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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 57/100 My Time 48 seconds  
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 37/100 My Time 151 seconds ... I think I should run away with my tail between my legs now.... lol
  3. Reflowing is always a bad idea, because you have NO control over the balls under the BGA's, as well as doing the forbidden thing- RECYCLING OLD ALREADY CRAP SOLDER. Reballing does not require any super-special tools, a half-arsed hot-air station is pretty much all you need, and a stencil and balls ofc. Also, if what you say is true, that it has been reballed in the past and still got YLOD I can only think of 2 things: The smacktard who reballed it used lead-free balls, or you havent bothered keeping the temps low enough, as well as letting the ps3 sit for a while before turning it off after using it. As for your question the answer is Yes. Since you reflowed it pretty much anything can have happened.
  4. You're right, I misread the chart. I thought the right column was only for the trial-period
  5. access to esh.... So you wont even be able to BUY digital games without a fking subscription!? Wtf nintendo..... that subscription better be dirtcheap.
  6. 32GB is not that terrible, considering it will also accept normal fking SD cards. The vita had no on-board storage and uses proprietary memorycards, and the slim got 4GB that cant even be used at the same time as the proprietary overpriced memorycard. Its really for the best to think of the switch as a handheld with the ability to dock to your TV, and not the other way around(a console with the ability to be used as a handheld).
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles 2? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! ... Although that begs the question.. Why is it called 2? Theres already Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X... Granted, this "2" does seem to follow the concept of the first one a lot more than X, which was a bit of a clusterfuck story-wise tbh... Although, Im not sure how I feel about the anime-stylish-graphics(which is odd coming from me :P), since the thing about both Chronicles and Chronicles X was that they were stunningly beautiful. Ok, the Wii didnt do the first one justice due to crappy 480p, but fire it up in fullHD through dolphin and it easily rivals any PS3/360 game. Same with X, it easily rivals any "current gen" game, and still(well, last i checked anyway) holds the title of the biggest open world ever made in a video game(with an awesome drawdistance). Of course, X did have to take quite a lot of shortcuts and tricks to pull off those visuals and size, such as static shadows and the like. But X is a prime example of whats possible if the devs actually gives a fuck and truly optimizes their shit for the platform its intended for. There are soooo many games with far worse visuals that runs like absolute garbage on 4x more powerful hardware than the WiiU. Monolithsoftware have my full respect on the technical level, and I have no doubt "2" will come out with really nice visuals(despite the anime-look) and other goodies. There are just 2 things that can ruin it in my book - 1) shitty story(first one was awesome, X was.. meh) and 2) the switch-console itself. Time will tell.... Edit, och ye, also, welcome to the year 2000, Nintendo, for finally going region-free.............................................................................
  8. oooo, MST support... Nice, very nice. That should speed things up significantly
  9. No, I haven't tried any of this new fancy stuff. In fact, the WiiU has been packed down in a box since early dec. (along with all other consoles and gamepads)
  10. There is a plugin that allows you to use 3rd party controllers. Ironically I could only get it to work with the DS3(with cable only), not the USB 360 controller But anyway, I would assume you could combine the 2, e.g. use the mobile as the WiiUPad Screen, and then use a DS3 for the physical input.
  11. The car charger does make sense though, remember that the switch is a hybrid - both handheld and stationary. So bringing it along on long car trips isnt really far fetched. Also, yes, N* have sold skins, sort of. The back panels for the N3DS
  12. Yeah thats exactly what happened to mine... didnt touch it for a week or so, kept it plugged in, and it was stone dead when I tried to use it next time. I tried everything, resyncing it, pulling the battery out, resetting it, "charging" it without battery, nothing... But after leaving the ac adapter unplugged for... an hour or so, the pad started receiving charge again and worked fine.
  13. Probably true, but might just as well be fake. But its not like its some super-revolutionary accessories, its just your usual bunch, charging stands, car adapter, gamepad etc.. But even if its fake now, those things will become real eventually since they are so... generic....
  14. Thats good but, how do you mean "stopped working"? They are a fucking nightmare to get working again if they discharge fully, and the fuse in the ac adapter likes to blow. Its a resettable fuse though, so leaving the ac adapter unplugged from the mains a while usually fixes it.
  15. Lolz, you know it IS possible to add text in paint.exe right? Your handwriting sucks!