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[Released] taiHENkaku Beta 8 #HENkaku – PS Vita

December 17, 2016 GregoryRasputin 0

taiHENkaku Beta 8 #HENkaku

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The guys from Team Molecule have updated their awesome taiHENkaku to Beta 8, here are the changes:




  • molecularShell updated to display if you are currently in “unsafe” mode or not. Shows all devices in unsafe mode again.
  • Some taiHEN API updates for developers
  • Compability for a future VitaShell update




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Testers Needed For macOS PS3 ISO Tool

December 13, 2016 GregoryRasputin 0

A developer on PSX-Place is looking for macOS users to beta test his PS3 ISO Tool, here is a quote from his thread:





I have had success with this, but need additional testers to ensure this is working before release :)
I hope that with some feedback I can iron out any issues that may arise, and create a better product as a whole…
This should be pretty simple. both files should be in the same folder. Launch my tool. Fairly straight forward. Or I hope so. 


This uses hdiutil to create the iso file, and then captain cps-x psiso_tool to patch the iso file.
I basically am wrapping a fancy GUI around it. :)



Check this link for source and download


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Christmas Gaming Deals 2016

December 11, 2016 GregoryRasputin 0

I quite fancy getting No Mans Sky, i searched US PS Store, UK PS Store and Steam, the game was between £30 and £40, which i feel is too expensive for that particular game, so i decided to search Amazon and found it for £22.99 and after seeing various other deals on there, i thought i would create a list for those of you looking for a bargain Christmas present or just something for yourself:






Amazon UK

No Man’s Sky (PS4) – £22.99
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (PS4 & Xbox One) – £24.99

Fallout 4 with Franchise Book and Soundtrack (PS4 & Xbox One) – £14.99

Fallout 4 (PS4 & Xbox One) – £14

Far Cry Primal – PS4 £21 – Xbox One £20.99

Just Dance 2017 (PS4) – £17.99

Tom Clancy’s The Division (PS4 & Xbox One) – £14.99

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS4) – £17.99

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One) – £18.95
Nintendo Selects The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 3DS) – £13.29

Mortal Kombat XL (PS4) – £15.98

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY (PS4) – £14.84

Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One) – £15.62

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership [PSN Code – UK account] – £39.99




PlayStation Plus – 12 Month Subscription (UK) – £34.89

12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Xbox One/360) – £34.99

Zoo Tycoon Xbox One – Digital Code – £9.99

Halo 5 Guardians Digital Deluxe Edition Xbox One – Digital Code – £17.99

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One – Digital Code – £5.99

Become a CDKeys affiliate



PS4 Pro – £349.99

Original PS4 500GB – £179.99

Used Original PS4 500GB With 6 Games – £180




Amazon USA







PS4 Console Deals UK And USA




More deals will be added throughout the next couple of weeks, staff members feel free to add your own to this post :)


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PS4 Slims Lowered In Price In Time For Christmas

December 8, 2016 GregoryRasputin 0

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday PS4 Slims drastically lowered their prices, with Cyber Monday having the best deal with a slim and a game going for about £180, none are that price now but they aren’t that much more expensive, the console on it’s own goes for between £228 and £260, bundled it is a much better price, below are some deals i hope will help anyone looking for a bargain, saying that the prices may become even lower on the finals few days coming up to Christmas:







500GB Slim Uncharted Bundle – £219.99



500GB Slim – Fifa 17 – Fallout 4 – Now TV 2 Month Sky Cinema Pass – £239.99

500GB Slim – GTA V – Star Wars: Battlefront – £239.99

500GB Slim – Overwatch – Ratchet & Clank – £229.99

500GB Slim Uncharted Bundle – Fallout 4 – Now TV 2 Month Sky Cinema Pass – £229.99

500GB Slim Watch_Dogs Bundle(Contains WD 1 & 2) – Fallout 4 – Now TV 2 Month Sky Cinema Pass – £239.99






500GB Slim Uncharted Bundle – $269





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[Update] taiHENkaku Beta v7

December 7, 2016 GregoryRasputin 0

Team Molecule have updated taiHENkaku Beta version 7, here is a quote of the changes:






New Features

  • Install payload has been compressed decreasing download sizes by 60%
  • molecularShell now supports refreshing taiHEN config.txt without rebooting (only for user plugins and only works in non-safe mode; press Start to see the option)
  • molecularShell now has full ux0 access again when unsafe homebrew is enabled (must quit and reopen to see changes)
  • Re-enabled shell patches for version spoofing. This does not enable PSN but it should prevent CMA update prompts provided you set the spoof version to 3.63.








    Just a reminder, you can enter the HENKaku Competition Win Some Awesome Prizes

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    How to read and write to process memory using proc_rwmem

    November 28, 2016 zecoxao 0

    Credits(these go first):
    Original authors: wskeu(for the reading part), wildcard (for the writing part)

    * 1.76 console
    * elf-loader
    * ps4sdk
    * the payload source
    * a brain


    1. Compile the payload. Specifically to what you want to patch, the size, etc. So, this:

    /* set variables for reading and writing mem */
    size_t dumphexsize = 0x200;
    size_t dumpsize = 0x1; // size that you want to read
    size_t writesize = 0x1; // size of the data you are overwriting
    uint64_t base = start[0]; // use the number of the mapping you want to write to, starting with 0
    size_t intoBase = 0x465FC9; // relative position of base

    and this:

    char *target = "SceShellCore";

    2. Load elf-loader. Let it stabilize on stage 5. (To increase success rate, clear cookies, cache and history)
    3. Load the payload. Specifically:

    socat - TCP:my.ps4.ip:5052
    socat -u FILE:path/to/rwmem TCP:my.ps4.ip:5053

    4. This payload will take a while to listen to logs. Be patient. After a while it’ll show log output with the memory before and memory after.

    Notes: this is process peek and poke (reading and writing to process memory) using proc_rwmem, which is more efficient than the old method.


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    How To Install PSP eCFW On Your 3.60 #HENkaku Enabled Vita

    November 21, 2016 GregoryRasputin 0

    @BobbyBlunt has posted a tutorial/guide to help those of you with HENkaku enabled PS Vita/PSTV’s to get your favourite PSP games and homebrew running on your device, below is his video, followed by a quote from the videos description:






    Developer The_Flow has released Adrenaline which is a PSP emulated CFW for Henkaku. You will need 3.60 to
    run Henkaku in order to use this release. Use this at your own risk. Neither I nor the developers are responsible
    for any possible risks.


    You must use TaiHankaku beta:


    Things you will need:
    1.) A PS Vita or PSTV on 3.60 (No 3.61 or 3.63 will not work, no you can’t downgrade)
    2.) A PSP demo or game installed on your Vita. There were warnings weeks ago that you would need this. (I used Petz Saddle Club Demo)
    3.) The package located here:!8JRmTSDC!TgJXztwMF4…
    4.) FTP Clinet on your PC (I use WINscp)

    Both a revised written README as well as the original are included in the package

    PSP ISO files go in ux0:/pspemu/ISO
    PSP Homebrew goes in ux0:/pspemu/PSP/Game

    The EFF does a lot for consumers of electronics devices. They help to ensure
    that we have certain freedoms when it comes to our consumer elctronics 
    you can donate to them at:

    Follow me on Twitter. 
    Follow Playstationhax on twitter.
    Check out my Twitch.



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