill points|25BD467F0   can confirm locations are the same after reboot or quit game.  

    BloodBorne CUSA-00900 PS4cheater 5.05

    By barelynotlegal,
    just started again, here is blood vials, silver bullets(?) and some cash. i have restarted game twice to make sure they would stay/stick and they have not moved so safe to say this works.. this is a base game w/o a update. enjoy 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:|VER:|FM:505
    data|18|C3BFC8|4 bytes|20|1|blood vials|20823BFC8
    data|18|C3BFB8|4 bytes|19|1|ammo|20823BFB8
    data|18|C3B904|4 bytes|999999|1|cash|20823B904 (either lock money or set low, i  went above 999999 and game crashed/corrupted data) UPDATE: after restart of new game the money location is the same, just search same location as money (anon:0000023eb71e[0]-3-207600000-131072KB) for blood vials and silver bullets(?) happy gaming    

    [PS4/RELEASE] Open source Black ops III Zombie RTM Tool [5.05/4.55/4.05]

    By ImMrNiato,
    Today I release my first real time editing software for the PS4 for the games BO3 in Zombie mode.   This tool is open source and you will find a lots of comment to help you understand how to code your own tool for this console using the PS4Lib.   The tool is only for 1.23 now but may be updated later if I get other updates.         Download link : Here    

    PS4 pro on sale and all exploitable

    By barelynotlegal,
    Recently bought a pro from Walmart at 349.00 on sale and before I did I did some research and come to find out all pros are exploitable except the new god of war I think. Not sure about that one but all the others are. Including special editions and bundle consoles

    We Will See @theflow0's PS Vita Exploit On 1st July 2018

    By GregoryRasputin,
    There has been misinformation and inconsistencies about the actual release date of "jailbreak for PS Vita's on firmware's above  3.60, he had originally claimed September, Wololo's blog claimed September next year, but today we have a final confirmation:         Thanks @NeoSabin 

    [Request] Cheat for God Of War CUSA07412

    By oualidab,
    All is in the title, thank you

    CUSA07713 Monster Hunter ps4cheater 5.05

    By barelynotlegal,
    UPDATE #2 1.4|eboot.bin|ID:CUSA07713|VER:01.00|FM:505
    simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@4424C90_3_15CC90+10+10+10+10+10+40+60+6C|data|4 bytes|989639|0|Money|
    simple pointer|pointer|float|@523E5C8_3_F765C8+7A0+148+0+8F0+10+10+8+64|data|float|100|1|Health| tested and working... (just started game again, on ps4 this time so codes will be updated as i find them) to find more values of items such as rations and other crafting material you already have just select the location of health and search for what you need.. worked 3 times in a row after hard reboot.  

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