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    PSNStuff BDU

    By pink1,
    I've been wanting to try making a PS3 app for a long time & finally I made up my mind a few wees ago I was going to start trying to learn. I had been doing some research on pdb files for background downloads when found gamePKG by @CaptainCPS-X & decide to try making a PSNStuff app.(A lot of the work was already done)   I have a test build ready I'll post if this is something anyone would be interested in. I still have some work to do adding different content types & writing raps to a usb, a lot of other thing I'd like to do too.  As of now you can set a C00 demo for background download & once the system is restarted it will be under Download Management ready to start (when I make it auto reboot the files get deleted?).

    [Released] PS4 Swiss Army Knife v1.5 Beta - PS4

    By GregoryRasputin,
    PS4 Swiss Army Knife v1.5 Beta View File Riccardo82 has released an application that should help with the process of dumping/backing up your own games and creating .PKG's of them, sadly it is on that shitty website that posts fake news, here is a quote from the developer:       Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 02/22/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer Riccardo82 Source https://www.psxhax.com/threads/ps4swissknife-ps4-swiss-knife-beta-by-riccardo82-g1zm0.4482/ Twitter Donate  

    [Released] Controller Test By @LightningMods_ - PS4

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Controller Test By @LightningMods_ View File @LightningMods_ has released his first PS4 homebrew and possibly the first proper PS4 homebrew, the application lets you test your PS4 control pad:     Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 02/22/2018 Category Homebrew(PS4) Developer LightningMods Source https://twitter.com/LightningMods_/status/966403421858185216 Twitter https://twitter.com/LightningMods_ Donate  

    [Tutorial] How to install Payload-SDK by IDC (3226:2143) in Ubuntu

    By ConsoleHax,
    This is a tutorial for those of you who want to build payloads from source in Ubuntu. This tutorial is written for Ubuntu 16.04 - 17.10, but with an extra and necessary step for Ubuntu 17.10 users because otherwise it'll throw you an error. If you run a lower version, you should be able to build payloads without the extra step. This should in theory also work for other Ubuntu distributions as long as they are installed with ENGLISH as main language (Xubuntu etc.).   Requirements: Ubuntu 16.04 or higher installed and configured IDC's Payload SDK (download here (click on clone or download and choose Download Zip))   Step 1: Put the required files in Desktop Extract ps4-payload-sdk-master.zip that you downloaded earlier Open the extracted folder and copy/cut all files and folders Navigate to your Desktop and create a new folder PS4SDK Paste the folders and files in the PS4SDK folder Your directory should now look like this:   Step 2: Getting the SDK to work Open Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and typ: sudo apt-get update In Terminal typ: sudo apt-get install binutils In Terminal typ: sudo apt-get install llvm In Terminal typ: sudo nano /etc/environment and press enter Start a new line and typ: PS4SDK="/home/yourusername/Desktop/PS4SDK"
    Press CTRL+X to exit and save changes by pressing Y   IMPORTANT: After the installation of both packages is completed, restart Ubuntu.     Step 3: Prevent errors Navigate to /Desktop/PS4SDK/libPS4/source and open syscall.s with a text editor Uncomment the line: .section .sc_rop, "w" Comment the line: .section .sc_rop, "wb" It should look like this:   THE NEXT STEP IS ONLY REQUIRED IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH UBUNTU 17.10! Navigate to /Desktop/PS4SDK/libPS4/include and open types.h with a text editor Comment the line: typedef uint32_t __dev_t; (change it to /* typedef uint32_t __dev_t; */)
      STEP 4: Open PS4SDK/libusbfatfs and right click in the folder Choose 'Open in terminal' Typ: make   STEP 5: Open PS4SDK/libPS4 and right click in the folder Choose 'Open in terminal' Typ: make   Done! You should now be able to compile payloads. To be sure navigate to examples, choose an example, open the folder, right click, choose open in terminal and typ make. You should now see a .bin file in the folder, that's an example payload.

    How To | Install the HomeBrew Launcher With FTP on the switch

    By zapptheman,
    Hi guys. This is a tutorial on running homebrew launcher on the switch, and running the ftp homebrew.    Please do not forget that the exploit is not 100% guaranteed to work every time, so you will need to try, and try, and if it still doesn't work, try again some more.       As usual, there will be a video and a written tutorial. Please watch the video so you can visually see how to install and run this exploit, and how we will get the homebrew to work.    Video:   Written Tut:   What you will need: - Switch on firmware 3.0.0 - SD card - Computer - Wifi Access   Step 1 - Make sure your switch is on firmware 3.0.0 Step 2 - Download latest nx-hbmenu. Step 3 - Extract the hbmenu.nro to the root of your sdcard Step 4 - Download any Homebrew App {FTPD} - and paste this into a folder on your SD card called 'Switch' Which will look like this /Switch/"Your Homebrew App Here" Step 5 - Put the SD card back into the switch. Step 6 - Connect to your network, and then modify DNS settings so your primary DNS is Step 7 - Go back to settings and go into storage, and make sure that your SD card is showing up, i suggest going all the way until it asks you to delete your images, then back out back to settings and into internet section Step 8 - Run the connection test (click connect to network if already saved) Step 9 - Click 'Next' Step 10 - Click 'Install' (use the arrow buttons, do not use joystick or touch screen) Step 11 - BE PATIENT!!!! I learned this the hard way... Step 12 - Check the Error Code. It should say 2000-1337, if you got a different error code, it means it could not read the file from your SD card. Reboot and try again. Step 13 - If you were successful with step 12, then we can move along and connect to the internet again, follow steps 7 - 9, this time you will be clicking 'Run' Step 14 - BE EVEN MORE PATIENT!!!! I learned this the harder way... Step 15 - If 14 was successful, you will get a popup telling you to exit the browser, Press 'ok' and wait about 5 sec, then press the home button. It will not go home straight away, do not panic, just wait. Step 16 - Hoping all went well, now on your home screen, navigate to pictures, and open it. Hopefully you should see the 'Homebrew Launcher' If you did this all correct, if not, please go back to step 7 and try again. Step 17 - If this worked, and you followed correctly, you should see FTPD homebrew. Launch it and have fun. Keep in mind that you will only be FTP'ing to your SD card on the switch Step 18 - Profit?    If you did not understand my written tut, please watch the video for further clarification     Happy modding, Peace out

    #PS4Hen Web Template In Spanish By @drnefarious360

    By GregoryRasputin,
    The scene is full of many people from different parts of the world and it is always nice to have software and tools in your own language.   DrNefarious360 aka draqen has released a Web Template for PS3Hen in Spanish:   Source Developers Twitter

    [Released] PiXploitHost By @c0d3m4st4 - PS4

    By GregoryRasputin,
    PiXploitHost By @c0d3m4st4 View File c0d3m4st4 has released PiXploitHost, which lets you use your Raspberry Pi to host exploits and block firmware updates, he also wrote a guide on how to use it, here is a quote from the source:       Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 02/19/2018 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer c0d3m4st4 Source https://github.com/c0d3m4st4/PiXploitHost Twitter https://twitter.com/c0d3m4st4 Donate  

    Nintendo Switch HomeBrew Launcher for 3.0.0 Release

    By TheZander,
    qlutto tweeted today the release of homebrew launcher for Switch version 3.0.0  https://twitter.com/qlutoo/status/965371563573854208   This image does not represent actual product and is enhanced to show texture       This now allows you to run homebrew applications on your switch with the proper firmware.    Installation seems straight forward.    Quote from source      If I had a Switch on this firmware I would do the thread right and install it and stuff unfortunately I do not so I cannot give first hand experience.   The credits for hbl belong to ( another source quote ) :    Source: https://switchbrew.github.io/nx-hbl/

    [Update] And The Winners Of The #SD2Vita Adaptors Are...

    By GregoryRasputin,
    I am sure some of you remember me holding this competition, 15 whole people participated  and here are the results:     You can match up the number i entered into your post here:       Update Because i am a dumbass i thought i was only giving 5 cards away, when i should have been giving 6 away, yes i know, it is fucking stupid, so i did a random number generator for a single number:   Sorry again for the fuck up :/

    [PSVITA]Release Two Touch FTP V1.02

    By TheheroGAC,
    It seemed like a useless tool, but we were contacted to add an explorer to install the vpk files. Do not worry, we updated the tool with an explorer. You may have to quickly install something for Test or transfer files without using Vitashell and Team Onelua tool, Two Touch FTP is the right tool. The application is very simple to use, just open it and voila the FTP is already active. In addition the new version adds an explorer to install / delete the vpk files. Note:We thank the Onelua team for the source code and the Onelua interpreter Guide
    Download and install the vpk file at the end of the article
    Open the app with two "touches"
    Press X to access the explorer     Download and Source code Github   Source  gamesandconsoles

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