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    Nintendo Switch Gets Pwned (Tegra bootrom release)

    By zapptheman,
    HELLO EVERYONE!!! Today i come to you all with great news.    By now most of you already probably know, but if not, please have a read.    Recently over the past 48 hours, there has been an explosion of releases for the switch scene, i have a video detailing this below! If you would rather listen instead of read, please check that out, otherwise please read on!   First things first, it all began back in Oct 2017 when The Reswitched Team announced that they have successfully dumped the Nvidia Tegra's bootrom! Unfortuantely, there was nothing published to the public at the time, likely due to legal reasons and what not. This was the seed which would begin to sprout into the best exploit for all switch users and the it will write history for the switch scene. This promised the full control of the console at the earliest point in the boot process allowing it to occur before the system fully boots, similar to arm9 loaderhax for the 3DS!    Fast forward to 2018. From January all the way to April, there has been news of various hacker groups showing off their work and their own bootrom exploits. This was extremely promising for the switch scene, and hyped everyone up simply due to the fact that we could visually see progress among the various hacker groups, this included xecuter claiming they had a solution for switch hacking which would work on all firmware's. Not long after, failoverflow comes out stating they have a boot exploit and show it off with a short YouTube video, and once again, not long after this, we see team reswitched boasting that they also have boot exploit for the switch. This is great as now the scene can see that there is something in the works, and it will be the ultimate exploit/release for the scene. Of course, at the time, there was no promise of a release but this was confirmation that multiple groups had reached the tegra bootrom and found ways to exploit it to run their own code. It also seems that while there were 3 teams publicly showing their work, there were also other teams working behind the scenes in silence.    Not long after all this, around late February, ktemkin and reswitched, announced a release of their exploit, along with a cfw to leverage it. Failoverflow had begun showing off their port of linux working on the switch and all was looking great.   Fast forward another deal of time, now we are in April, about 48 hours ago (23/04/18) A dump of the Tegra bootrom was published anonymously on the web. This was nothing great for the end user directly as it was not something which was weaponized yet for them. On the contrary, this was great for hackers alike as it allowed them to have a poke around and begin looking for possible back doors, or bugs in the code, so they can mess around in an attempt to get a working exploit.   As a result of this leak, it triggered an explosion of follow up releases from various groups and hackers. for example, debugging scripts were shared to help debugging the bootrom with reverse engineering tools made available, and other things hackers use to revers engineer   Shortly after, another source shared details of the recovery mode exploit used by Fail0verflow, Reswitched and likely other teams. This caused Ktemkin to quickly release her work with a detailed writeup on the vulnerability, shortly followed by Fail0verflow, there is also a video of them commending Reswitched for their work. Reswitched exploit was supposed to be released on the 15th of june, but was obviously pushed forward due to the chain of events over the past few days. It also seems that Fail0verflow intended to release their work on the 25th of april.... right in the middle of all this that has recently happened... hmm makes you wonder who the anonymous sources may have been.   To Conclude, this shows that the exploits being leveraged are quite easy to use once implemented, and with the recent release of the Atmosphere CFW for the switch, it seems that the days of native homebrew for all switches has arrived, and will be coming to a switch near you shortly.    I would like to express that i strongly recommend waiting a bit before trying anything that has been recently released, as most of it is not completely finished work, and still may have bugs, so proceed with caution. I would also recommend heading into the shops to purchase a switch as soon as possible as Nintendo has begun releasing switched with revised hardware which will prevent the exploit from running as this is a hardware based exploit.   With that all being said, i hope you guys enjoyed this and you're all hyped up for the switch scene just like me!!!   Catch you guys next time, Peace!   Video        Image     

    [RELEASE] Huge database of Playstation stuff (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PSP,etc..) (156go)

    By ImMrNiato,
    Hello everyone this is my first thread on PlaystationHax. I'm from France so, sorry if I don't write correctly English.   Today I release the whole database I used on my website PSX Times wich contain :   Firmware : -Firmware for PS4 (Retail, Recovery, Bêta, Testkit, Devkit) -Firmware for PS3 (OFW CEX, OFW DEX, OFW DECR, CFW (Rebug, ITA, Arch Darknet, Spy, OVERFLOW, Habib and more !), Downgrader for DEX & CEX, AV Tool, Kiosk Update). -Firmware for PS Vita (Retail, Devkit, Testkit). -Firmware for PSP (Retail, CFW, Testing Tool).   SDK : -PS4 : 4.50. -PS3 : 4.75, 4.50, 4.00, 3.70, 3.60, 3.00, 1.92. -PS Vita : 3.55, 0.945. -PSP : 0.60, 0.40. -PS2. -PS1 : 4.4 & netyaroze -PSM : 1.21.   Homebrew : -PS4. -PS3 (latest and old version of multiMAN, webMAN,etc..).   For the PS4 you also have payload (4.55, 4.05 & 1.76) and  android tool to inject payload,etc.. you will see by yourself !    First link : https://t.co/NUA7tuyEz3 Second link : https://t.co/EUnxg7KPjl   Link to my tweet :  There are almost 156 go of data !          

    New Capcom x Sega PlayStation Humble Bundle

    By GregoryRasputin,
    From now until the 8th of May you will be able to get an awesome deal via purchasing the Capcom x Sega PlayStation Humble Bundle, here are the games that you will be able to get:   In the pay what you want tier: Dead Rising (PlayStation 4)
    Survive a mall of the undead in the shoes of photojournalist Frank West, using anything and everything as a weapon. Race against the clock and search for the truth behind the zombie outbreak in this modern classic with improved graphics and framerate! Dustforce (PlayStation Vita)
    A puzzling platformer sure to flex both your fingers and your brain with intense dust-busting challenges. Crazy Taxi (PlayStation 3)
    Crazy Combo your way to Crazy Money in a wild frantic race to scare up the most fares. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz (PlayStation Vita)
    Experience Super Monkey Ball as you’ve never seen it before! With local and Online Multi-player, custom level creation using the PlayStation Vita System Rear Camera, 8 Mini-games and over 100 unique challenges, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz takes the platforming / puzzle genre to new heights! In the beat the average tier: Resident Evil (PlayStation 4)
    Enter the doors to the infamous mansion once again with this remastered version of the critically acclaimed survival horror masterpiece. Mega Man Legacy Collection (PlayStation 4)
    Six 8-bit adventures await in this collection featuring the beloved Blue Bomber, Mega Man! Enjoy retro graphics with an HD finish and tons of unique challenges, complete with leaderboards. Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (PlayStation 4)
    The Resident Evil saga continues with fan favorite Claire Redfield trapped on a remote prison island. Join Claire as she survives the island’s horrors while discovering dark secrets about the Umbrella Corporation. Sonic Generations (PlayStation 3)
    Revisit some of the most iconic environments of the past 20 years, playing as Classic Sonic in re-imagined 2D side scrolling levels, and as Modern Sonic in all new, stunning 3D levels. Binary Domain (PlayStation 3)
    Created by Toshihiro Nagoshi, the man behind some of Sega’s most well-known video game franchises including the critically acclaimed Yakuza series, Binary Domain puts players in the middle of a fast paced and intense battle for humanity in a robot-filled 2080 Tokyo. Alien Isolation (PlayStation 4)
    Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. You’ll also get the following coupons: Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition (PlayStation 4) – 40% Off Dead Rising 4 Frank’s Big Package (PlayStation 4) – 50% Off Valkyria Revolution (PlayStation 4) – 40% Off Yakuza 0 (PlayStation 4) – 50% Off And if you pay $15 or more: Dead Rising 2 (PlayStation 4)
    Set years after the original Dead Rising, join Chuck Greene in Fortune City as he seeks to survive a new zombie outbreak while ensuring the safety of his daughter and seeking the truth of what caused the outbreak to begin with. Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (PlayStation 4)
    Now with brand new trophies and all the previously released DLC pre-loaded, take advantage of the visually distinctive classic in 60 FPS!     This is for North American PSN accounts, but they are easy enough to create. Source Grab the games here when they go live: Humble Bundle        

    [Tutorial] Play NES and Master System Games on your PS4

    By zapptheman,
    Welcome back guys.   Today we will be using the emulators released by @m0rph3us1987 to run NES and Master System Games on your PS4.    As this is native homebrew, it is quite simple and easy to achieve. I have a short video below showing you guys, and as usual, i have the written tut below the video  happy nostalgia guys!   Video   Written Tut:   Step 1: Download these files NES and Sega Master System Step 2: Locate a rom of your favorite NES or Sega Master System games. Step 3: Place the downloaded files onto a usb Step 4: Create a folder on the root of your USB called 'roms' Step 5: Copy your rom into the rom folder. Step 6: Plug the usb into your ps4, run your exploit and install the 2 pkg files you downloaded. Step 7: Run the emulator you want to use and press  to load the roms, then select your desired rom and click  again to launch the game. Step 8: Profit? your game should now be running without any issues, if not, you have done something wrong, go back and try again.   Happy nostalgia guys! Catch you all next time.   Peace!   Image:    

    #Salix #Linux For #PS4 By DANiO

    By DANiO,
    Today user @DANiO released Salix Linux based on Slackware64 which is built from scratch      

    PS4 GTA V Lamance Mod Menu v0 8

    By SeanPabloTorres,
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/3567wyjdl532eda/Lamance_08_AllInAll.zip   Big thanks to @david1337hax     https://twitter.com/david1337hax    

    Devwiki Page for Minimum Firmware Versions

    By Derf,
    http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/Game_Titles       The page has been updated with all the lists and spreadsheets I could find. Please add to it!

    [PSVITA]Release VitaShell V1.9 Released Mod0.3 By TheheroGAC[UPDATE1]

    By TheheroGAC,
    This is a modified version of vitashell from source code 1.9.Compared to the original version it was compiled with the latest source code and includes automatic language support (multi-language), 3 themes (1 by default and Electron and Akatsuki by Acemad ) and support for firmware 3.68 (already added by the developer TheFloW). I remind you that to install this mod it is advisable to delete the contents (files and folders) within the ux0: Vitashell   Changelog 1.9MOD0.3 should solve the problem with molecularshell 1.9 MOD0.2 Added multi-language support Reset electron theme Compiled with the latest source code that includes firmware support 3.68 Insert new xmc0: and sd0: by Princess-of-Sleeping partitions   Download VitaShell.vpk   Source gamesandconsoles Source code GitHub

    [PSVITA]Release Autoplugin v1.02[UPDATE2]

    By TheheroGAC,
    I would like to share with you my little invention. This morning a user of the site asked me if there was something to automatically install the most requested plugins on the latest HENkaku Ensō 3.65 / 3.60, the answer was clearly yes, Autoplugin.Autoplugin is a tool that automatically installs the plugins in ux0 (in ur0: they are only inserted) as: DownloadEnabler NoNpDrm NoPsmDrm Shellbat Kuio by Rinnegatamante PSV-VSH MENU by joel16 Vflux by Applelo Repatch by dots-db NoAVLS by SilicaAndPina and automatically overwrites the config.txt file without further manual changes. Guide Download the vpk file at the end of the article Install the file with Vitashell Open the program   CHANGELOG v1.02 just a small update to add more plugins: Kuio by Rinnegatamante PSV-VSH MENU by joel16 Vflux by Applelo Repatch by dots-tb NoAVLS by SilicaAndPina V1.01   Now you can back up the config.txt before installing the plugins Added command prompt
    X: install
    PS: exit Added new plugins: Vitabright (thank you devnoname120) and pngshot (thank you xyzz) Download Autoplugin.vpk Source gamesandconsoles.org Source code Github Credits We thank Team OneLua, TheFloW, nowrep ,frangarcj,Rinnegatamante,joel16,Applelo,dots-tb,SilicaAndPina for the various plugins

    [Released] Black ops 3 Alpha Project For PS3 By @ImMrNiato - PS3

    By GregoryRasputin,
    Black ops 3 Alpha Project For PS3 By @ImMrNiato View File GuillaumeMrNiato has open sourced his Black ops 3 Alpha Project For PS3, here is a quote from the source:         Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/21/2018 Category PC Software(PS3) Developer GuillaumeMrNiato Source https://twitter.com/ImMrNiato/status/987643543396274176 Twitter https://twitter.com/ImMrNiato Donate  

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