“Ukko’s Journey” released; the very first “Blu-Play” title!

“Ukko’s Journey” released; the very first “Blu-Play” homebrew game for PS3, PS4 and XB1!





“Ukko’s Journey” was originally developed as a cellphone game back in 2008-2009 by LuBlu Entertainment.

Now here in 2017 the same team has ported the game to Blu-Play, proof-of-concept demonstration to show an example of a what you can do with Blu-Play.

Blu-Play games are “small-scale homebrew games coded with Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), and which therefore runs on any game-console that comes with a built-in Blu-ray player”, which at present time includes PS3, PS4 and XB1. In other words, you don’t need a special version of a Blu-Play title in order to run it on your console. One disc runs on all. More about Blu-Play here.


Demonstrated Blu-Play elements

– Performance: The game plays with 50+ fps

– Audio: Plays ingame music + sound-effects

– Persistent storage: Remembers your settings between disc ejects

– Controls: 11 buttons on the gamepad useable

– Internet: Uploads/downloads highscores to/from UkkosJourney.com

– Network: Sends the cellphone version of the game to your Wi-Fi connected JavaME enabled phone via your local network



Ukko’s Journey is 100% free.

Download UkkosJourney-BluPlay.ISO here [83 mb]


How can I get to play this?

For a stock PS3 / PS4 you need to burn the ISO onto a BD-R or BD-RE disc, which means you need a Blu-ray burner. Luckily Blu-ray burners has become very affordable now, and a BD-R disc only costs about half a euro. If you buy a BD-RE, it can be re-used several thousand times due to the small size of Blu-Play games.

For a jailbroken PS3 you can run the ISO from harddisk by mounting the ISO with webMAN or multiMAN from the BDISO folder.

For Xbox One you can burn the ISO onto a DVD, which means you need a DVD burner. (If you have a Blu-ray burner, BD-R and BD-RE naturally works too).

You can also play the ISO from harddisk on your PC if you have a software media-player that supports BD-J. More about this in FAQ.



If you wish to use the online highscore-system in the game, make sure your console’s Blu-ray settings allows for the disc to go online.

On the PS3 this setting is in Video Settings -> “BD – Internet connection”

On the XB1 it’s in Blu-ray settings -> “Enable BD Live to improve Blu-ray playback”


Before starting a game, you may also want to redefine controls in the game settings, and enter your nickname for the highscores.


Preview video




Q: Which platforms will this run on?

A: You should always expect Blu-Play games to only run on the gaming consoles that comes with a built-in Blu-ray player. These are the consoles Blu-Play is all about. However, Blu-Play games should theoretically also run on any other Blu-ray player. (Just don’t expect any stunning framerates everyhere). Some examples:

Windows: Get your hands on a software media player that supports BD-J, like e.g. PowerDVD from Cyberlink. Play ISO from harddisk. Tested and works fine with a good frame (depending on your CPU of course).

Mac: Same deal. Find a software media player that supports BD-J. There’s “MacGo Blu-ray Player”, but I haven’t tested that one.

Linux: VLC is getting BD-J support implemented these days. You may be able to run Ukko’s Journey on one of the nightly builds, Just don’t expect all features of the game to run – if it runs at all. (Keep in mind there’s no official release of “VLC with BD-J support” yet).

Samsung Blu-ray players: It seems that Samsung players more frequently accepts Blu-ray content on a DVD than other brands, so you may be able to run Blu-Play games from a DVD on these players.

Other Blu-ray players: Burn the ISO onto a BD-R or BD-RE.

Other options: Dune HD Smart D1 / Popcorn Hour C200 / Popcorn Hour C300 lets you play the ISO from harddisk.


Q: The graphics in the game looks very pixelated. Does this represent a Blu-Play limitation?

A: Not at all. “Ukko’s Journey” was merely ported from a platform with a resolution of only 240×320 pixels. We made HD versions of the fonts and the backgrounds and the foregrounds, but we had to limit the amount of time spent on this project, due to a combination of having a ton of other things on our ToDo list, while not knowing if anyone will take any interest in this Blu-Play idea at all. So we decided to not spend additional time improving the level-graphics yet.


Q: When I try to upload/download highscores, it just says “No data found”!

A: You have probably accidentally entered a highscore ID in Settings. Go back and type “0” for ID. (Never mind the Password field). The highscore settings allows a group of people to compete with each other on their own personal (hidden) highscore list, but you need a highscore-list ID and a password (from me) to be able to use that feature.


Q: Under “Send to phone” it says “JavaME enabled phones only”. What’s that?

A: JavaME enabled phones was what everyone was using before the arrival of Android phones and iPhones. Almost all phones ran JavaME back then, because it was either embedded into the firmware, or in the OS. If a stock phone couldn’t run JavaME, you could always find an app that would let you run it. again regardless of what OS you were using.

Nowadays this is still true for Android. You can simply install phoneME. However, since the MIDlets on this disc were all created for small resolutions, they aren’t very useful on the big Android displays.


Q: Do I have to burn the ISO onto a BD-R, or can I use a DVD?

A: You can burn a Blu-ray ISO file onto a DVD, but sadly it won’t play everywhere. Xbox One owners are in luck here. PlayStation owners are not. Testing standard Blu-ray players reveals that about 30%-40% of the players accepts Blu-ray content on a DVD, mostly Samsung players.


Q: What exactly is Blu-Play?

A: The Blu-Play label is an attempt of fixing a few widely accepted misconceptions about Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), by giving “BD-J homebrew games” a new and “fresh” label. One that sounds a lot better, emphasises that focus is on the gaming-consoles, is much more easily found when searching online, and isn’t associated with all the false rumours about the limitations of BD-J. By demonstrating a lot of the functionality here that many people has claimed to be impossible, I’m hoping to breathe new life into BD-J development for the game-consoles.

Read more about Blu-Play here.


Q: I wanna buy a disc with this!

A: I will be trying the Disc on Demand service from EditHouse in London, so buying a disc will hopefully be possible soon. Note: I will not be making any money on this. The price on the disc is the fee EditHouse is charging.

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Xbox One Sells Terribly In Japan

Microsoft are having a really hard selling the Xbox One in Japan, with only 64,543 total lifetime sales compared to PS4‘s 2,261,079 and Wii U’s 3,020,227, one could argue that the XB1 was the last to be released in the country, but that would be a silly argument as the sales should still be higher, here is a graph from VGChartz:

Xbox One Sells Terribly In Japan


Microsoft damaged itself before it was even released in USA, so it has no chance doing well in a country where it does not know how to market properly.

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Deals With Gold – 11th January 2016

Here is this weeks small list of Deals With Gold games:


Deals With Gold


Xbox One

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition
Blue Estate
Forza Horizon 2 Alpinestars Car Pack    Add-On
Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Motorsport 5 Bundle
Forza Horizon 2 Porsche Expansion
Forza Horizon 2 VIP
Forza Motorsport 5 Nürburgring Booster Pack
Forza Motorsport 5 VIP Membership
Forza Motorsport 6 Car Pass
The Jackbox Party Bundle



Xbox 360

NBA JAM: On Fire Edition




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Xbox Live Christmas Countdown Sale

Xbox are holding a massive Christmas holiday sale, which consists of two parts, one in which there are games in a week long sale and the other part a single game in daily deals, here is a quote from MajorNelson:

Xbox Live Christmas Countdown Sale

The first week of deals will be available from December 22 to 28. The Countdown sale will also feature Daily Deals and will run from December 22 to 31, counting down to the New Year.

I will include the Daily Deals here and tweet them on Twitter when they are available. (you can follow me on Twitter here).

We’ll ring in the New Year with more offers beginning December 29 to January 7.

Xbox Live Gold members will save up to an additional 10 percent on top of the game discounts, so now is a great time to go Gold and enjoy the benefits.

And here is the complete list of the week long deals:




Buy Xbox Live Credit:
£50 Xbox Live Credit – £46.50
£40 Xbox Live Credit – £36.99
£25 Xbox Live Credit – £23.90

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Games With Gold January 2016

The first Games With Gold of 2016 is quite a good one and they can all be played on the Xbox One:

Games With Gold January 2016

Xbox One

  • Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition
  • Zheros

Xbox 360

  • DiRT Showdown
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Buy Xbox Live Credit:
£50 Xbox Live Credit – £46.50
£40 Xbox Live Credit – £36.99
£25 Xbox Live Credit – £23.90

1 Year Xbox Live Gold Subscription – £29.90
7 Months Xbox Live Gold Subscription – £19.99
14 Days Xbox Live Gold Subscription – £3.99

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PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One

Thought i would do a comparison between the two consoles after a discussion with a friend on Twitter, i had thought about doing it a few times, but i couldn’t be bothered :P

PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One

I know the Wii U is the same generation as both the PS4 and XB1 and it is an excellent console, it just isn’t quite in the same league as those two, below is my own opinion regarding the pro’s and cons between the PS4 and XB1, some people might agree, others won’t, so state your opinion below :)



  • Changeable Internal HDD – The console comes with a 500GB or 1TB HDD, which can be changed easily should you want more room.
  • Games – A ok line-up of exclusives, with games such as Killzone Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Infamous Second Son, Bloodborne and The Order: 1886.
  • Game Capture – Capturing game play on the PS4 is easy and fast, you can take a screenshot by pressing one button, or record video by pressing that same button twice, you can upload image captures to Twitter and video recordings to YouTube, you can also live stream to Twitch, Ustream or YouTube.
  • Game Sharing – The PS4 has this awesome weird feature, if you have a game on your PS4 that your friend several hundred miles away doesn’t, you can let him play the game on his PS4 via yours, the game is on your console, but your friend can control it from his, this is a great feature for trying games to see if you will like them or not.
  • Remote Play – This feature is a huge improvement over what the PS3 had, you can access your PS4 from the toilet whilst using a PC Vita or Android device, with support coming to Windows and Mac OS.
  • Control Pad – The PS4‘s control pad is a massive improvement over the PS3‘s, you can also map the buttons on the control pad.
  • PlayStation VR – You will be able to play Virtual Reality games on your PS4 in 2016, which is great if that is what you are in to, the not so great aspect of this, is that it will cost between £300 and £400.
  • Remasters – You can play some previous generation games, like the Last Of Us, with better graphics, which is great if you missed them the first time around.
  • PS Plus Games – Some months the games line up sucks and others they have a decent line up, regardless you get a bunch of games to play on yourPS4, PS Vita and PS3, all for the cost of a PS+ subscription.


  • Games – At the moment games are quite limited, yes there are a lot of games out for the PS4, but they mainly consist of remasters and indies.
  • Game Capture – Whilst the game capture function is great, i often find video recordings to be of bad quality or compressed, they really do not look awesome.
  • CD’s – The PS4 cannot play audio CD’s, i know that sounds like a trivial complaint, but people still use CD’s, on top of that some PS4 games come with a CD of the Soundtrack, which of course you can’t play.
  • Backward Compatibility – There is none, you cannot play your PS3, PS2 or PS1 games on the PS4, instead Sony have a service called PlayStation Now, which lets you rent a game and play it on the cloud, even if you own that game, you cannot simply pop the game in and play it, you will still have to rent it. You can play a small selection of PS2 games, the PS4 now has a PS2 Emulator, but very little is known about it, we don’t know if we will be able to play the PS2 digital titles we already own without paying, nor do we know if we will be able to play PS2 games we own on disc.
  • Remasters – Whilst i listed them as a pro, being done too much is also a con.
  • Indies – Whilst i think some indies are great, they are way too much and many of them seem to be perfect for playing on a mobile phone.
  • Forced PS Plus – Forcing PS4 owners to pay for PS+ in order to play online was a dick move in my opinion.



  • Remote Play – This service is only available to Windows 10 users, but it is superior in my opinion is better than PS4 Remote Play.
  • Games – The XB1 has some decent games, though most of the exclusives also ended up being released, not sure if this is a pro or con, but the games i have played on it, such as Dead Rising 3 have been a lot of fun.
  • Remasters – Some remasters are very good, the Halo bundle is excellent, it has the Xbox Halo and Xbox 360 games remastered and the look and play quite well, Gears Of War has been remastered as well, but sometimes it feels dull and old.
  • Backward Compatibility – This is a relatively new feature and is possibly the wisest move Microsoft has made since their E3 XB1 début disaster, the list of compatible titles is quite small at the moment, but will grow over time, at least it is something that Xbox fans can boast over PlayStation fans.
  • Control Pad – The control pad just as the 360 control pad is a sturdy piece of equipment, but it also has a con.
  • Screenshots – The screenshots taken in Game Capturing are far superior to those taken on the PS4, they are high quality PNG files.


  • Internal Storage – The internal storage of the XB1 cannot be changed and this is a pain in the ass, considering you have to copy EVERY game you play to the HDD, it can be countered by plugging in an external HDD, but for some people that will be more hassle than its worth.
  • Size – The console is HUGE, a lot bigger than the Xbox 360, now whilst that does not bother me, people with limited space or those who like smaller things will struggle with just how big it is.
  • Control Pad – The original pad that was released with the XB1 can not accommodate a headphone jack, you need to buy an extra device, the control pad also runs on AA Batteries which need changing every so often, this is a pain in the ass considering that both the PS4 and Wii U have rechargeable control pads, you can fix this problem yourself by buying a rechargeable battery pack, but it costs more than it should.
  • Game Capture – Whilst this feature is great on the PS4, it is somewhat tiresome on the XB1, you have to double press one button then press another button in order to take a screenshot, if you are fast enough, you can take a screenshot without interrupting game play, but if you aren’t, it will throw up a small menu, advising you which button to press for screenshots and which for recording, which personally annoys the crap out of me.



Both consoles have their own unique and great features, but they also lack something and that is an abundance of great games that aren’t remasters or indies, sure they have their own group of decent games, but they all seem lacking somehow and don’t get me started on the horror that are micro-transactions or the games that are put out in terrible condition, games such as Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5, which had a shit ton of bug and the nostalgia from the first three games just wasn’t there, it was a rushed and unfinished game and there have been other games like this.

If you can’t afford to go the gaming PC route or you just can’t be bothered with all the hassle of running a gaming PC, then a games console is the way to go, especially for the convenience, if it came down to it and i really had to choose which console to keep, it would be the PS4, but that is my personal opinion, i enjoy all my consoles, the PS4, XB1 and Wii U.

Currently i could not recommend buying a Wii U unless you get it for $100, this is not due to the fact that it does not have a massive library of games, but more because Nintendo will likely reveal a new console next year.

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