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  1. yeah man but you know got it on an old pokemon game so i thought i would dedicate it to that haha. you're right though. not sure if srs... if so im glad i helped....
  2. sword looks cool. shuriken would look hectic too
  3. Hey guys. just wanted to make a quick tutorial on how to replace the battery in those good ol gba games as they're becoming ancient and batterys and running dry killing time based events. As usual here's a short video tut showing what im doing followed by a quick written up step by step guid beneath. Enjoy Written part: Step 1: get tools; - solder - soldering iron - screw driver - 1616 tabbed battery. Step 2: Open cartridge with special screw driver. Step 3: desolder old battery by gently pressing iron against solder on board and make little circles to spread and distribute heat evenly so you don't burn the board. Step 4: Chose your own way to solder new battery to board on cartridge. make sure pos (+) is facing down and the pos (+) tab is pointing to the solder point inwards to the board. Step 4B: if you don't know how to solder the battery do what i did. i made little solder balls and placed them on top of the tabs and tinned them to make it easier when i drooped them into place on the board. Step 5: Put cartridge back together and screw back in Step 6: Put cartridge into gba or ds and test it out Step 7: Profit? Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you damage your game. i have given you instructions to perform the process without damaging it. human error is always possible especially if you have low experience soldering.
  4. yeah that's true man. keep at it, it's looking good and the works gonna pay off. what sort of weapons are they using?
  5. lol it's head looks flat af XD but yeah it will suit the game's theme. nice man i like bun bun. what's next?
  6. greg this was front paged... did you mean to do that?
  7. Hi guys thought it had been a while since i posted a tut so here it is Essentially this video will tell you how to get NTR working on the latest firmware for 3DS as the original does not seem to be getting anymore love or support anymore. So this is basically a fork of the NTR CFW but this fork is not only more refined, it also allows you to select which version of NTR you want to boot into and boots in legit a tenth of the time the original booted when it was working. tool it called NTR Selector. can be found in links down below. Please see video for guide on how to install, or if you can't watch youtube where you are there will be a quick written tutorial at the bottom Thanks for watching guys. hope you enjoy the video and the final product of this mod/CFW LINK: - GBA Temp Thread - GitHub Written tut: Step 1: make sure 3DS is on CFW Step 2: make sure you have FBI Installed or a CIA installer of choice. this tut will use FBI Step 3a: open this site to scan QR code for download, OR Step 3b: alternatively open this link for a download of the latest cia file so you can copy to sd card Step 4: if you are going to use the QR code to scan and download direct to ds with FBI please skip to step <8> Step 5: if you are manually downloading then make sure you copy the cia to your sd card Step 6: put sd card in 3ds and open cia installer. Step 7: Navigate to where you placed the cia file and install with cia installer Step 8: (skip if you manually installed) Scan the QR code to download the file and install it directly to 3ds Step 9: go to home menu and open up the newly installed software Step 10: wait for it to run through its updates and download and setup its environment. Step 11: choose your cfw you would like to use Step 12: Profit?
  8. yeah sounds good i'm pretty good at making shit up on the spot when i comes down to it every now and again. let us know if you need anymore ideas. you can always have a troll under a mossy bridge into your forrest area. would be pretty cool too. not gonna lie i always wanted to make my own game or help make one haha make it have like a gust power when it flaps it's giant wings
  9. lol them feels when you're just joking and this happens XD it looks pretty good tbh what about a red and a yellow/orange one? perhaps the orange one can be a stronger one that spawns less in area but is for players who advance a bit more at earlier stage... maybe giant bees too? with big flours that they get nectar from.... and maybe the nectar can be an item that players can acquire and if they try take it from a flower a bee attacks them?
  10. dude don't ever forget the rule "your data doesn't exist unless its backed up to 3 different places" haha always important to make backups. try keep one on HDD, one on USB and another on internet or another HDD on pc btw maybe horses for the flower field or goats/sheep. maybe if you put goat make more aggressive with horns or something maybe even a giant lady bug or something hahaha just for lolz
  11. try a thicker wire as you said it was a thin wire and when it get's hot as it will in the ps4 the resistance increases and thus makes it harder for the signal to pass through the wire... if you are trying to send a HD signal you might want to make sure you use the best quality perhaps your solder work may not be the best either but i would recommend the thicker wire and a good link!
  12. Developer @darkjiros has released the Cinavia Protection Tool v4.81 for people on the new 4.81 CFW. This tool was created in response to people having the error 800299D2 when trying to watch movies on their systems. This tool not only fixes this issue but it also claims to fully disable cinavia and support CFW 4.81 Download: Cinavia Protection Tool v4.81 By darkjiros.pkg (23.1 MB) PKG MD5: B965C7A5DBDE72A73263A64FDF53BC21 Source Via
  13. the graphics are starting to look really detailed, i like the water man. congrats it's looking good
  14. whatever the case may be, as long as it's working we shouldn't be complaining XD
  15. so like, is this game gonna be a bit like runescape? just asking XD or is it gonna be first person or what? just curious