Ray’s the Dead Gameplay Trailer

Here is a trailer for upcoming fun Zombie game Ray’s the Dead:

Here is some information about the game:


  • Creative Combat and Puzzle Solving – Resurrect your fallen enemies and use their unique abilities to fight and solve puzzles in exciting ways.
  • A Charming Story of Parallel Lives – Experience Ray’s back story through fully playable flashbacks.
  • Explore Ray’s Beautifully Rendered World – The charm of hand drawn 2D characters combined with the beauty of detailed 3D modeled environments.
  • An ’80s Inspired Setting – An outstanding line up of musicians will bring Ray’s nostalgic world to life. Look for a plethora of nods to some of your fondest 80’s memories.


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[Released] Gamesonic Manager v3.21:New Payload Control Fan

The below text was written by franzes80

Well guys after a week without updates present Gamesonic Manager v 3.21 by orion. new update has a couple of interesting news and goes to improve the control fan which makes it quite equal to webman

Quote:[ltr]Mamba Payload and background music move outside of the RELOAD.SELF (by Aldo Vargas).

Fixed a bug that prevented the launch of the homebrew Homebrew Loader.

Improved the payload of the fan control utility which makes it equal to Webman.

Now the value “Syscon” will be called “Normal”.

Added 3 new background music taken from PS3ITA Manager(thanks Rancid-o)[/ltr]

Tested on Cfw darknet 4.65 v 1.02 and Cfw ferrox 4.65


Source code:

gamesonic.it and new source playstationhax.xyz

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[W.I.P] PS3 XMB Modifier V2.0 And More

Some future releases/work TheDarkprogramer is planning to do, here is a quote from his thread:

Hello guys so today im gonna let u in on a few of my latest projects

update 1

There is only one update needed lol

PS3 XMB Modifier

Update includes support for all languages

Update has more stability

Update includes text art

new projects

These are still a work in project so please be patient

PS2 Classics Downloader

This will be a program that lets u download custom ps2 classic pkg’s to enjoy on your ps3 with newer non cobra firmwares

U will also be able to add your own created pkgs to the database Smile

PSP Remasters and Minis Downloader

Same as PS2 Classics Downloader but will be a separate database

PS3 Toolbox

A little new foe me but what the heck

A joint project from me and @cerberus @KTD @MBLK

Rebug toolbox basicly but without thw check if it is rebug firmware Smile

more in the red hat coming soon

PS3 Scene we will make u live again ~ @TheDarkprogramer

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[Released] COBRA 4.53.1 REX/D-REX EDITION v4+

PS3 Developer @Joonie has released an updated version of his Rebug Cobra 4.53.1 mod, here is a quote posted by Joonie at the source:

Quote:This is an improved release of the unofficial leaked version of REBUG COBRA 4.53.1, fixed almost all bugs and added new features.
This should be my last build and I am no longer releasing another build, This CFW has been fully tested by more than 40 different PS3 units.

Main features

  • REBUG REX features
  • CEX/DEX lv2 kernel swap on DEX
  • Cobra 7.0.1 features
  • Rebug Toolbox v2.02 built in
  • Toggles for Cobra and webMan in toolbox
  • Newest webMan Mod integrated
  • Spoofs to 4.65 while in Rebug mode
  • PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP isos
  • BD/DVD Movie ISO
  • Cinavia Protection Bypass
  • RSOD Bypass
  • In-Game Screenshot

Here is a quote from the Changelog:


  • August 3rd 2014 – *4.53.2U – PSN/SEN supported [4.60 spoofer]
  • August 4th 2014 – *4.53.3U – PSP Issue is fixed from 4.53.2U release.
  • September 3rd 2014 – *4.53.1 v4 – Version number is changed based on @aldostools ‘s suggestion due to avoid misleading, and a lot of new features below.
  • September 3rd 2014 – *4.53.1 v4+ – Removed unstable trophy patches due to report


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Rockstar Sale On US PS Store

I’m sure the majority of us have played most of these games, some may have played them all, or you might have played them and wish to play them again, which is why its great that the US PS Store is having an up to 75% of Rockstar games, here is a list of the games and their prices:

[Image: fkM6PrT.png]

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[Released] PS3’s PUP Syscon Changer [v2.0]

The article below was written by Simonbuck:

The developer Nathan Martin (Nathan_r32_69) has officially released version 2.0 of the PUP Syscon Changer, the tool used to change the Syscon to a value less than or greater than a PUP file.

[Image: PPSC.png]



Quote:Syscon’s PS3 PUP Changer [aka PPSC] was developed a long time ago from a request because someone was stuck in a CFW and could not get out of it with this tool could fix it and from that day I took it out for everyone

This tool changes the value of Syscon a PUP file to a higher or lower value (higher recommended), you can select it, and then install it from the Recovery. A brief example to serve this tool is to install a CFW on 3.55 CFW 4.XX once it has been patched, or another example is for PUP downgraders like those now

It’s easy, just keep on these steps:

Select the PUP with the Open button (…)
Selects the value of Syscon (From 0.00 to 9.99)
Select the value of Image version (From 00000-99999) (If you want to use the value of the PUP, do not change this box)
Click Start
Wait until it finishes

If all went well you’ll see a file called NEW-PS3UPDAT.PUP, rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP, copy it to a USB device and install it from the Recovery



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[PS2 Tutorial] How To Install An Internal Memory Card

The awesome tutorial written below, was created by Xhase

Hello folks!

Today, I come to you all today with a Tutorial on how to install a internal memory card inside your PS2!

Today, I’ve done this modification to a:

The reason I’ve done this is to prepare for FMCB.


First you need to disassemble the memory card of your choice and prep for soldering.
If your looking to use your memory card again externally, I suggest soldering near the top of the contacts like I’ve done in the picture above.

Next is soldering the wires.
Your going to want to have Even length wires for this to work right, and what I’ve used here is just wires from a standard USB 2.0 cable.


After you’ve soldered all the wires to the memory card, your going to need to prep solder to the contacts on the memory card slot.
(If done correctly, you’ll still be able to use the port if you unsolder the existing wires that come in the next step)


Here’s the trickiest part, soldering to the memory card port contacts. These are ruffly intermediate as far as difficulty. When solder is on your iron, when touched to the contact it should flow on there. (Add solder if not)

This is your finished product! vvv




Some pictures are hard to get since my iPhone wasn’t focusing Tongue anyways,
I hope this helps!


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