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  1. i could have told you that but thought you were smart enough to figure it out... anyways throw it away
  2. It kicked me out for going to Skype
  3. New CCAPI 2.70 Rev7 now Supports DEX 4.81 Installation 1. Download the CCAPI package at the bottom of this page 2. Inside, you should find a folder called PS3 with a .pkg, put it on the root of a usb stick. 3. Plug the usb stick on your ps3, then install it. 4. You should also find a folder called PC with a .exe, run it and follow the instructions to install it. 5. You have now CCAPI installed on your ps3 and on your pc. Uninstallation On PS3, you just run the pkg, again On PC, use the configuration panel and the option "uninstall a program".
  4. Dude, throw away the PS3 you can get another one for like $80 or a jailbroken one for $150... i spent enough time on this thread
  5. yes but if you were to get a reball then the person performing the reball knows what they are doing and has that tape and everything, better then an amature reflow
  6. exactly what i have been telling him See?
  7. if you would have gotten a reball rather then a reflow you likely wouldn't have had this problem at all because reflows can damage other motherboard components witch cause problems like no wifi,bluetooth and commonly LAN/Internet problems dont believe me google it
  8. are you seriously auguring with the person that trying to help you? and yes reballing is safer when you send it to someone that reballs for like $50-$80 and reballs are a more permanent fix unlike reflow
  9. Your first problem is that you did a reflow and not a reball as reflows can damage additional components...i assume your wifi board is broken and that you should buy a new one just to try (also a new ribbon) and if that doesnt work you permanently damaged the Motherboard and your S.O.L other then that you can buy a new PS3 for cheap these days and honestly buying a new wifi board (in some not all cases) might be half the cost of a new ps3 fat so....
  10. i doubt it your talking about the same company that created a artificial scarcity for they're NES CLassic (Mini)
  11. The switch is going to have a Online Subscription service to play online almost the same as The Playstation 4 and Xbox One. You will have access to the Online Free TRIAL Through Fall of 2017. without the subscription you can access the eShop but not Online Multiplayer or the monthly semi-free games (witch serves as demo for 1 month). The paid online service will only be available in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico at launch. The Subscription service is only for Nintendo Switch and will not affect the Wii U P.S i know i posted this in the wrong sub-directory but i dont have perms to post anywhere other then here and help
  12. yes to be sure he sees it
  13. i am applying for this
  14. Today @Octolus revealed his "Community Tools" for PS4, basically its a website in witch you can "search for communities, and export it's members to a text file. I've created a small website where you can search for communities, and export it's members to a text file. Not only that, you can also add communities to monitor - in a few days you'll be able to get a chart on how many has joined the past month etc. Check out the entire website here: SendPSN | PSN Tools | Dashboard Avatar Grabber: SendPSN | PSN Tools | Avatar Grabber Search Communities: SendPSN | PSN Tools | Dashboard Add Community To Monitor: SendPSN | PSN Tools | Dashboard The statistics/chart will take a hour or two to appear. We check the communities once a day, and store them in our database with statistics (how many members). Suggestions are welcome. Avatar Grabber: SendPSN | PSN Tools | Avatar GrabberSearch Communities: SendPSN | PSN Tools | DashboardAdd Community To Monitor: SendPSN | PSN Tools | Dashboard Check out the entire website here: SendPSN | PSN Tools | Dashboard